Smart Meter Forum


Winlaw Hall – north of Winlaw BC
5897 Highway 6
Friday, November 14  7:00 – 9:00 pm

  • co-host – Alex Atamanenko MP
  • co-host – Daphne Fields
  • Special Guest – Dr. Ross Andersen
  • Special Guest – Richard Caniell

Topics –

  • Government response to concerns
  • Options for citizens
  • Smart Meter Free Zones – possibilities

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4 thoughts on “EVENTS”

  1. Thank you for continuing the fight.
    I have received five phone calls and two emails about the impending shut off of my power by BC Hydro. Two phone calls did not even identify themselves directly as from this out of control publicly funded utility. I had to use back checking on the telephone number given (reverse ID) to identify them!
    In each case I was given 24 h to respond and notify them of my payment.
    I will not pay the so-called Legacy Fee ($32.40 per month) for which one reading is made and recorded every two months.
    Why is the Quebec “extortion” fee only $5?!
    Greg Shea (Lake Cowichan)

  2. I’ve asked BC Hydro to sign paper when they take reading. Will let everyone know.

  3. I suggest we should also demand proof of an attempt to install an expired meter when a “failed installation” charge appears on a bill. What other business can levy a charge without proof of service?

    1. Today I was told that my failed installation was due to a cage I had on it. That was Sep 25/14, I have been on the opt out program since Nov/13. Why would I have a cage on it preventing them from replacing for another analog? I did have a sign on it saying I did not want a digital, just another analog which I know they have plenty of in storage. So now I get to pay $32.40 for the Legacy meter, I also have an additional $65. To top it off I had no idea they were even here until we got the bill.

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