2019-02-13 AT&T being sued re. 5G ads

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(audio 29:29) BC NDP Keeping Smart Meter Money Numbers Secret. Sharon Noble – February 8, 2019 – The Goddard Report with Jim Goddard – YouTube – February 08, 2019:


1) Utilities continue to provide false info about the smeters, e.g. the number of minutes smeters emit signals. In Washington, the PUD reps are saying smeters emit signals 1% of the time or 12 minutes a year. In fact if you calculate 1% of the time that is 14 min a day or 87.6 hours a year. And this is what BC Hydro told us initially – 14 min a day when both data signals and signals to keep the grid stable are considered.

The lies have been consistent/coordinated in just about all towns, states/provinces, and countries. If these things are so efficient, beneficial and safe why is this necessary?

Initially the rep said that the lifespan is 15 years. When challenged by an audience member, he didn’t disagree. Rather he said even if the lifespan is 50% less, the costs are still justified. What about the costs for the replacements, and their replacements?


2) Someone wrote this comment on our website, and I hope it will encourage all of you to consider writing to your MPs and MLAs.  [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/contact/]

“…If we care for our future generations, we should all write letters to the NDP: tell them we care about all our children.

Dr. Rosalie Bertell, noted cancer research scientist (now deceased) once said in an interview in 1978: “The genetic effects of radiation exposure, if the exposure affects the egg and sperm cells, will show up in future generations of children. These children will have five times the rate of rheumatic fever, dysentery, asthma and other allergies; these children will have 50 times the rate of leukemia occurrence now experienced in normal children, and these children, who are damaged, will also have damaged children who will be increasingly sensitive to radiation poisoning”.”

The fact is that statistics are showing that Dr. Bertell was right. Look at the number of children with cancers, autism, allergies today and remember back when you were young. Did you know of any child with cancer or peanut allergies, for example? And look at the rate of autism and how it’s increased almost exponentially in the last 20-30 years, ever since the advent of cell phones and cell towers. There are technological means for providing the convenience wireless devices provide in a safer manner, primarily through the use of fiber optic cable. What is stopping the government from demanding that safer methods are used to protect future generations?

3) A  member sent in a link to sign at the Kingston-Frontenac Public Library in Ontario.  This simple action makes the library available for those with EHS as well as making it safer for all who spend time there. You don’t need twitter to see this.


4) 5G using microcells is still in the testing mode and, according to people such as Dr. Devra Davis, has failed in many respects.


“When it comes to 5G, the emperor has no clothes. #5Gemperorisnaked 5G does not exist, and the first public test failed. 5G only will work after consumers purchase new routers, new phones, and…”

But AT&T in its ads is saying it has it up and running – and for this it is being sued by Sprint. Once available, if people refuse to pay to “upgrade” modems, phones, etc. 5G will continue to fail.

Sprint sues AT&T over ‘5G E’ marketing, calling it deceptive and misleading 

“AT&T faces a lawsuit in federal court after promoting what some rivals and consumers have derided as “fake 5G” technology.

The suit, filed by Sprint late Thursday night, accuses AT&T of marketing that “deceives consumers” into thinking AT&T already offers a next-generation, 5G wireless network when, in fact, customers are still using an upgraded version of 4G LTE.”



 Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The absence of absolute proof does not mean the absence of risk,”     Dr.  Annie Sasco


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