2019-08-26 Devra Davis calls Canadians to Act re. Fed. Govt. failure re. RF

1)  Devra Davis’s talk at the 5G Summit was excellent, wide ranging, sharing some historical info that might be new to many, and a lot about 5G.  It is available for a very short time.  If you miss seeing the video, the transcript for it was in last night’s update, which I will provide again.

https://the5gsummit.com/expert/devra-davis/   (video  54 min.)


https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Science-on-5G-and-Wireless-Radiation-by-Devra-Davis-5G-Summit-2019.pdf   (transcript)

2)  I asked Blake Levitt to explain phased array antennae to me, and her comments follow.  It is critical that we push for/demand that fiber optic cable be brought to and put through the house (as Devra Davis says), thereby eliminating the need for 5G transmitters. Fiber optic use for microcells must be stopped because this cable provides the backbone for the grid.  The most likely way for us to achieve this is to have community-owned fiber optic internet networks. This will bypass any telecom providing internet and will allow local control of what is being put in our community.  This will be expensive but customers will pay for this excellent internet access – access that will be faster, more efficient and secure, and safer than any wireless internet. We should ask MP candidates to commit to providing funding for this community network – either grants or interest-free loans.  Here are Blake’s comments.

‘In a nutshell, phasing requires many antennas to fire at fractionally different times, in multiple directions. There will be hundreds per small cell and same in microchips in phones/devices. Reason there have to be so many small cells is because the frequencies used don’t travel far. The signaling characteristics alone are the most dangerous aspect, so it is not just a question of turning the power down. This one is a nightmare — worse than anything I have ever seen in long years of looking into this subject. A real tipping point. There is no way around it other than obstruction which means limiting fiberoptic which is its backbone. I wish activists would stop calling for fiber-to-the-premises for now until we get “home rule” federal legislation allowing towns to decide which way to go, including opt-outs for wireless altogether. Otherwise we are naively building the skeleton upon which 4G and 5G will be fleshed out without consent.”

3) A facebook video that many of you sent to me. It shows a pole with a 5G transmitter being brought down and destroyed in Hong Kong during their protests.  They may be protesting surveillance as much as anything.


4)  Utilities in the US are suing the FCC due to concerns that the 5G emissions will interfere with smeters.  There are several links embedded leading to interesting articles within this article. Click on the colored sections to find them. One leads to an article about other lawsuits that are being brought against the FCC.  Hopefully, these will result in 5G wireless transmitters being banned in the US, and Canada will follow.

Utility Company, AEP, Sues FCC Over Rules to Speed Up 5G and Fiber Installation

“Utility companies are among them and they have warned the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) that allowing more 5G spectrums for unlicensed and untested WiFi applications will interfere with their already problematic and combustible smart meters and grids.”


5)  A very important interview with Devra Davis, this about cell phones and urging for wired 5G.  She calls for action here in Canada – let Parliament, all the MPs, know about this scandal.  She addresses the Federal government’s being led by the telecoms. Health Canada, like the FCC in the US, has been bought and paid for by industry. True science is stifled and ignored.

We must put this before every candidate in this election. Will they speak out against Health Canada now?  EARN OUR VOTE.


David Wolfe interviews Expert Devra Davis on 5G and Mobile Phone Safety: The 5G Online Summit



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters 

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