2021-05-26 Scandalous report by Oregon Health Authority

1) Only one item today because it is a long and extremely interesting read.

Two State Senators pushed hard to get wireless radiation reviewed and, hopefully, to have parents, teachers, and the general public made aware of the risks children are facing merely by attending school. In 2019, a watered-down version of their initial bill was passed; SB 283 said the OHA report, “must, at a minimum, consist of a literature review of peer-reviewed, independently funded scientific studies that examine the health effects of exposure to microwave radiation on children.” But the resultant report falls far short of expectations and, worse, supports the industry’s assertion that there is no evidence that RF radiation is dangerous. Very disappointing because, if done honestly, this could have been extremely significant.

Careful review of the report itself shows deliberate measures to reach a predetermined conclusion, one that supports the telecoms at the expense of children’s health: Deletion of scientific evidence identified in the first draft, denial of telecoms funding of studies used, failure to use independent sources and studies in violation of the law, cherry-picking statements in studies leading to misrepresentation, for example. Many experts are calling for a retraction of the report in its entirety.

This is the first of a two-part expose of this report. It is upsetting that a health authority would go to such extents to deliberately support a dangerous product when a safer, more efficient alternative is readily available.

Oregon Health Authority Condemned by Scientists For Scrubbing Report on Wireless Hazards in Schools

“The EHT letter concludes:
The lack of transparency and rigor in the development of the scope, flawed methodology and analysis as well as the numerous omissions and inaccuracies cast serious doubt on the validity of the review. These faults and omissions, in our view, warrant the retraction of the report.

Theodora Scarato, EHT’s Executive Director, had several reasons to help spearhead the signatories’ collective effort, chief among them: “The ramifications of this deeply flawed report go well beyond Oregon and will impact school children across the United States.” Even internationally, Scarato said, school administrators, agency staff and telecom companies and other industry seeking exculpatory scientific reviews will deem it “proof of safety.”

Even more stark, in the cell in the table for “Adverse Effect: Yes/No,” the entry for Momoli et al. is “No.” Which is fairly mind-boggling. Meg Sears Ph.D., of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, pointed out OHA’s mangling of Momoli et al. She said, “Omitting the doubling of risks of aggressive brain tumours associated with cell phone use is at best incompetence, or at worse deliberately misleading. Overall, the Oregon report omits important information, while including unsubstantiated industry-friendly criticisms and innuendo.

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Re. Letter #10 by Janis Hoffmann of Parents for Safe Schools, update May 14. Lavonne is hoping that others will follow her lead to try to get the Green Party to take a stance. Most of our letters seem to fall on deaf ears, with MLAs and MPs ignoring us until they are asking for contributions to their election efforts or our votes. They need to be reminded that they work for us.


From: Lavonne Garnett  (name given with permission)
To: “educ minister” <educ.minister@gov.bc.ca>
Cc: “Janis Hoffmann” <parentsforsafeschools@gmail.com>
Sent: May 23, 2021
Subject: Fwd: Dear BC Minister of Education, Health Canada is presenting inaccurate and false information

Dear Ms Whiteside:

Some people are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, such that they can distinctly feel it, and it affects them negatively. I know from personal experience. It took 9 years of exposure to high voltage wiring for me to manifest symptoms of electro-hypersensitivity, which keeps me out of public places with Wi-Fi.

2019, BC Hydro refused to honour our concerns and installed Smart Meters on our home. My husband had a stroke seven days later, and a second stroke a week after that. I felt cognitive and memory dysfunction. We lived in a nightmare, until we found expensive ways to mitigate the radiation. BC Hydro and our Government would not help us, I assume because Health Canada Safety Code 6 states there is no problem with non-thermal or non-ionizing radiation, which includes Smart Meters, cell phones, cordless phones, cell towers, electrical appliances, household wiring and of course, now ubiquitous Wi-Fi. With Wi-Fi new to schools, no one knows how nine or more years, or even less time in schools will affect some, if not all children.

I share this, in hopes that you will take seriously this issue. It is not enough to depend on outdated Health Canada Safety Code 6. It is incumbent on your office to investigate the scientific literature to find out more recent research. Knowing of concerns that citizens express, it is on your watch that children in schools are unnecessarily being exposed to Wi-Fi all day long. The option is to have all computers hard-wired–certainly worth the expense to save the physical and emotional health of young people, who in this extremely threatening world of Covid fears, are put at even greater risk of cognitive impairment or mental break-down. Please do not ignore these letters of concern, and provide some assurance in writing that you take this seriously and have set up a committee to protect children from Wi-Fi in schools. To ignore, is to be complicit in harmful practice. I trust you care about doing the best job for children that you can, in your position.


Lavonne Garnett


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“No science is immune to the infection of politics and the corruption of power.”    Jacob Bronowski


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