2018-09-28 CBC — Smart devices make homes vulnerable.

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1)  Dr. Arazi  and his group of researchers continue to identify more phones that exceed even the exceedingly high limits allowed by the various international agencies. Here are the slides from a recent presentation (a little hard to read).  I will share the videos and the transcripts when I get them.  One prime concern is that even though phones are identified and banned from sale, there are lots of them around, already in use or being reconditioned – and they still exceed the limits. The companies are not being held responsible for any health effects because they are following procedures and measuring techniques allowed by the governments, measuring the power density some distance from the SAR plastic head.

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Our presentation of the PhoneGate scandal at the Krakow International Conference

On September 24, 2018, the city of Krakow (Poland) successfully organized its 3rd International Forum with the theme: “Protection against Environmental Pollution by Radio Frequencies – Safety Limits”. Under the chairmanship of Mayor Jacek Majchrowski and City Councilor Marta Patena, scientists, doctors, technicians and even a mobile phone manufacturer came to present their work and conclusions.”

(p.21:34) – PowerPoint by Dr. Marc Arazi, MD – Krakow (Poland) – September 24, 2018
(p.28:34) – PowerPoint by Dr. Marc Arazi, MD – Krakow (Poland) – September 24, 2018
(p.29:34) – PowerPoint by Dr. Marc Arazi, MD – Krakow (Poland) – September 24, 2018
(p.30:34) – PowerPoint by Dr. Marc Arazi, MD – Krakow (Poland) – September 24, 2018
Conclusion (p.32:34) – PowerPoint by Dr. Marc Arazi, MD – 3rd International Forum on Environment Protection from EMF Pollution – Krakow (Poland) – September 24, 2018 – https://www.phonegatealert.org/en/our-presentation-of-the-phonegate-scandal-at-the-krakow-international-conference


or   https://tinyurl.com/ohonegate

2) I just got an email from someone whose neighbour’s 4 month old fridge “blew out” during a power outage. I suggested that this person ask her neighbour how many times had he lost an appliance during an outage when he had an analog. Smeters do not have surge protectors and this sort of event, and worse, has happened all over the place. There have been many incidents that I’ve shared updates [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/?s=power+surge+damages] where smeters blew off homes, caught fire, caused damages when a power surge occurred. But nothing happened with analogs – they can handle the vast majority of power surges.


Our next door neighbour shared with us that the recent power out blew their 4 month old fridge.  The company from whom they purchased the appliance from advised them that they are recommending to their customers to have a surge protector installed……..and they did.  When I suggested that the problem may have been generated by their Smart Meter, he guffawed and waved a dismissive hand as if I had suggested the problem was caused by the Fairies at the bottom of his garden!!!”

3) In the USA, the FCC has infuriated local governments by limiting local authority over 5G siting of microcells and the fees the cities can charge for use of city property. We need to be involved with local government regarding applications, fees, contracts, etc. with telecoms and companies like Telus/Huawei who are already ramming these things through Councils that may have no information about what this means. We could end up, like the USA cities, subsidizing the telecoms to irradiate us.

US Cities React in Fury to FCC’s $2 Billion Dollar Gift to Telecoms
We’ll be picking up the tab, say city officials.
Federal price cap will undercut existing agreements, says just about every big city in America.


“A plan to impose a federal price cap and one-size-fits-all model for the roll out of next-generation mobile networks has been met with fury by US cities. New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Diego, Seattle and dozens of other cities have responded in anger to a public comment period on two proposals from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Those proposals would override the cities’ ability to charge mobile operators for positioning 5G cell towers on their property and instead impose a single, federal fee. The FCC claims that the proposal will remove $2 billlion in “unnecessary fees” and lead to $2.5 billion in additional network investment. The plans – which the FCC intends to vote on next week – would also oblige local governments to make a decision on applications for new cell sites within three months and would remove several common reasons for denying such applications.

FCC Bart Simpson – http://scientists4wiredtech.com/2018/09/us-cities-react-in-fury-to-fcc-2-billion-dollar-gift-to-telecoms/

While the FCC claims this would be a great development, the local and state governments whose authority would be undermined by the proposal are notably less excited….

The FCC’s flat fee of $270 per year per site with a $500 application fee for the first five applications and $100 thereafter doesn’t cover the actual costs of maintaining such sites, numerous other cities have complained.

In effect, cities will end up paying mobile operators to maintain their networks that those companies are expected to make billions of dollars of profits over the next decade.


4)   CBC Marketplace on how “smart” devices and homes are so very vulnerable to hackers.

Home Hack: How safe are your high-tech security devices?

Smart Homes allow automated control of everything from lights and locks to curtains and cameras, TVs and temperature, with the promise of increased convenience and security — but Marketplace reveals the more devices you have, the more vulnerable you could be. In this episode, we find families whose security cameras are streaming live on the internet, showing them in real time how they are being watched by strangers around the world.


‘A window into your life’: Why smart home devices might be putting your privacy at risk



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