2021-01-15 What will 5G do to the earth?

1) Katie Singer has written another Dear Greta letter, this one about what goes into making a key component in this digital world: transistors and the silicon of which they are made.

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How we manufacture silicon: computers’ crucial ingredient not found in nature

“Could we discuss silicon, that substance on which our digital world depends? [1] Silicon is a semiconductor, and tiny electronic switches called transistors are made from it. Like brain cells, transistors control the flow of information in a computer’s integrated circuits. Transistors store memory, amplify sound, transmit and receive data, run apps and much, much more.

One smartphone (call it a luxury, hand-held computer with portals to the Internet) can hold more than four billion transistors on a few tiny silicon chips, each about the size of a fingernail.

Computer chips are made from electronic-grade silicon, which can have no more than one impure atom per billion. But pure silicon is not found in nature. Producing it requires a series of steps that guzzle electricity [2] and generate greenhouse gases (GHGs) and toxic waste.”


2) How can this be allowed when scientists know that it will result in damaging the earth, perhaps beyond repair. Our poor grandkids.


The Earth’s electromagnetic envelope — the magnetosphere — will be massively polluted. Millions of pulsed, modulated digital signals covering 80 GHz of spectrum will be emitted day and night into the magnetosphere by tens of thousands of satellites, each emitting multiple laser-like beams directed at the surface of the Earth. This will have several kinds of effects:

(a) the direct radiation arriving at the ground;

(b) pollution of the global electrical circuit; and

(c) alteration of the magnetosphere itself.

5G Satellites


3) Below is a survey developed and shared by Teri Hitch. Telus (and other telecoms) often ram their new cell towers through without a thorough consultation process with the community. And, too often, municipal governments are either unaware or unprepared to ensure that residents are well-served, resulting in cell towers being erected too close to residences, schools and hospitals.

As you are know. the people of Qualicum Beach have fought mightily to not let this happen. Teri kindly shares this as a template for others to use when confronted by a local government without an adequate Antenna Siting Policy, a Council that has not been open and diligent, a telecom that has not followed even the weak policies set out by ISED, and ISED bureaucrats who refuse to enforce those policies.



Has local government allowed a reasonable opportunity to voice your concerns/opposition? Do you believe that local government was fair and open, and unbiased regarding the Telus cell/microwave tower?

Were you informed of options to the tower by the “consultant”/Telus/local government including elected officials? (This is especially relevant to those people who are concerned they cannot get Emergency services through Telus, because of weak Telus transmission.)

Have you ever assumed that Telus/the “consultant”/elected government officials are looking after your best interests, regarding the tower?

If you have written to “the Consultant”/elected government officials, have you received a meaningful and credible response(s)? Have you felt ignored at any time?

Were you ever mislead into thinking that the Telus “salesperson” was working as an independent “consultant” (i.e.“SitePath”), rather than an agent working for Telus?

Did any elected officials/other approach you, or lobby on behalf of Telus, in any way?

Have you experienced harassment and/or inappropriate behaviour regarding the tower, from an elected official, and/or the “consultant”/Telus?

Are you satisfied with the Telus’s consultation process and believe that all concerns were openly/publicly addressed?


What is your opinion about the locations for the proposed tower?

Do you think the tower would be visually acceptable at each location, especially the last location choice (if applicable)?

Did you receive proper notification of every site?

Were you given an opportunity to express your opinion about each site? Were the sites presented as an either/or situation (presupposing a choice for a decision already made)?

Did Telus or their agents, provide you with information, that trees, and if so, how many, will be removed from the site?


Did Telus provide you with photographic images of their proposed cell/microwave tower? Have you seen a proper rendering of the proposed tower?

Were you informed of the height and frequencies of the tower? Did Telus attempt to illustrate the height of the proposed cell/microwave tower, by means of a balloon or tall crane, to provide a reference as to its height, as they have done in other communities?

Were you aware the tower could be much higher, without requiring permission from local government? Were you informed that Telus is allowed to rent out space to other telecom firms on their cell/microwave tower, adding to its size of the structure, and frequencies, without Council’s approval?

Were you told how far the frequencies will reach, and what this means in terms of radiation at/near the tower?

Were you given unbiased information regarding 5G, and informed that the new Telus tower will support 5G?

Were you informed that the proposed tower is considered an industrial structure?


Briefly, how would you define the concept of “precautionary principle”, in relationship to telecom technology?

Did you receive non-biased, timely information from Telus, necessary to make an informed decision?

Were you given the opportunity to hear information from any independent experts, including EMF consultants, medical doctors, biologists, etc. to help you understand the situation better?

Are you aware that radiation from cell towers can penetrate buildings, potentially radiating the occupants?


Were you made aware of possible insurance liabilities to property tax payers, by local government officials, the “consultant” and/or Telus?

Are you concerned about 5G adversely affecting aircraft navigation, and possible liabilities to tax payers, should there be an accident?



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”     George Bernard Shaw



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