2017-09-10 Anyone in West Vancouver who will speak to a reporter re. microcells?

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1)    BC Hydro is exhibiting a “smart home” in East Saanich this week. It will be at Shopper’s Drug Mart, 7816 East Saanich Rd, until Sept. 15.  Hopefully, people with RF meters will go and report results.

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2)    Many people are sending me articles about and by Josh del Sol re. his newest DVD efforts re. smeters, excited about this method working to end the smeter programs. I am only responding because this is just the way it happened in BC years ago when this process was first begun. After researching the pseudo legal processes and documents, I concluded that they were worthless. I told people that they didn’t make sense to me and explained why. Later, after people spent a lot of money buying documents, paying notaries, sending multiple copies by registered mail, I got angry, frustrated emails from many who did everything and still got smetered. Some blamed me for not warning them.

So now I wish to tell you I am not participating in supporting his renewed efforts which are receiving a lot of publicity. I would encourage you to do your own research. Listen to what Josh is saying and then read this which is similar, in places, word for word.



3)    An article in the Times Colonist about a child who was diagnosed with brain cancer (glioma) at age 8:


There is nothing in the article about possible cell phone usage, but as we’ve seen, the increase in childhood cancer is dramatic and Dr. Hardell (and others) has done many studies that show that exposure to RF from cell phones, iPads, etc. is a risk factor. It was learned that the child has a genetic mutation that “drives” the cancer. I am going to ask Dr. Hardell what this might mean. Might RF exposure cause such a mutation? If a person is born with this mutation, might RF exposure affect it and make it more likely to be activated?  Might the mutation have nothing at all to do with possible RF exposure?


4)      Council of Canadians is announcing a book tour for Joyce Nelson’s book “Beyond Banksters: Resisting the new Feudalism”.  From the summary provided, it seems she has written about the processes at BC Hydro, driving it into very serious debt that will be “relieved” only through privatization. What about the next step of removing landlines and forcing people to accept cell phones as the only choice for this essential service?  The schedule for the tour events is included in the link.


In Beyond Banksters she examines the role corporations and private banks are working together to continue the privatization of public infrastructure and services. Politicians have supported this process through laws and regulations that benefit the global elite and their interests while at the same time undermining the ability of people to challenge these trends.”


5)    Is there anyone living in West Vancouver who is concerned about microcells that are being put in your neighbourhood and would be willing to speak with a reporter?  If so, please let me know ASAP at:

dsnoble@shaw.ca and put “West Van” on the subject line.

6)    Samsung’s new “smart” fridge that will keep your fridge connected to the internet and allow the world in, whether you know it or not. Can anyone please tell me why I would want my fridge to communicate with other devices to exchange data about me, my food usage, etc?  This is a door that can be opened by hackers and the outside world.

Samsung releases 5-door fridge with easier access to on-the-go items

“Some models of the H9000 are equipped with Samsung’s Internet of Things (IoT) “Family Hub” smart technology.

IoT is a concept in which objects are connected to the Internet and can identify themselves to other devices in order to exchange necessary data for improved efficiency and user convenience.”



From: BC Green Party <info@greenparty.bc.ca>
Sent: September 7, 2017
To: X
Subject: Re: Depression now linked to microwave exposure.

Hello  X

Thank you for sharing your letter and voicing your concerns. I have forwarded your letter to the Green Caucus.

Kind regards,

BC Greens Change you can count on

= = =

On Sep 3, 2017,  X wrote:

Premier Horgan
Mr. Weaver, BC Green Party Leader
Mr. Broadbent
Leaders of BC Civil Liberties Association


Ladies and Gentlemen,

How bad does this have to get before someone does something about this assault on our health, safety, well being, and our privacy? Do your own children have to end up in hospitals before you act? How much research pointing to the destructive nature of microwave propagation do you need to see before something is done to stop this unwarranted and illegal intrusion into the lives of citizens? We have rights! And this industry and its spinoff industries are violating those rights in the worst ways possible.

1)    A member was told by her meter reader thatBy 2021 there will only be Smart Meters, no analogues, no radio off or digital. The meter readers were given this info just a short while ago. All call center H. employees are given scripted replies that they are asked not to stray from, when answering questions from the public.”  Also, the reader spoke about the terrible working conditions and the lack of respect that Hydro shows its employees. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this complaint. Several insiders have told me horrible stories about how workers are treated. No respect to their employees or their customers.

2)    More and more people are suffering depression and evidence shows a relationship between microwave radiation and emotional problems.

Antidepressant use continues to rise

“EMFs — A Not Well-Known Cause of Anxiety and Depression

“About one year ago Dr. Martin Pall published a review22 in the Journal of Neuroanatomy showing how microwave radiation from cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, and computers and tablets not in airplane mode is clearly associated with many neuropsychiatric disorders. I recently did an interview with him that will air on September 3. In the meantime, you can view my interview on EMFs that I discussed on my recent trip to visit with Dave Asprey, founder and CEO of Bulletproof.23




From Debra Greene in Hawaii to members of her group:

Aloha ,

This is our last chance. Hawaiian Electric submitted their final plan to the PUC and public comments are being accepted only until September 13. The final proposal shockingly states “radio-based communications has been proven safe…” (p.66) and that this is just the first phase of smart meters becoming “the new standard” throughout Hawaii.

Just in time for the PUC vote, a former PUC member sued the PUC on membership procedures, which may have created an opening on the PUC, while the Hawaii Sierra Club and other pro-smart meter organizations tried to influence the makeup of the PUC by circulating petitions in support of Jay Griffin, a smart meter proponent who was groomed by the RAND Corporation and awarded a PhD from them. The RAND Corporation is a shadowy think-tank with direct ties to the military. Griffin was appointed. We now have an openly biased proponent of smart meters serving on the PUC, which only has three members!

Points You Can Use for Your Comments:

1) Smart meters are a public health hazard. There are over 2000 scientific studies documenting the negative health effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). www.BioInitiative.org. The World Health organization has declared EMFs, such as those emitted by smart meters, as a Class 2-B carcinogen (the same category as DDT, lead and chloroform).

2) Hundreds of fires, several explosions and two deaths have been linked to smart meters.

3) Swiss RE, the  second largest insurance provider in the world, lists “unforeseen consequences of electromagnetic fields” as the highest risk category and EMF devices are now excluded (i.e., not insured) across markets. This is too much liability for Hawaii to take on.

4) Smart meters will not make for faster grid restoration. According to the BRIDGE 2015 Outage & Restoration Management Survey Results Summary, 81% of the surveyed utilities had installed “smart” meters, but only 16% use “smart” meters as their primary source of power failure alerts. Customer calls come first.

5) In an official report, one of New England’s largest utilities, Northeast Utilities, criticized smart meters in detail, saying there was “no rational basis” for their implementation, and that smart meters did not reduce outages or “modernize” the electricity grid.

6) Data collection by smart meters violates privacy and constitutes in-home surveillance. The Hawaii Civil Liberties Union has cautioned against use of smart meters due to the potential violation of our Fourth Amendment Right to Privacy.

7) Wireless meters make our electrical grid vulnerable to hacking by petty thieves and rogue nations. When governments, global corporations and nuclear power plants are regularly hacked, a smart grid poses a massive risk.

8) Smart meters cost customers more with spikes in billing, inflated bills and by forcing people to reduce consumption and pay higher prices. We the rate payers must foot the bill for an unnecessary and dangerous technology.

Email by Wednesday, Sept. 13/17puc.comments@hawaii.gov
Reference Docket No. 2017-0226 and include your name.


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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