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1)    Below are the legal documents submitted in the Florida Class Action re. Smeters. I think if you read the certification document, at least up to and including pg. 14, you will see striking similarities with what was done in BC. Also, the contempt for the safety of the homeowners is obvious.

“Based on the results of the study, FPL currently expects that it will identify approximately 1,800 – 2,200 customer-owned meter enclosures annually through the use of the predictive tool, with 78 percent (+/- 5 percent) of the enclosures identified having some level of damage or deterioration of components requiring repair in order for the enclosure to be in proper operating condition.” Thus, FPL itself anticipates that approximately 1400 – 1700 consumers per year will require repairs to their meter cans as a result of the Smart Meter installation. Further, implicit in FPL’s findings from its study is that those consumers who will require repairs will not be identified for years. “   pg. 14 of the certification document.



2)    Looking for participants for an online study re. EHS / MCS.

From: gibsonpr@jmu.edu
Sent: 3/16/2017


The James Madison University Environmental Sensitivities Research Team is inviting adults aged 21 and over who have experienced environmental sensitivities (chemical and/or electrical) to participate in on online study of how their needs are being met as they grow older with sensitivities. If you are interested in participating, please click on the link below to see the consent form and learn more about the study. If you are unable to complete the survey online, you are welcome to request a hard copy that can be mailed to you. To request a hard copy please email gibsonpr@jmu.edu or call 540-568-6195 and leave a message with your name (clearly stated) and your complete address. Thank you ahead to everyone who helps me with this study.

To take the survey online, copy this url into your browser:


Pamela Gibson, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology
James Madison University, MSC 7704
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

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3)    Is Health Minister Jane Philpott being deceived and misled by Health Canada? Many of us have written to her believing that, as a doctor in a Cabinet where science was going to be paramount, she would force Health Canada to do its job, to consider all the scientific evidence showing Safety Code 6 is inadequate/outdated. But in response, we’ve received the same old form letters saying that all is fine, there is no evidence of harm if exposures are under SC 6.  Andre Fauteux, from Quebec, is tackling this issue. The English article is below in Letters.


4)    Update on the US Navy’s plans for electromagnetic wargames over the Olympic Peninsula. It’s disappointing that, after sending information to politicians at all levels of government, we haven’t heard from a single one willing to speak out about the effects such wargames will have on BC. If you haven’t signed the petition, I hope you will considering doing so.



5)    A few years ago, new technology was introduced in a pilot project in St. Cloud, Minnesota when “Li-Fi” was installed in public buildings. Li-Fi uses light via fiber optic cable to deliver data. Scientists, like Olle Johannson, have warned that this new technology needs to be studied to make sure it’s safe before putting it out there for the public. So far, I haven’t seen any studies that have been done but this sounds very promising.

Wi-Fi on rays of light: 100 times faster, and never overloaded

Research team gets a speed of 42.8 Gbit/s with a ray of light in an optical wireless network



Jim Cooperman’s letter re. BC Hydro mismanagement got published:




From India to Massachusetts, which is studying five bills in this area and in Maryland, which is considering replacing Wi-Fi with wired connections in its schools, public health authorities are seeking to reduce the increasing exposure to radiofrequency radiation (RF) in the microwave band emitted by antennas and wireless communication devices. Maryland et al. want to take action following the release last year of the preliminary results of a US $ 25 million study funded by the US government . These results clearly demonstrated that cellular RFs can cause two types of cancer in rats – one of which is the brain – that is more likely than normal to use cell phones regularly for more than 10 years, As confirmed by two recent meta-analyzes . Last year, an American study concluded that malignant brain tumors (which have reduced leukemia to the forefront of childhood cancer) are the leading cause of cancer death in adolescents and young adults. In addition, millions of people overexposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF) say they suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity ( HSEM ), which also affects animals and plants.

It is in this context that the hope aroused in several, by the appointment of physician Jane Philpott as Canadian Minister of Health, has just deflated. Last October, she opposed a plea of inadmissibility in response to recommendations made by the Standing Committee on Health of the House of Commons, in its report ” Electromagnetic radiation of radio frequencies and the health of Canadians .” Among its twelve recommendations were: updating the diagnosis and treatment of HSEM, as recently done by the European Academy of Environmental Medicine ; and the adoption, as in the case of France which has legislated and Cyprus , Israel and the Italian Tyrol, which have issued directives to limit exposure to RF to vulnerable groups, including babies and young children in school.

Minister Philpott’s response contradicted the testimony of the independent experts cited by the Standing Committee. In particular, she stated: “Safety Code 6 [CS6, the national guideline limiting exposure to RF] gives very high margins of safety against all adverse health effects associated with exposure to RF fields been established “; and quoting the World Health Organization (WHO) , she adds that “although the symptoms some people attribute to electromagnetic hypersensitivity are real, the scientific evidence strongly corroborates that these health effects are not related to Exposure to EMF “.

