2020-11-20 The importance of melatonin

1) A report on an initiative in the EU to ensure a clean and safe environment excludes EMR as a pollutant. Instead, it provides the same incorrect/misleading assertions that both the FCC and Health Canada make — that there is no evidence of harm from EMR, while warning that 5G will increase levels throughout EU. As always, more research is recommended, although there are already many thousands of studies showing harm. If something is safe, how many studies will show it is capable of causing harm? No moratorium is recommended while studies specific to 5G are completed.

Healthy environment, healthy lives: how the environment influences health and well-being in Europe

“To secure clean air, water and soil, healthy ecosystems and a healthy living environment for Europeans, the EU needs to better prevent, remedy, monitor and report on pollution, mainstream the zero pollution ambition into all its policy developments and decouple economic growth from the increase of pollution, in line with United Nations driven efforts.”

Click to access Healthy-environment-healthy-lives-how-the-environment-influences-health-and-well-being-in-Europe-by-Catherine-Ganzleben-and-Ian-Marnane-European-Environment-Association-Report-No-21-2019.pdf


4.8 Electromagnetic fields and health   pp. 119-122

“There are well-defined acute human effects of exposure to certain electromagnetic fields, including symptoms such as nerve and sensory organ stimulation and the heating of tissues. There is currently little scientifically established evidence of causal relationships between long-term exposure and reported symptoms, though in some cases there is certainly a clear need for further research. Given the limitations in the current evidence base and the expected increase in exposure of the European population to radio frequency electromagnetic fields following deployment of 5G, further research is needed regarding possible health effects.

Click to access Healthy-environment-healthy-lives-how-the-environment-influences-health-and-well-being-in-Europe-European-Environment-Association-Report-p.119-122-No-21-2019.pdf


2) People have asked me what they can do to protect themselves from EMR. I always advise replacing all wireless devices in their homes with wired ones and to use a wired landline instead of a cell or cordless phone. In addition to this, I often suggest they investigate melatonin and consider discussing using it with their doctors since studies show that exposure to EMR reduces melatonin which is a very important antioxidant and is also needed for good recuperative sleep. Here are just a couple of the many studies available.

Critique by Dr. Denis Henshaw of: Report of an independent Advisory Group on Non-ionising Radiation: Power Frequency Electromagnetic Fields, Melatonin and the Risk of Breast Cancer

“Some parts of the Report are satisfactory but the melatonin/cancer connection is not well illustrated considering the large amount of data available. As a result, the Report is rather un-authoritative when it discusses melatonin and cancer. There appears to be scientific misunderstanding and confusion in certain areas and lack of insightful comment. The widely differing concentrations of melatonin in blood, within cells and in certain organs is not discussed nor the reasons for its efficacy as an antioxidant and radical scavenger. The distinction between electric fields (EFs), magnetic fields (MFs) and electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) is not brought out, especially in relation to reported effects of melatonin and circadian rhythm disruption in the human body.”


EMF/EMR Reduces Melatonin in Animals and People

“Melatonin is a vital natural neurohormone that regulates the daily circadian rhythm in mammals. Melatonin is the most potent known antioxidant….

… reduced melatonin output causes many serious biological effects in humans and other mammals, including sleep disturbance, chronic fatigue, DNA damage leading to cancer, cardiac, reproductive and neurological diseases and mortality. Reduced melatonin is also associated with arthritis, depression and suicide, seasonally affective disorder (SAD), miscarriage, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Multiple independent studies will have found that electromagnetic fields reduced melatonin in animals, flesh of and human beings.”


3) In the update of Nov. 17 [1) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2020-11-17-rogers-alone-has-5g-in-130-canadian-communities/], I shared info about how Rogers has spread 5G into more than 130 communities. A member reminded me that millimeter frequencies are not being used by any 5G device or transmitter yet. ISED has not auctioned off any of these higher frequencies yet (currently scheduled for June 15). All 5G providers are using the lower frequencies, some of which were auctioned off years ago. Info on some auctions are available at:


4) Excellent posters and material to share with parents, teachers, trustees, etc. We need to get word out about protecting children in school — many schools used fiber optic cable before Wi-Fi and likely still has the cable available.


“Safer Use of Technology” Factsheet PTA Council of the Palo Alto Unified School District “
– Medical Recommendations
– Actions by Parents and Teachers
– Government Recommendations

“Safer Use of Technology” Factsheet Released by the PTA Council of the Palo Alto Unified School District



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