2017-05-22 More melanomas in Washington State near Puget Sound. What about in BC?

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1)    A new website devoted to EHS by Jolie Jones, Quincy Jones’s daughter.  Below, in Letters, is an introduction to it by Olle Johansson.  Please do share widely.


2)    A terrible type of skin cancer, Melanomas, are increasing in frequency in Washington state, especially in those areas near Puget Sound. Could this be due to the military use of RF and RF weaponry? Olle Johansson and O. Hallberg did major studies decades ago that show exposure to RF can cause skin cancers often in areas never exposed to the sun.  Could this be happening on the Islands and southern BC where we too are exposed to the US Navy’s weapons?




3)    Non-smeter. A passionate letter by Rafe Mair about what is happening and might happen to our Beautiful British Columbia.  I hope you will read and share.

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4)    A recent report about exposure to RF increasing glucose in a male adult.  This is just the abstract and I am attempting to get the entire report, which I will share if I get it.

Radiation from wireless technology elevates blood glucose and body temperature in 40-year-old type 1 diabetic male

A type 1 diabetic male reports multiple instances when his blood glucose was dramatically elevated by the presence of microwave radiation from wireless technology and plummeted when the radiation exposure ended.


Coincidentally, a study has found that those with diabetes are more adversely affected by radiation than those not suffering from diabetes.

Oxidative effects of extremely low frequency magnetic field and radio frequency radiation on testes tissues of diabetic and healthy rats.


5)  “The National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy (“NISLAPP”) has reviewed steps being taken in over two-dozen countries today to encourage and empower citizens to live with and use wireless technologies more safety. Based on this review, we present here 33 steps the FCC might consider taking, or encourage manufacturers to take, in order to inform the American public about the radiation risks of cell phones and wireless transmitting devices (WTDs) and how these risks can be reduced.

The ‘33 Recommendations’ listed below are offered as opportunities for the FCC to reassure the American people that it’s top priority as a regulator is public safety, and to restore the trust that has been lost referenced in the Harvard Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics report, “Captured Agency: How the Federal Communications Commission is Dominated by the Industries it Presumably Regulates” .




From: Olle Johansson
Date: May 22, 2017

Subject: A very important new website:  www.jolietalks.com

Dear All on my mailing list,

Please, see this very important message from the legendary Ms Jolie Jones – singer, entertainer, producer, author, charity founder, painter, humanitarian, activist, and top fashion model, daughter to the equally legendary Quincy Jones – and with personal experience of the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity.

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Good Morning

I am very pleased to be presenting to you my new website www.jolietalks.com

Please feel free to share widely to friends, colleagues and the press if you feel so inclined.

I have put my heart and soul into making the most of it. I look forward to your thoughts.

I hope to be of service and have the opportunity to spread the information that you all have worked so hard to uncover and get out to the public for so long. I admire you all. Thank you for your work.

I send you my best

I don’t know what will come from it all but I hope if there is press opportunity that I can call on you to be my advisory wall.

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Please, share widely!!

With my very best regards
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Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“You will observe with concern how long a useful truth may be known, and exist, before it is generally received and acted on.”
~ Ben Franklin

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