2021-02-24 California court says EHS a disability

1) This is a very significant ruling that no doubt will be appealed and will drag on for years because it sets a precedent: EHS is a disability caused by exposure to EMF. There are teachers here in BC, and many throughout Canada, who have been made ill by the all the wireless radiation in their schoolrooms. They want to work but their school boards, who are the ultimate authority, will not accommodate by having any Wi-Fi-free school rooms.

Almost 10 years ago, the BC Teachers’ Federation passed a resolution asking for such accommodation for them and their students by having at least a single school in each district that is Wi-Fi-free. But many school board trustees are like those in the Central Okanagan district who were reported to have dismissed the idea of even learning about EMF.

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California court ruling upholds Wi-Fi disability case

“A California appeals court has ruled that Wi-Fi sickness, also know as EHS, merits disability accommodation.

On February 18, 2021 a decision was entered in the case of Brown v. Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) at the 2nd district Court of Appeals in California. The court concluded that “Brown adequately pled her cause of action for failure to provide reasonable accommodation for her disability.” They reversed a lower courts decision that had ruled in favor of LAUSD.”


2) Arthur Firstenberg is proposing to engage with environmental organizations around the world to address the proliferation of microwave radiation.


“I have spent the last couple of months compiling lists of email addresses for staff, officers, scientists and board members of all of the major environmental organizations in the world, and I am now ready to assemble a team to write letters to them all. To urge them to all start working together again. And to begin a discussion that will result in the creation of Radiation Programs within each of their organizations — programs to stop the radiation that comes from cell phones, cell towers, and satellites; radiation that until now the world has pretended is not there.”

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3) In the Feb. 21 update [2) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2021-02-21-info-about-fortiss-gas-smeter/] there was info about the gas smeter in Michigan which one person said emitted thousands of signals per day which made her sick. I found out this is an ITRON gas meter that SEMCO utility is using. And, according to this email from the gas company, there will be about 256 signals day. This differs drastically from what she was told (10 per minute all day), but “even” this acknowledged number is unnecessarily high. Why do they need a signal about every 6 minutes?

At this point, we have no idea which smeter FortisBC wants to use (that was one of my unanswered questions) or how many signals it will emit.

From: Dave Williams
Sent: Tuesday, September 08, 2015 4:19 PM
To: whitesdesignstudio@att.net
Subject: Automated meter reading

Here is some information I have on the type of automated device that Semco uses to collect meter reads. The device we use is a 100 series ERT that only transmits in very short pulses of 5.86 milliseconds for a total of about 1.5 minutes per day. I would be happy to bring one out to show you. We have had these installed in the Battle Creek area since 1996-97. The original devices were called a 40 series vs the newer 100 series we install today.

David Williams
Regional Operation Manager


I attended the FortisBC public information session re the proposal for “smart” gas meters. There really wasn’t much that was new and, even though I asked simple questions, they were ignored. Obviously, it was not seriously intended to inform the public. Here are the few points I gathered from the presentation:

1) FortisBC will be using its own network and will not be using BC Hydro’s.

2) The smeter will not have a ZigBee chip so will not be able to communicate with “smart” gas devices in homes.

3) They misrepresented by saying we can rest assured the meters are safe because Measurements Canada ensures they are. As we learned with BC Hydro smeters, Measurements Canada is only interested in and responsible for ensuring that the meters are accurate.

4) They misrepresented saying that the RF emissions are safe and, probably, when they said there will be only a few signals a day.

I suggest that you list your questions and concerns and when the BCUC opens the period for public comments, you present them.


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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