2019-06-23 Mayors/councillors invited to lunch with Dr. Pall and Dr. Schoechle

1)  WE NEED YOUR HELP.  The Mayors and Councillors are key to 5G and they need to understand both the physical/biological problems caused by exposure to EMR but also the safer, more efficient alternatives that are possible. To that end, we have invited them to a luncheon on July 3 where they can meet Dr. Pall and Dr. Schoechle, listen to the information they have to share, and ask questions without the scrutiny of the public or media. Due to costs and logistics, we can accommodate maximum 3 from larger municipalities and 2 members from smaller ones. We need your help again.

Please call or visit your Mayor and/or Councillor and encourage them to make time to come. If they cannot make the luncheon due to prior commitments, please ask them to come to the evening presentation. I’ve attached [see link below] a sample invitation which is addressed to our health officials (Dr. Bonnie Henry and the health officials for the Victoria area), so don’t be confused. The same ones addressed to the individual councillors and mayors were sent (I just didn’t keep a copy).




2)  Hans Karow, one of our founding members, has been fighting the plan to put a cell tower very near a hospital in Penticton. As with all such battles, our federal government takes the position that we don’t matter, that our health concerns are not worthy of attention, that science can be bought and paid for, that profit is the most important thing. Hans has written an important letter and the editor decided to insert an old, inaccurate statement from the Health Canada website which serves to distract and demean the message. The editor deserves to be held to account. Please consider telling him that insurance companies will not insure the risk associated with cell tower radiation, that there are 1,000s of independent studies that Health Canada is ignoring, and SC 6 is horribly weak and out of date — and doesn’t apply to this type of radiation.

Hans would appreciate your writing to the editor:

editor@pentictonherald.ca  and bcc’ing him at: hansk@telus.net     It is through public pressure that many cell towers have been stopped.

Health Canada’s Aims Questioned

http://emrabc.ca/?p=15390    and

(click on photos to enlarge)


3)  Ever since schools have been forced to disconnect from their safe fiber optic cable connection to the internet and install Wi-Fi modems, and ever since School Board Trustees have refused to explain why there is no information about the health risks or choice given to parents or teachers, we’ve wondered why. Ever since Huawei has been chosen to design, build and install components of our electrical grid, we’ve wondered why didn’t Telus partner with a Canadian company.  Always, there is money somewhere in the equation. Finally it’s been found. 

School Trustees and politicians are being treated to trips to China, wined and dined without any admitted conflicts of interest when decisions are made back home. No country does this for free. China expects something in return and they’ve got it — our grid is theirs for the taking. Our children are being irradiated as they reap the profits. We now know…. People may argue that consciences are not forfeited so cheaply. The pharmaceutical companies found that taking a doctor to a nice lunch results in more prescriptions for their drugs being written.

Mike Smyth: Stop taking money from Chinese government, angry B.C. mayor tells UBCM

“The annual gathering of B.C. mayors and councillors has many traditions, including accepting a cash sponsorhip from the People Republic of China.”


School Board Trustees have been accepting free trips for years now. Apparently, there is no rule against taking such gifts and no tax implications — but more importantly, no need to admit a conflict of interest.

B.C. mayor criticizes school trustees ahead of paid trip to China

“Port Coquitlam’s mayor is calling out a planned trip to China by the local school district trustees as “highly problematic,” as tensions mount between Canada and the communist country.

“I believe it is wrong period… I don’t think that elected officials should be accepting free trips that are paid for by foreign governments,” Mayor Brad West told Black Press Media Wednesday.”


Drug companies bought doctors fancy meals — and then those doctors prescribed more opioids

“A new study reveals a correlation between drug companies’ payments to doctors and opioid prescriptions.”


4)   Musk’s 60 satellites, which form part of the 720 satellites launched this year and which will be the initial phase of 5G world-wide irradiation, as captured on video.

https://vimeo.com/338361997   (video 39 seconds)

5) Announcement for those in Ontario:  A special showing of “Generation Zapped” on June 27 in Mississauga.  An award-winning documentary not to be missed.

– https://generationzapped.com/



 Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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