2021-02-21 Info. about FortisBC’s gas smeter

1) From Stop 5G International, with a request that you consider signing and sharing this open letter:

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Dear Colleagues, Friends, and Caretakers of Our Future,

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Please READ, SIGN, and SHARE WIDELY the following Open Letter to Elon Musk & SpaceX.



2) I told you I would try to find more information about the gas smeter I believe FortisBC hopes to install on our homes before the information sessions on Tues and Wed. I hope that everyone who attends will take good notes during the presentation as well as during the Q&A so that any significant info can be shared.

Here is the manual for the Sonix IQ. It doesn’t have a lot of info:


I have asked people in the USA who have gas smeters for comments. I received this from a woman in Michigan. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find out the make of the smeter her company used. When I do I will share any info I can get. She said her smeter is an AMR type which means it is supposed to be activated when someone from the company activates it for a reading once a month.

“Our gas company is SEMCO Energy, a Canadian company. The installers told us that the new meters transmit their reading only once a month, which technically is correct.

I called the gas company and talked with the Regional Operations Manager and found out that the new meters pulse over 10 times a minute in 5.86 millisecond bursts.”

3) Many parents and grandparents have concerns about children being exposed to Wi-Fi in schools, but principals say their hands are tied because trustees make all decisions. When parents attend school board meetings and try to discuss this issue, trustees often express disbelief in the science, stating that Wi-Fi is necessary for “21st Century Education”, even when everyone knows that computers can use connections to fiber optic cable that most schools have.

In one situation in Victoria, one school board had the opportunity to listen to (the late) Dr. Martin Blank. He was allowed to speak for an extremely short time and then, as I was told, was ridiculed by trustees who should have been grateful even to be allowed to be in the same room as this wonderful, intelligent man. Trustees continue to mock science, as reported in the following article. Such ignorant people are responsible for the health and safety of the students in their charge. I will share letters that many of us have written — you will see others in tomorrow’s update.

Radiation Risk to Central Okanagan students presentation rejected

Re: https://www.kelownacapnews.com/news/radiation-risk-to-central-okanagan-students-presentation-rejected/



From: Sharon Noble
To: “barry gerding” <barry.gerding@blackpress.ca>
Cc: “moyra baxter” <moyra.baxter@sd23.bc.ca>, “norah bowman” <norah.bowman@sd23.bc.ca>, “julie fraser” <julie.fraser@sd23.bc.ca>, “amy geistlinger” <amy.geistlinger@sd23.bc.ca>, “chantelle desrosiers” <chantelle.desrosiers@sd23.bc.ca>, “rolli cacchioni” <rolli.cacchioni@sd23.bc.ca>, “Lee-ann Tiede” <Lee-ann.Tiede@sd23.bc.ca>
Sent: Saturday, February 20, 2021 4:34:22 PM
Subject: Misstatements in article

Dear Mr. Gerding,

Re: https://www.kelownacapnews.com/news/radiation-risk-to-central-okanagan-students-presentation-rejected/

I realize as a reporter you are asked to interview people and to share information on the topic discussed. Is there no requirement to ensure that what is published is accurate? Perhaps this is not “required” when quoting others, but aren’t you supposed to ensure that editorial comments that you make are as honest as possible, or, at least, provide sources as back-up? You said the following:

“She (Dr. Devra Davis) has been called an “alarmist doomsayer” whose views are not supported by statistical cancer data that reflects an increase in the occurrence of brain cancer as cell phone technology has advanced and broadened in use over the last 30 years.”

Would you please tell me whom you were quoting? I am sure that if you had looked into Dr. Davis’s research or contacted her for comments you would have learned that this entire statement is totally without merit. Would you consider the hundreds of medical and scientific experts from around the world who share Dr. Davis’s concerns “alarmist doomsayers”??

Let me preface my comments regarding statements attributed to the Trustees by saying I realize that the media and industry have worked to hide information about the wireless radiation, so it is not surprising that they are uninformed. But the fact that supposedly intelligent people refuse an opportunity to become informed boggles the mind. Trustee Geistlinger recommended having Dr. Davis present to educate them about the scientific evidence that the children in their charge are being exposed to a dangerous toxin via wifi, cell phones, smart boards, etc. After all it is classified as a 2B carcinogen (just like lead and DDT). Schools can’t use lead based paint or spray DDT in rooms, yet microwave radiation is allowed. Unfortunately the other trustees have proven that they do not want to be educated on this topic, which some parents might consider willful negligence.

