2020-10-03 Nina Beety’s fight re. 5G satellites

1) More info about very interesting event last Saturday for International Stop 5G Day. This from Wilno, Ontario. A great idea.

“A successful afternoon, eighteen of us, all ages, walking along a straight stretch of highway with our signs held high and leafleting cars in tavern parking lot and educating people. About 200 cars passed us, one third of them honked and/or gave a thumbs up, including one policeman in a police car! And 4 police on motorcycles smiled as they went by. Beautiful sunny breezy day.

Hurrah, each of us doing our part to raise awareness about safer technology around the world. Power to the people.

May health, safety, social justice and respect for native peoples and Mother Earth prevail!”

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2) Nina Beety in California is amazing, fighting for her rights as an individual who is sensitive to not being exposed to EMR without her permission from satellites, making it impossible for her to escape exposure. The battle of one person can make a difference. Silence is acquiescence.

One of her initial submissions is here followed by the responses.  There is a lot of valuable information in this and the other documents and Nina is hoping others can benefit from her efforts.

Request for Reconsideration and Stay of FCC Order and Declaratory Ruling of Petition of WorldVu Satellites Limited, Debtor-in-Possession, D/B/A OneWeb for Access to the U.S. Market for the OneWeb Non-Geostationary Satellite Orbit Fixed-Satellite Service V-Band System


Consolidated Opposition of OneWeb to Request for Reconsideration and Stay….


Response of Nina Beety to Consolidated Oppostion of OneWeb….


The second initial submission is virtually the same.  Here are the responses.

Amazon’s Objection to Request for Reconsideration and Stay

https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Amazon-Objection-to-Request-for-Reconsideration-and-Stay-by-Nina-Beety-FCC-IBFS-File-No.-SAT-LOA-20190704-00057-Call-Sign-S3051-September-14-2020.pdf   &

Response of Nina Beety to Amazon’s Objection to Request….


3) Last year Dr. Martin Pall, in his presentations in BC, spoke about EMR playing a role in wildfires because it causes trees to increase the production of terpenes. But in a US group, a person described the visible effects even without fires and she agreed that I could share the following.

“In Northwestern Maine we have had a very serious drought this year and unusually hot (though becoming normal) summer. The very large pine trees surrounding my house have been shedding green pine cones all summer; I have never seen anything like it. The green pine cones are completely covered in sap/terpenes (the trick is trying to move them off the deck without getting completely covered in sap). My Yellow Lab is also getting covered in sap. Walking outside barefoot your feet get completely covered in sap and the deck is also covered in white spots from the sap dripping out of the trees. When the sun comes over the ridge in the morning it starts “raining” pine cones, it is really noisy and weird, kind of frightening as it is a reminder of what is happening to our environment. Martin Pall has talked about the increased terpenes in trees from RF (see below).

The normal colorful fall foliage is very understated with trees just turning brown and the leaves falling off, even the trees right along the river banks. Being a valley the 5G/4G plus on the telephone poles and all of the traffic emitting high RF also go right along the river. I have watched the trees along the river growing increasingly unhealthy and die I assume from the pollution from RF and exhaust. Being a valley, and before 5G, there was spotty cell reception the trees where there was a strong cell signal are especially getting hit hard. The birch trees most notably are dying, they look like skeletons with their white bark and sparse foliage. If the trees that are holding the river bank in place die then the river will undermine the only road, not a good situation but no one else, including our town fathers, seems to care.

5G or 4G plus were installed last winter starting in December and the ambient level of radiation has seriously increased. I too have noticed for several years now, starting with the installation of 44 wind turbines, that the bird and bat populations have been decimated. When the neighbors have their wi-fi on the birds just disappear. The murder of crows/ravens that have lived here for years decided to move after a long spell of higher than normal radiation from Spectrum’s new extremely high power density routers.

Putting the pieces together…

Excerpt from the article cited earlier in this thread:

Coniferous trees constantly emit these gases, but higher temperatures spur more emissions. Abbatt said, “Often the northern and boreal forests, which contain more of the coniferous trees, tend to be colder than forests in the tropics, so they tend to put out fewer of these aerosol-forming gases.” However, the researchers’ investigation spanned an unseasonably warm period during the Canadian summer. As temperatures rose, so did the amount of terpenes the trees emitted. Van Donkelaar said, “It was a very unique event in that aerosol levels had been much higher than had previously been observed.”



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According to Martin Pall, phD, talking at the 5G Summit who has done scientific research on 5G and its effect on plants, he claims that 5G and their associated EMFs can trigger a regulatory system that normally protects the plant but when you excite it with EMFs, you can get high levels of terpenoids that are highly flammable. This is like spraying the plant with gasoline. These terpene responses can spread to other plants and when you accumulate enough of these terpenes under calm wind and hot conditions you may get spontaneous combustion. This will cause fires and he suspects this may have exacerbated the California wildfires that encroached into towns where the EMF towers contributed to the combustion. Wind and cool temps will diffuse the terpenes. This is a good reason for towns to take a hard look at the 5G infrastructure which will install many mini small cell towers and flood our trees and plants with terpene-causing electromagnetic frequencies.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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