2017-09-20 Microcells in Nanaimo!

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1)    Word is that Telus is installing microcells in the Nanaimo area. Can anyone confirm? If so, please give an address and, if possible, a photo.

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Send to dsnoble@shaw.ca with “Nanaimo microcells” on the subject line.

Be aware that when Telus comes to your home and asks if you want fiber optic cable service, Telus will take your copper landline and leave you with a digital service, one that is not as reliable as the landline. You will have a modem (perhaps wireless, unless you demand wired, that the wireless function be removed/disabled, and you confirm after installation). Once your landline is gone, it’s not coming back. This from a member:

“Thanks to our Telus landline, we were able to call BC Hydro during a power failure last year, which put our village into complete darkness.
The BC Hydro rep was surprised that I called, and asked me how I was able to call during a power failure when nobody else called. They had no indication there was a problem!
In remote areas like ours, it usually takes 5 to 6 hours before the power is restored, since the repair crews come all the way from Campbell River.


Now this raises serious safety questions!  How is anyone supposed to contact 911, in an emergency, when there are no more landlines?  The convenience of wireless technology seems to outweigh the inconvenience of emergency calls!  

We should point out this lack of safety concern to our government and media.” 

I can confirm from personal experience that when the power is off, and if the battery in the modem is low on power, the phone is dead. It happened to me. How would I call an ambulance or report a fire? I wouldn’t have been able to. This is dangerous. We were told that our battery should have been OK for 8 hours, but after 30 minutes it was dead. How was I to know? Now we have a deep cell battery charger and cable – we had to spend big bucks to ensure phone service.  If I had known, I would not have allowed Telus to remove my landline – and I didn’t know. No one told me they were removing it.

2)    There is so much scientific evidence that exposure to RF well below the allowed levels causes cancers, DNA damage, neurological effects, etc. – yet industry manages to convince governments that there is no reason for concern about having microcells mere feet from children’s bedrooms. How is this possible? What more do the authorities need to take the blinders off their eyes?

Brain Tumor Assn. Condemns Calif. Cellphone Tower Bill

CBTA said, “The burning question Gov. Brown should be asking himself as he makes a decision that could change California forever is this: If we exempt fire stations to protect firefighters, why are we allowing cell towers throughout neighborhoods, in front of preschools, schools, hidden in church steeples, on lampposts, utility poles and on most public buildings if these are too dangerous for fire stations?”


3)    An update on the National Toxicology Program’s 10 year $25 million study re. cell phone radiation. The majority of the report will be released early 2018, but another paper was presented about a week ago re. effects of 2 frequencies that are commonly used by wireless devices, 900 MHz (used by smeters) and 1800 MHz.   The first effects that were announced were brain tumors and tumors of the heart. This reports on potential DNA damage.

National Toxicology Program Finds Cell Phone Radiation Causes Cancer

DNA damage was assessed in three brain regions, in liver cells and in blood leukocytes using the comet assay Chromosomal damage was assessed in peripheral blood erythrocytes using the micronucleus assay. 

DNA damage was significantly increased:

  • in the frontal cortex of male mice from either CDMA or GSM cell phone radiation exposure, 
  • in peripheral leukocytes of female mice from CDMA exposure, and
  • in the hippocampus of male rats from CDMA exposure….

“exposure to RFR [radio frequency radiation] has the potential to induce measurable DNA damage under certain exposure conditions.””


4)    And now for a short bit of smeter entertainment.

“Smart Attack”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N29AtA3VodU  (4 minutes)


From: Sherry Ridout   (name given with permission)
Sent: September 20, 2017
To: ClerkSec@saanich.ca; mayorandcouncil@victoria.ca; mayorandcouncil@esquimalt.ca; obcouncil@oakbay.ca

Subject: UBCM & Microcell Resolution

Dear Mayor and Councillors,

As a follow-up to my letter from Sept. 4, 2017 asking for your support at the UBCM of the Microcell Placement Consultation Resolution, I am attaching a document signed by 180 scientists from 35 countries who are recommending a moratorium on the roll-out of 5G technology until “…potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry.” http://bit.ly/5Gappeal170913a

This Scientist Appeal is directed specifically at the microcell technologies, particularly 5G, and follows on the footsteps of the International EMF Scientist Appeal submitted to the United Nations and World Health Organization in 2015. International EMF Scientist Appeal. The 2015 Appeal has now been signed by more than 230 scientists from 41 nations — all have published peer-reviewed research on the biologic or health effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF).

I hope that these documents will persuade you of the importance of government officials taking charge of the placement of these mini-cell transmitters.  Thanks again for your time.  I know you have an abundance of issues that require your attention.

Sherry Ridout

= = =

I saw in the T.C. yesterday a number of resolutions that will be presented in the upcoming UBCM.  One that wasn’t mentioned, the Microcell Placement Consultation, has been amended and this will be addressed on the floor before the  vote takes place. I hope you will vote in favour of this resolution which promotes local authority and public consultation in microcell placement with the goal of providing a safer environment.

As you are now aware federal regulations allow the newest telecommunication technologies – microcells, small cell towers, and 5G transmitters – to be placed on existing structures like utility poles without any public consultation

Now is the time for local governments to become equal partners in the shaping of the technological future of their communities. Here is an opportunity to engage with the theme of your convention: Roots to Results considering the increasing leadership of local government in matters of federal and provincial jurisdiction. Assert your right to have a say in where microcell towers are located on our streets! This resolution may be the best way to close the loophole of the “may be excluded from consultation” language in Section 4.3 Exemptions of the FCM/CWTA agreement.  It gives definite parameters for consultation, i.e. within 100 meters of schools, hospitals and residences.

As I shared in a recent letter, the federal Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development has recommended major changes to the Environmental Protection Act. Two recommendations call for Health Canada and Environment and Climate Change Canada to conduct studies on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on biota and to review the adequacy of the current guidelines provided in Safety Code 6. We need to be proactive and observe safe siting protocols now and not wait years for government regulations to catch up.

I have attached some background documents to hopefully make it easier for you to become acquainted with this issue if you are not already.  In the first document you may want to check out the last two sections: Other Municipalities: Leading by Example & the Conclusion: Untying Our Hands.   The chart shows how many government bodies, policies, and regulations are involved in microcells being placed on our streets and here is a link to a Microcell Fact Sheet: https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Microcell-Flyer-for-UBCM-revised.pdf

Thanks for taking the time to peruse this information.

Sherry Ridout


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
“Your silence gives consent”
~ Plato

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