In response to Geistlinger’s request to have Dr. Davis speak on topics about which she has researched, taught and lectured in universities and conferences around the world, the following comments by Trustees were reported:

1) “Trustee Chantelle Desrosiers questioned the credibility of Davis, saying she was not Canadian and not an accredited scientist.” What does not being a Canadian have to do with science? And not an accredited scientist? Obviously Trustee Desrosiers was either given false information or was talking off the top of her head. Either way, she was incorrect. As you stated, “Davis was a senior scientist at the National Academy of Sciences.”

2) “One of my concerns is just saying radiation in this resolution, there are a multitude of types of radiation so I’m not sure where exactly we would be going with this,” Desrosiers said.” There is just one type of radiation being discussed — microwave radiation that is emitted by wireless devices being used in schools.

3) And most egregious “Trustee Norah Bowman said like Davis, she also has a PhD and is probably more qualified to speak on the issue with her education background and understanding of science-based data conclusions.” It is hard to believe that an educated person such a Dr. Bowman who has degrees in English could say such a ridiculous thing. Could she possibly believe that she is more qualified than someone with multiple degrees in sciences, with years of research and teaching in her specialties ? If she does, it is an amazing demonstration of arrogance and ignorance. If not, then why did she say it? Does she have an agenda other than protecting the children under her charge as a trustee?

4) “Making reference to the QAnon beliefs currently being spread, Baxter said, “There are people out there talking about some really, really strange things and there are a lot of people who believe them.”” Really? Trustee Baxter is equating a scientific expert with QAnon nuts. Did Baxter bother to review Dr. Davis’s credentials or any of the scientific evidence that is very readily available before making such a bizarre comparison?

Trustees have the responsibility for making sure schools provide a safe environment in which children can learn. They alone decide if Wi-Fi replaces fiber optic cable which is a safer, more efficient, and more secure means of accessing the internet. Yet this article makes it abundantly clear that these trustees know nothing about wireless technology and, worse, don’t want to know anything.

Mr. Gerding, I would ask that you write a follow-up article that addresses these misstatements so your readers have a chance to see that there is an issue in the schools that needs to be addressed and their trustees are failing to do so: Radiation Risk to Central Okanagan Students.

Sharon Noble


From: Oona McOuat
To: “moyra baxter” <moyra.baxter@sd23.bc.ca>, “norah bowman” <norah.bowman@sd23.bc.ca>, “rolli cacchioni” <rolli.cacchioni@sd23.bc.ca>, “chantelle desrosiers” <chantelle.desrosiers@sd23.bc.ca>, “julia fraser” <julia.fraser@sd23.bc.ca>, “amy geistlinger” <amy.geistlinger@sd23.bc.ca>, “Lee-Ann Tiede” <Lee-Ann.Tiede@sd23.bc.ca>
Sent: Friday, February 19, 2021 2:46:45 PM
Subject: In Response to your Decision re: Devra Davis

Dear Trustees & Chair of the Board,

I hope this finds you well.

I have just read the February 11 Kelowna Capital News article on your response to Trustee Geistlinger’s motion that Devra Davis share her scientific knowledge of wireless health with your District. (Found here:

I realize the press does not always “get it right”, so forgive me if I am responding to something that was misquoted.

I also understand that we all want what is best for the children, and that there is a lot of pseudo scientific misinformation floating around right now which may make it challenging to discern fact from fiction.

If, however, the reporter got the story right, I am concerned and appalled that Trustee Bowman, who has a BA, MA and PhD in English, has said she “is probably more qualified to speak on the issue” than Davis, who has a BS and an MA from the University of Pittsburgh where she held National Science Foundation fellowships as an honors undergraduate and graduate student, and is a former Scholar in Residence at the National Academy of Sciences, and completed a PhD in science studies at the University of Chicago as a Danforth Fellow, and earned a MPH from Johns Hopkins University as a National Cancer Institute post-doctoral fellow.

Please do not take this as a dismissal of Ms Bowman’s value, as I absolutely respect her areas of expertise. The hubris, however, in believing one is able to understand an issue as scientifically, ecologically, sociologically and economically complex as wireless technology better than one who has dedicated her life to studying the biological, environmental and regulatory issues at play is very troubling,

With Warm Regards,
Oona McOuat


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them.”     Isaac Asimov



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