2017-09-13 170 Scientists ask for moratorium on 5G

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1)    Further to my update of 2017-09-10, regarding Josh del Sol’s documents, a member sent the Notice of Liability (NOL) to a nephew who is a lawyer.  The emails to and from are below in Letters

2)    People are asking for the return of pay phones along a BC highway, but I bet Telus will use this plea as a reason for installing more cell towers in that area.

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Communication breakdown: No phone service for emergencies on Hwy 3
No cell service in the area of Monday’s fatal crash; 2 pay phones removed years ago



3)    Dr. Mercola promotes the new film “Generation Zapped and increases efforts to educate his audience/customers about the dangers of RF.



4)    To satisfy the public’s demand for more wireless connectivity, the telecoms are putting microcells so close to homes they might as well be on our garages.

“A Chicken in Every Pot and a Cell Tower on Every Garage”

“The cell towers would be placed approximately every two to ten houses. If a parent is concerned about having this equipment emitting mega-doses of radiation and electro-magnetic fields outside their child’s bedroom, there will be nothing they can do about it. All oversight and regulation by local governments has been removed. Small wonder that 290 California cities, 47 counties, and a large number of municipal organizations are opposed to the bill, along with dozens of community and social-justice organizations.

The wireless industry would like us to believe that “the jury’s still out” on whether wireless radiation has harmful health impacts. This despite the fact that literally thousands of studies have shown just how very harmful it is, starting with the very high death rates for people living near cell towers.”


5)    More than 170 scientists and doctors from 37 countries ask for a moratorium on deployment of 5G (millimeter wave technology) until studies can determine if there are health and environmental effects. Having 5G on microcells will increase exposure to RF/EMR dramatically to an environment that is already polluted with microwave radiation that is known to be dangerous.

Please share this with your Council members and Mayors ASAP so that they have this information prior to the UBCM conference starting on Sept. 25.  With this, it should be a no-brainer for them to support the resolution that will be presented.

Scientists warn of potential serious health risks of 5G



6)     If firemen, who are among the strongest of people, are exempted from exposure to RF from cell towers and microcells, why are we and our families exposed, without being told and without choice?

Firefighters Exempt Selves from Calif. Bill to Save Others

“For the first time in U.S. history, a health exemption has been granted to firefighters for their stations in California. The state’s firefighters have a history dating back to the late 1990s of fighting to get cell towers off their stations, and in a preemptive move the firefighters asked for and the legislators granted an exemption from SB649.

This legislation, the “Wireless telecommunications facilities” bill, is essentially a telecom takeover giving wireless carriers the right to force cities and counties to lease available lampposts, the right-of-way and public buildings – with the exception of fire stations.”



From: X
Sent: September 12, 2017
To: mayor@saanich.ca; council@saanich.ca

Subject: Leadership in shaping the technological future of Saanich and the health and well being of Saanich residents

Dear Mayor and Council

Are you aware that current federal regulations allow the newest telecommunication technologies, microcells, small cell towers, and 5G transmitters to be placed on existing structures like utility poles without any public consultation?  It is imperative that municipal governments become aware of the aesthetic design, health, and safety implications of these technologies.

At this September’s UBCM you will be invited to vote on a resolution which promotes local authority and public consultation in microcell placement. Why is this important? Microcells lay the groundwork for new technologies to come – 5G, smart cities, and a proliferation of artificial intelligence.

Now is the time for local governments to become equal partners in the shaping of the technological future of their communities, making measured choices that consider local concerns and preserve the public’s right to transparent and accountable government.

Please educate yourself on this issue.  Consider the resolution below.  Draw on the spirit of the theme of this year’s UBCM Convention:  Roots to Results – considering the increasing leadership of local government in matters of federal and provincial jurisdiction, and assert your right, on your constituents’ behalf, to have a say in where microcell towers are located on our streets.

Thank you,

Resolution to be voted on at the September 25 – 29, 2017 UBCM Convention:

MOTION of Grand Forks City Council:

WHEREAS public consultation on the placement of cell towers is mandated; and

WHEREAS new technology is moving away from these large towers to microtransmitters which do not require local government or public consultation;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the AKBLG request the UBCM petition relevant provincial and federal governments to mandate consultation with the land use authorities and the public regarding microcell transmitter siting within 100 meters of residences, schools and hospitals.


My nephew is a licensed lawyer and I asked him to review the NOL downloaded from the www.inpowermovement.com website.  His comment of the NOL is “it is absolute rubbish – no court would take any aspect of it seriously”.  You have my permission to pass this info on to your update readers (just X out the names please).

Best wishes,

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On 2017-09-12 10:45 AM, XX

Hi uncle XX

I had a quick read of the document.  It is absolute rubbish – no court would take any aspect of it seriously.


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From: XX
Sent: September 12, 2017 9:31 AM
To: Y


Subject: legality of attached documents

Hi Y

As you are a lawyer, if you have the time I would appreciate your comments as to whether or not the “Notice of Liability” document attached is just pseudo-legal BS.  The website www.inpowermovement.com is promoting the use of such document, but as far as I know it all seems to be based on similar ideas as to those used by the “Freeman on the Land” philosophies.  Courts have ruled such OPCA nonsense to be a vexatious waste of court time.

Thank you,


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”
~ Albert Einstein

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