2019-06-24 Wireless internet coming to Osoyoos

1) Some reminders of help I’ve asked for (to which so many have responded already! Thank you.)

–  Call your Mayors and Councillors and ask if they plan to attend the luncheon with Dr. Pall and Dr. Schoechle on July 3. There is a CRD meeting (more lousy timing) that day but if the Mayors cannot come during the day, could they ask some Councillor to attend on their behalf. And remind the Mayor of the presentation in the evening, 7:00pm.  In other areas, please encourage your City Council to attend the presentation. Details are at:

www.stopsmartmetersbc.com  and  www.ceth.ca

–  In last night‘s update [2) https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2019-06-23-mayors-councillors-invited-to-lunch-with-dr-pall-and-dr-schoechle/] I asked for people to consider writing to the editor of the Penticton newspaper about an insertion made in a letter by Hans Karow, an insertion with old, incorrect info from Health Canada saying RF is still being researched, basically. Not true. We know it’s dangerous. If you write, please bcc (blind copy) Hans at hansk@telus.net, put your address and phone number if you would like your letter to be published in the Penticton News. And if you would like me to include in the update, bcc me as well.

–  A reminder that I am changing email addresses the end of this week, so updates will be coming from a new address:


2)  Meeting Tuesday, June 25, 4pm in London, Ontario regarding a pilot project for 5G. A full outline plus the application is included in this link. Point 10 of the application requires $5 million insurance coverage. Nothing specific to EMR but such a broad provision would, I suspect, indemnify the city for that amount, per incident. 50% of Safety Code 6’s allowable level is very high!! And these are about 15 feet from bedrooms.

4G+ / 5G Small Cell Pilot Project

The purpose of this report is to seek Council approval to grant Rogers Communications Canada Inc the non-exclusive ability to install 4G+ and 5G small cell telecommunications devices on municipal infrastructure (31 light posts and traffic signals) over a two (2) year pilot term. 4G+ / 5G Small Cell infrastructure will lay the foundation for the next generation of connected technologies (e.g. autonomous vehicles, internet of things (IOT), virtual and augmented reality)….

The future generation of telecommunications infrastructure will consist of a larger concentration of these small cells, due to the increased bandwidth and therefore decreased effective range of the device. Thus, in response to the increase in small cell installations, these networks require an investigation into how City operational practices can most effectively support telecommunications providers in deploying these networks….

Rogers “confirms that small cell antennas installed on a pole with a minimum height of 4.8m above the ground level and 5m away from any residential building is in compliance with Health Canada’s Safety Code 6. The highest power density calculated is below 50% of the allowable SC6 guideline or 2 times lower than the allowable SC6 limit.”


3)  Better internet service is being promised to rural areas through provincial grants but it is wireless. This will mean more cell towers, more RF in pristine environments, and slower service than if they had been given fiber optic cable service. The option of fully wired fiber optic service (Safe5G) without any wireless components is so much better in so many ways. And we should be warning these people who are so excited that once they have the cell towers, 5G is coming. I suspect this is laying the infrastructure for 5G.

Connecting British Columbia

“The high cost of providing infrastructure for citizens in and around rural and remote communities in B.C. has been identified by municipal governments, First Nations, Regional Districts, regional Internet service providers, and community advocates as one of the key barriers to expanding Internet services. 

The Connecting British Columbia program helps pay for infrastructure required to deliver high-speed Internet connectivity to rural and remote areas of the province.

The program is funded by the Province of British Columbia (Network BC) and is administered by Northern Development Initiative Trust.”


Minister announces high-speed Internet for rural Osoyoos by Osoyoos Times

“Jasper said having high-speed Internet in rural areas definitely helps emergency responders improve their service.

“Technology has become very advanced, with many emergency response tools requiring online updates that can be difficult without a reliable high-speed connection,” he noted.

Jasper said the age of information means they need it right now, not the next day. And they can’t waste time looking it up in a book.”

– https://www.osoyoostimes.com/minister-announces-high-speed-internet-for-rural-osoyoos/

High-speed Internet access coming to Bouchie Lake, Ten Mile Lake and rural Quesnel

“Bouchie Lake, Ten Mile Lake and rural Quesnel are among 12 rural B.C. communities that will be receiving access to high-speed Internet thanks to a wireless network upgrade funded by the Connecting British Columbia program.



From: “Finlay MacPherson”  (name given with permission)
To: “Dr. Tim Lambert” <hlth.pph@gov.bc.ca>
Sent: June 22, 2019
Subject: The massive flaw with “Scientific Hierarchy of Evidence” aka “weight of evidence” approach

Dear Dr. Lambert,

I have one simple question for you.

Why is it that the authorities supposedly protecting public health from DNA damage and other proven biological effects resulting from exposure to EMF radiation are so blind to the fact that since most of the published research is industry funded any conclusions based on “weight of evidence” are tremendously biased?

Dr. Henry Lai of the University of Washington pointed out this fact many years ago.

For example, if one funded 10 non-industry researchers and 90 pro
wireless industry researchers, the “weight of evidence” approach would always find in favour of those studies funded by industry — that is exactly how the deception has continued.

More studies are not needed in order to conclude wireless radiation
causes danger to all life.  The evidence has been available for decades.

Your reply to my question will be appreciated.

Thank you,

Finlay MacPherson


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The absence of absolute proof does not mean the absence of risk,”    ~ Dr.  Annie Sasco



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