2021-08-21 Back to Schools filled with WiFi

1) Last weekend I shared the first part of a 3-part series. The abstract re. the series was in an earlier update: https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2021-08-06-birds-bees-trees-and-5g/ .  I will share part 3 when it becomes available.

“Ambient levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF) have risen sharply in the last 80 years, creating a novel energetic exposure that previously did not exist. Most recent decades have seen exponential increases in nearly all environments, including rural/remote areas and lower atmospheric regions. Because of unique physiologies, some species of flora and fauna are sensitive to exogenous EMF in ways that may surpass human reactivity….

Part 2 explores natural and man-made fields, animal magnetoreception mechanisms, and pertinent studies to all wildlife kingdoms.


2) While children and teachers prepare to return to school, perhaps after being at home because of Covid, they do so without being aware of the many problems related to and caused by the technology that school officials (in British Columbia it is the School Board) decide to install in classrooms. Even though most schools have access to fiber optic cable, these Trustees, who have been elected to protect schools, teachers and children, and who seldom have any knowledge of the science related to microwave radiation, decide to put industrial strength Wi-Fi modems mere feet from the most vulnerable — children.

September vs. 5G: Back to School or Back to the Machine

“… children who have developed extreme electromagnetic sensitivity often endure physical torture when at school or even at home, in addition to bullying and social isolation. Many parents, kids and teachers are not adequately informed by our society in regard to this currently exploding condition. Industry has spent trillions of dollars on public relation campaigns and lobbying, insuring the public that its products are not unsafe. Systemic ridicule of those affected is necessary in order for business to continue as usual. This is not only a crime against humanity but, more specifically, it is a crime against the child who is then often forced to cope with a debilitating condition that is denied by everyone around him.”

September vs. 5G: Back to School or Back to The Machine?


3) This author is attempting to show a responsible view of the “new world” in many respects. How very disturbing to think that those of us who choose not to have a cell phone, smart or otherwise, may end up being forced to have a device that we know to be capable of causing harm, and thereby support the industry responsible for that harm, just to do some of the mundane things we do in our day-to-day lives.

I do wish he had given some credence to the many thousands of studies showing harm and, if he writes another article, with the recent lawsuit against the FCC, perhaps he will include some information about the weak/inappropriate RF exposure guidelines that most countries have. People need to know about the health risks even though, as he said, many will pay no heed. But perhaps they will take the risks to their children’s health seriously.

Also missing is reference to the interference issue that has been in the media recently. For example, smart phones interfering with pace makers and deep brain implants. Why are there no labels on phones with information telling people how to use these things more wisely? If the industry hopes to be considered as a good “corporate” citizen, it would do this voluntarily and not wait until our advocacy groups finally get political help with this matter.

Just How Many Smartphones Are There In The World?



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.”    Isaac Newton



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