2021-08-06 Birds, Bees, Trees and 5G

1) Dr. Henry Lai, Blake Levitt et al have published a detailed report, in 3 parts, on the effects of RF and, specifically, 5G on animals and plants. The entire article is available only through purchase but the abstract and first page are below.

Birds, Bees Trees and Climate Change: Environmental Effects of 5G

“This paper, which is one of a three part series that addresses wireless frequencies now in use as well as the complex signals that will be deployed for 5G stating “serious concerns regarding phasing because it interacts with living cells in extremely complex ways that have nothing to do with traditional thermal thresholds. The wave form itself is the biologically active component” and “The reason that phasing may have a unique biological impact is because very fast peak radiation pulses generate bursts of energy that can give rise to what are called Sommerfeld and Brillouin precursors in living cells that can in turn penetrate and disperse much deeper than traditional models predict. Sommerfeld/Brillouin precursors most notably form with ultra wideband exposures as proposed with 5G.””

This includes a very interesting YouTube:

5G Effects, Cell Towers, Trees. Climate Birds Bees and Trees

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1THhDzqZD0   (48 min.)


Effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields on flora and fauna, part 1. Rising ambient EMF levels in the environment

“Ambient levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF) have risen sharply in the last 80 years, creating a novel energetic exposure that previously did not exist. Most recent decades have seen exponential increases in nearly all environments, including rural/remote areas and lower atmospheric regions. Because of unique physiologies, some species of flora and fauna are sensitive to exogenous EMF in ways that may surpass human reactivity….

The above issues are explored in three consecutive parts: Part 1 questions today’s ambient EMF capabilities to adversely affect wildlife, with more urgency regarding 5G technologies. Part 2 explores natural and man-made fields, animal magnetoreception mechanisms, and pertinent studies to all wildlife kingdoms. Part 3 examines current exposure standards, applicable laws, and future directions. It is time to recognize ambient EMF as a novel form of pollution and develop rules at regulatory agencies that designate air as ‘habitat’ so EMF can be regulated like other pollutants.”




2) The FCC is allowing the earth to be exposed to dangerous levels of radiation by allowing the thousands of satellites to orbit the earth, just so that wireless is available everywhere possible. This is technical in part but the warnings are clear.

Declaration by Ben Levi and Paul Héroux In regard to the SpaceX Starlink™ network

“But as Professor Heroux mentions, the whole planet will be irradiated by thousands of SpaceX and other satellites, each beaming down RFR to many CP terminals and larger base stations in a many-to-many relationship, blanketing the Earth, and every living being on it with RFR. The consequences of this are totally unknown, and have never been modeled publicly, let alone studied. The above image depicts what this RFR blanket may look like.

The FCC is basically forcing every being on the planet to be irradiated with RFR, whether they consent to it or not. It should also be noted that research concludes there are currently no maximum transmit power limits for satellites, so the cumulative effect of tens of thousands of satellites all beaming down RFR, with no limits on power transmission, onto every living creature on Earth, is certainly something the U.S. government, and all governments, must study before subjecting the planet and all living things to RFR levels never before seen on Earth.”

Click to access Exhibit-2-Declaration-by-Ben-Levi-and-Paul-Heroux-In-regard-to-the-SpaceX-Starlink-network-May-10-2020.pdf


or   https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Exhibit-2-Declaration-by-Ben-Levi-and-Paul-He%CC%81roux-In-regard-to-the-SpaceX-Starlink-network-May-10-2020.pdf


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”       Alice Walker


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