The Minister’s response raised an outcry for protests, including from Frank Clegg, former president of Microsoft Canada and founder of the Canadian Society for Safe Technology (C4ST). Supported by Dr. Anthony B. Miller, Honorary Professor of Public Health at the University of Toronto and former Director of Epidemiology at the National Cancer Institute, Mr. Clegg accused the Minister of misleading Canadians A statement issued last October . He explained to us by e-mail: “Unfortunately, it appears that the minister did not directly investigate the issue, but accepted Health Canada’s response at face value. We continue to believe that Health Canada does not support the direction of the Liberal government to base its policies on evidence. The response contained the same non-transparent, incomplete and outdated responses that we have heard over the years. Health Canada continues to reject the scientific data, published and based on evidence, which show damage to the health-below the exposure levels of the Safety Code 6. “Also called EHS (EHS and Syndrome Intolerance to electromagnetic fields or SICEM), HSEM is characterized by several symptoms (neurological, cutaneous, auditory, cardiac, etc.) observed since the 1950s in the Soviet military overexposed to non-thermal doses of RF, In people overexposed to antenna and wireless transmissions .

Lies and Conflict of Interest

Health Canada officials reportedly lied to Mrs. Philpott, said Jerry Flynn in a letter to the minister. Mr. Flynn is a retired Captain of the Canadian Armed Forces, where for 22 years he was an expert in electronic warfare and communications intelligence. According to him, “since the 1930s, more than 6,000 studies have been accumulated, producing an irrefutable conclusion that exposure to microwaves and [domestic] electromagnetic fields is considerably detrimental to all life and human health. (…) In 1966, all western countries adopted dangerously high – but “safe” – limits to EMF radiation exposure, limits [such as CS6] that only protect against radiation [RF] powerful to reach the thermal threshold! The truth has been deliberately suppressed by Western countries in favor of military interests and the unprecedented benefits enjoyed by the enterprises and governments of these countries! (…) Such contempt for the health, welfare and safety of the public requires an exhaustive international criminal investigation at the highest possible level, as it is truly an odious crime against humanity! Health Canada categorically denies these accusations ( see the department’s response and Mr. Flynn’s comments ).

Health Canada’s approach was established by physicist and biologist Michael Repacholi, who led his program on non-ionizing radiation from 1975 to 1982. From 1995 to 2005, he founded and coordinated the International Project for Non- study the EMC to WHO, in 2005, was funded 40% by the mobile phone industry , according to journalist David Leloup of Agoravox . However, it was in conjunction with eight electricity companies and by discarding the studies that disturbed them that he drafted the WHO recommendations on exposure to domestic magnetic fields, according to Microwave News . Moreover, since 1990, Repacholi is well known as consultant and expert witness for the electricity and telecommunications companies. In fact, the WHO guidelines and most countries on EMF are based on the recommendations of the International Commission against non-ionizing radiation (ICNIRP), organization that Repacholi founded in 1992 and which the Are scientists funded by, or sympathetic to, the industryIn addition, five of the six members of the WHO group who are required to update their RF exposure guidelines are current or former members of the ICNIRP, denouncing the Swedish oncologist and epidemiologist Lennart Hardell , a pioneer in cancer risk research for people overexposed to RF as well as polychlorinated biphenyls, dioxins and pesticides pentachlorophenol (PCP), Agent Orange and glyphosate (Monsanto’s Roundup). Former or current members of ICNIRP are behind the misleading recommendations of the UK government in this regard, denounced neuroscience researcher Sarah J. Starkey in Reviews on Environmental Health in December 2016 . As the text of Mobile Text : Influence on Influence in the WHO states  : “The [WHO] CEM Project was corrupt from the start,” said Andrew Marino , Professor of Cell Biology at the Health Sciences Center of the WHO. University of Louisiana. Michael Repacholi was known for more than six years as a paid consultant and mouthpiece of companies responsible for generating electromagnetic pollution. In 2011, Andrew Marino co-authored one of the few studies (independent of governments and industry – demonstrating that EMF actually triggers electromagnetic hypersensitivity ) .

“The WHO betrays the citizens of the Earth in the most blatant and destructive way,” says Olga Sheean , a former electrohypersensitive and survivor of brain cancer. Since December 2016, more than 2,000 people have signed a vote of no confidence in the WHO , requesting that the current coordinator of her EMF project, Emilie van Deventer, Michael Repacholi’s protégé and an Electrical Engineer linked to the Industry and without medical experience, is dismissed as WHO is due to publish its update on radio frequencies, the Healthcare Monograph (RF EHC), an authoritative report. In response to WHO’s call for consultations on this draft monograph, many independent scientists and researchers have pointed out its blatant bias and lack of transparency, which they say is a mockery of this consultation process. “The monograph project has omitted many publications on hypersensitivity,” deplored biologist Marg Friesen, a former Canadian government researcher working for C4ST, in December 2014. WHO has not responded to our requests to comment.


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“You will observe with concern how long a useful truth may be known, and exist, before it is generally received and acted on.”   Ben Franklin

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