2017-05-26 Dr. Timothy Schoechle speaks about smeters being a scam by the utilities

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1)   A group in the USA is working hard to inform everyone about the dangers of microcells and 5G.  Its website is excellent and here is a page of photos, “the wall of shame”, which includes some photos from BC shown  on  www.emrabc.ca taken by a long-time Coalition member.


2)   Interview with Dr. Timothy Schoechle re smeters. The promised energy savings is a scam utilities are perpetrating on the public. This should be sent to Elizabeth May and every other politician who believes that the problems are overshadowed by the benefits.

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« F : Many people believe smart meters will favor energy efficiency and renewables. Do you agree and why?

André Fauteux

TS : No, I don’t how they would. It’s a big myth. Smart meters are not useful for much but they allow utilities to cut operating costs. Investor-owned utilities make money by spending money because public utility regulatory commissions allow them to get a 10-12% return on capital through electric rate hikes. About 60% of utilities in North America are investor-owned and get regulated earnings mostly by building capital equipment. These days the need for generating capacity and transmission lines is declining so they try to invest in capital projects like distribution and meters….

…the big promotion these days seems to be more wireless devices connecting directly to the Internet. That’s an invitation for disaster in terms of security against hacking. Utilities don’t know anything about how to do it. I’m working on standardization of communication technologies for residential gateways dedicated to assuring premises security and safety (fire, physical, health) and they will benefit privacy too. Home automation is not necessarily wired or wireless, but there are new opportunities to reduce the use of wireless which suffers from severe security, health/safety and privacy flaws…

It’s cheaper to take fiber optics to buildings than wireless — or have the last short hop hook up with copper. Ethernet is a better system with higher performance and much faster speeds than wireless. Longmont, Colorado had a new municipal fiber system put in by its municipally-owned power company.  It serves 100,000 people at 1 Gigabit/second speed for a very low cost. It could be done everywhere, that’s the future. Chattanooga, Tennessee also has optical fiber to every home and business (150,000 customers) installed by its municipal utility. »


3)   In Indiana, small businesses were just granted the right to opt out of smeters and to keep analogs, apparently in response to resistance such as this from a local Chiropractor who was able to get her clients and others to lobby politicians.

Kristen Corinne Walton
BIG WIN TODAY! DUKE energy is now required to allow small businesses to opt out of digital and smart meters! This has been my fight all year – first for our residential rights and yesterday for our business rights. Big thanks to Representative Heaton and Senator Ford – they went immediately to bat for us yesterday! We are so blessed to have legislature that cares!

This is what she had written on her Facebook to help organize support.

“DUKE Monopoly Today we discovered that our legislators are the only hope we have to get this resolved. Duke has a monopoly in our area and the IURC apparently doesn’t have the authority to help. The building at 4320 S 7th St. Terre Haute IN 47802 is a medical office building. Anderson Management Services Duke business class account # 64202739049 requested in April 2017 to opt out of any digital or “smart” meter at this location/wishes to keep the analogue meter in place. Brian Maynard, an employee of Duke stated today via phone call that: “Business class services are not allowed not to have an AMI meter because they are required by the IURC to have an AMI meter installed.” He stated that “Duke would get in trouble by the IURC if they were to allow this building to keep the analogue meter.” Both daily occupants (employee) and transient occupants (patients) have medically documented- genetic mutations in their CACNA1C genes predisposing them to electromagnetic sensitivity susceptibility issues with associated symptoms aggravated and complicated by both signals put out by “smart meters” and ‘dirty electricity’ caused by both smart meters and digital meters (W90.8XXA). Anderson Management Services will ethically have to disclose any change to the electromagnetic environment at this location to all employees, and patients receiving care here. Due to the nature of the patients treated in this location, it is reasonable to conclude, the placement of a digital or “smart meter” at Anderson Management Services will result in loss of current and future patients and current and future employees, therefore directly affecting current and future ability to make income. We have since talked with the IURC and they explained that they do not regulate this/cannot help us. Obviously, this Duke ‘Strategic Business Specialist’ employee’s comments were incorrect at best, and simply lies at worst. We request that you call Duke energy as soon as possible and tell them to leave our analogue meter in place at 513-419-1658. Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. Dr. Matthew Christ DC & Dr. Kristen Walton DC 812-251-9427

4)   A member has found that the strength of the signals being sent by the microcells / small cells in Campbell River is much stronger than it was when he last measured it. This level has been shown to lead to many health effects, and the maximum allowed by guidelines in countries like Russia, China and India. It is possible that the reading in the bedroom closest to the microcell could be even higher given that it is on the same level as the transmitter.  This truly is unforgivable. Telus needs to be confronted.  The photos of these microcells can be found at:


The ones in Campbell River looked exactly like the double boxes in the right-hand photo (microcells).

= = =

Today, we metered the same microcells in Campbell River, as we have done several times before. The alarm on our Cornet meter went off, at all of them, and in every case the readings were very high. 

We have a new record . . . 105.1000 mW/m2!

I took the reading about 15 feet away from the pole, where the microcells are mounted on.

This the same microcell that is located in front of a home, with a tiny front yard.  There are upstairs bedrooms in the front, facing the microcells.

I did not wish to linger very long, but I am certain the readings would even be higher, if I would have continued metering.


Someone in Kamloops is keeping the issue of smeters alive:




Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”  
~ George Orwell 

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