2020-03-07 5G could require higher exposure limits

1) The current RF exposure limits set by ICNIRP (a non-official, industry-affiliated group) and followed by WHO which influences Health Canada and FCC, as well as many other countries guidelines, exceed by many hundreds of times the exposures that have been shown to cause serious health effects. But experts are warning that it is probable that these limits will have to be increased quite a bit to accommodate 5G’s beam-forming and focus radiation. See this presentation by Ericsson slide #9.

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Impact of EMF limits on 5G network roll-out



2) One of the technical members delved further into the details of the YouTube in last night’s update re. the new dose limits proposed by the European Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Risk.             [3) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2020-03-06-dutch-govt-being-sued-over-5g/]. He found and shared the information that is in “Letters“.

The report, which is at: https://www.greenaudit.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/ECRRnonionizing290519finalDRC4.pdf , explains this new exposure limit and the rationale behind it. This limit takes into consideration accumulated exposure whereas the current ones (e.g. based on ICNIRP) fail to consider anything except exposures of short and limited duration, but today we are exposed 24/7/365.

This is from page 7, Appendix B:

“3. These limits do not take into account accumulated or integrated exposure. 1 watt is 1 Joule per second. Therefore a 60 minute call would involve 1x60x60 = 3600Joules of energy absorbed by 1 kg of the head or other tissue. That is written 3.6kJ (kilojoules). If a grown up person made five 60 minute calls in a day, the tissue would have absorbed 18kJ per kilogram of the head if the device were operating at maximum permitted power.

6. Accordingly, the Committee has developed the Nrad and Nrep as tools for establishing limits to cumulative exposures.”


Chris Busby: New European Committee Dose Limits for Cellphones and RF radiation.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWUmJH4qJdE&feature=youtu.be  (11:26 min.)

“That is an interesting video by Chris Busby. Very difficult to follow but has lots of important info.
So I had to find the report that he was referring to and read it.
I really wish that he had charts and tables in the video.

see:   https://www.greenaudit.org/

which has link to:

which has link to the report:

which has the details we need and much much more.

This report is only 12 pages long and is reasonably easy to understand.
Nrad is the RFR DOSE measurement and is calculated based on the strength of the RFRadiation and the duration of the exposure from all sources – cell towers and cell phones.
Thus the longer the exposure then the higher the Nrad Dose – this makes sense.
The longer you spend in the sunshine then the worse the sunburn.

Some calculations give the Nrad for high frequency 5G (100GHz) a limit of 50 times LOWER than current 2 GHz RFR from 4G cell RFR. (WHAT. This is a very serious conclusion.)
So, this study postulates that the DOSE from high band 5G will be at least 50 times higher than that from 4G of the same transmitted power. This is not good.

We have a problem here. If a single 10 minute call inflicts a 0.6Nrad radiation exposure
then one 10 minute call each day yields 219 Nrad in one year.

There are reports that many teens spend hours each day chatting to their friends.
Here is the calculation for a usage of 2 hours each day for a year.
So the NRad DOSE is then 0.06 Nrad/minute x 120 min/day x 365 day/year = 2,628 Nrad/year.

However, the report suggests that exposure should be                         less than 50 Nrad per year for adults
and 10 Nrads for teenagers
and 0 Nrads for children and pregnant women.

Huston, we have a very serious problem if this study has any credibility.

See this table on page 3
See the report for more”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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