2019-11-05 Many reasons to ban 5G

1)  An opinion piece by Marg Friesen and Frank Clegg that applies to every community in Canada.

Winnipeg should be cautious about 5G antennas

“The telecommunications providers want us to believe there is an international competition to win the 5G technology race. However, the real race is whether these companies can install their 5G antennas close to our homes and schools, and nearly everywhere else, before the public wakes up to the potential harm of 5G antenna emissions to human health.”


2)   There have been many reports detailing how 5G’s major purpose and goal is to get our data, down to the most personal level. Our data is valuable — and will be gathered and sold via the IoT/5G without our being aware or having given permission.

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 A Complete Platform for Grid Modernization

“Seamlessly manage all your data in one place and gain intelligence on your energy data.”


Data Quality & Data Governance for Utilities

Data is a valuable resource to utilities. It has been compared to crude oil, as it needs to be extracted, cleaned-up, and processed.”


 A sensor that can be deployed on live lines, IoT connected, has energy harvesting to remain in the field indefinitely, deployable and removable from the ground. Smeters, aka AMI, have made data-gathering possible, and now new, better sensors make it even easier.

Sensors for the distribution grid: Could we get to a $99 grid sensor and what impact would that have?

“When we began Awesense, the biggest problem that we had was obtaining data. As an industry we’ve had SCADA systems for many decades, and AMI was just starting to be deployed. Now, AMI is has nearly 60% penetration in the United States, but we’ve seen that this does not solve visibility issues across the distribution grid. AMI and SCADA combined still leave a lot of complicated assets between the substation and the residential, commercial, or industrial meter to monitor and understand. Within this area, visibility is virtually non-existent.”


A reminder of info I circulated in my update of Nov. 19, 2018. ITRON admits that a major reason for smeters is to gather data for the IoT. This is illegal use of the electrical meter under both the Clean Energy Act and the Electric Tariff. Without the smeter, 5G would not be able to gather all the data for which it is intended. We must keep up our campaign which is more than one dedicated to either smeters or 5G.  The “smart” grid is meant to facilitate 5G, the IoT and, thereby, increase the level of RF in our environment dramatically. This is being done without any oversight or regulation. No tests have ensured the microcells are safe and no agency can guarantee that our privacy will be secure.

The smeter is being used in ways not allowed by the Clean Energy Act or the Electric Tariff.

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3)  Chinese technology, products and participation are key to the 5G grid in Canada. Huawei has made the transmitters in the microcells and has partnered with Telus in pilot projects and installation of the major components.  Many cybersecurity experts warn that this could make us even more vulnerable to cyberattacks.  But CBC’s Passionate Eye has uncovered more insidious ways China is using this technology.



“Barnwell believes the extent of Xinjiang’s surveillance has implications for the rest of the world. Chinese companies are engaged in an “aggressive export program worldwide,” he says, in an effort to dominate the AI industry, which was valued at more than $20 billion US in 2018 and is rapidly growing.

Chinese tech companies have already provided artificial intelligence–based mass surveillance systems to at least 18 countries, some which have poor human rights records.”


4)  On Nov. 3, 2019,  CBC The National interviewed former US government member, Susan Rice, who warned about Canada’s use of Huawei equipment. It would seem that there are enough reasons to ban 5G now. Why is the government allowing this to continue?  Please, we must pressure our MPs, consistently and repeatedly, to stop this before it is too late.



Susan Rice’s warning to Canada: Don’t let Huawei work on your 5G networks

“The U.S. government blacklisted Huawei in May, deeming it a national security risk, meaning U.S. firms aren’t allowed to sell the company’s technology without government approval. Canada has yet to make its call, but Rice insists the U.S. decision isn’t one Canada can ignore.

Especially tricky, she maintains, is Canada’s key position in the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing group that also includes the U.S., U.K., Australia and New Zealand. Her suspicion is that should Canada open the doors further to Huawei, it risks being cut out of shared information from the Five Eyes.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Knowledge is Power.”      Sir Francis Bacon, 1597


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