2018-12-18 – New report confirms microwave radiation a true carcinogen

1)  A member reminded me of something that I had advised a couple of years ago, but haven’t done so recently.  When BC Hydro comes to exchange your analog, take a photo of the face to ensure that you are billed correctly. This member was overbilled, and now has to fight Hydro to make a correction.

2) This info comes from someone in a US group to which I am linked, which I have not been able to confirm. If anyone is able to provide info to confirm or deny, I will share. Wireless devices are vulnerable to interference from other microwave emitters, and medical devices like pacemakers, deep brain implants, or defibrillators are no exceptions, but I have never heard of one being deliberately hacked.

“I work for the US distributor of a popular health related product. My work entails sales and database maintenance. Today I stumbled upon this recent note in the account information of a long-time wholesale customer of ours, who is a retired MD and health consultant… please note, the notes are written quickly in the interest of time, my apologies for the crudeness of the text: 

 Dr. [“Smith” (name changed to protect his confidentiality)] confided that he’d been feeling poorly. He went to his U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs heart doctor, who determined that Dr. Smith’s VA pacemaker had been hacked via Dr. Smith’s cell phone… (the hackers had somehow obtained Dr. Smith’s VA accounts information, which affected his pacemaker as they effectively shut it down) … Dr. Smith got with the VA who got the pacemaker started again, yet immediately replaced it (requiring surgery of course) to “upgrade” it and to add more layers to prevent further hacking.”  

 3)  It’s always good to see info about EMR in media that reach people who are likely unaware of the dangers.  This article about 5G is in a natural health journal.

What Do Crowd Control, Burning Skin, Your Street Corner, and Superbugs Have in Common?

“…The Department of Defense has developed a non-lethal crowd control device called the Active Denial System (ADS). The ADS works by firing a high-powered beam of 95 GHz waves at a target—that is, millimeter wavelengths.  Anyone caught in the beam will feel like their skin is burning. The burning sensation stops once the target leaves the beam.

So, what we’re talking about with 5G technology is being exposed to the same kind of waves day in and day out, only at a lower power than the ADS. Have safety studies confirmed that such exposure is safe? No. As we saw in our previous article on this topic, the government seems more interested in helping the telecom industry railroad local communities who want to have a say over how or whether this tech gets installed.”


 4)    A new report confirms that exposure to microwave radiation can cause cancers of various types – this one concentrates on the circulatory and lymphatic systems (including testes). The results call for a reclassification of microwave radiation as a true carcinogen, just as so many other reports and studies have done.

Radio frequency radiation-related cancer: assessing causation in the occupational/military setting

Background and aim: We reexamine whether radio frequency radiation (RFR) in the occupational and military settings is a human carcinogen.

 Methods: We extended an analysis of an already-reported case series of patients with cancer previously exposed to whole-body prolonged RFR, mainly from communication equipment and radar. We focused on hematolymphatic (HL) cancers.

 Conclusions: The consistent association of RFR and highly elevated HL cancer risk in the four groups spread over three countries, operating different RFR equipment types and analyzed by different research protocols, suggests a cause-effect relationship between RFR and HL cancers in military/occupational settings… 

Overall, the epidemiological studies on excess risk for HL and other cancers together with brain tumors in cellphone users and experimental studies on RFR and carcinogenicity make a coherent case for acause-effect relationship and classifying RFR exposure as a human carcinogen (IARC group 1).”



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Interesting that you have my email address to ask for donations.  I thought you had lost it because you have yet to even acknowledge the Smart Meter Fire Report [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/bcuc-smart-meter-fires-the-failure-to-protect/] I sent you, in hard copy, in Sept. 2017.

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Hello Sharon,

Did you receive this letter from Andrew? It shows just how important your donations are.  [1) & Letters – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2018-12-17-green-partys-concern-re-future-generations/]

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