2017-05-20 California Public Health published watered down guidelines

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1)   Dr. Joel Moskowitz has forced California to release records showing public health warnings that were withheld and watered down over 5 years before being released to the public.  I wonder if a similar FOI to Health Canada or Perry Kendall would reveal anything similar.  Is this being done to appease the industry? If not, then why?

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“Newly released public records show that California public health officials worked for five years on a set of guidelines to warn the public about the potential dangers of cell phones, revising their work 27 times with updated research before abandoning the efforts without ever making their concerns public until ordered by a judge.

The 27 versions of the guidelines, obtained by The Chronicle, show that California health officials deleted a section that warned state employees with work-issued cell phones about the potential increased risk for brain cancer from use of the devices over time. The final version  of the guidelines was a broad warning to the public about exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones. It included a list of best practices to minimize exposure.”


2)   A member thought that some might find this article of interest. It pertains to how “space storms” can affect technology on earth.  There have been some major electrical outages caused by solar storms. As the grid becomes more connected, the effects could affect many more people.


[Safety – Canada: Is Your Family Prepared? – https://www.getprepared.gc.ca/index-en.aspx]

3)   From a member re. Wi-Fi on ferries:

“Scheduling one’s trip on the ferry is a good approach.  If everyone phoned BC Ferries and asked for Wi-free zone before they traveled, it would continue to keep awareness on the issue for BC Ferries – still won’t get a safe zone but constantly reminding them of the need for one and one limits their trips because it is not available will keep pressure on.

I personally don’t like a Wi-free zone concept, preferring to go with the idea of if one needs Wi-Fi they should pay for the privilege of zapping what is left of their brain.

On many of the ferries, you have to pay to enter business lounge. Technically it is easier and the signal will be better if the Wi-Fi zone is limited to one area and as the ferries are always looking for new sources of revenue, they could justify charging the Wi-Fried fools for the privilege of more radiation.

I understand both the crew’s quarters and the staterooms one can rent for the crossing are Wi-free although I have not checked either.  I have a significant problem with the idea of sequestering myself  to avoid Wi-Fi and even more to be forced for the privilege of sequestering myself.”


From: X
Sent: May 19, 2017
To: customerservice@bcferries.com
Subject: Wi-Fi on BC Ferries is Unacceptable

Dear Customer Service:

It is with great shock and disappointment that a public and necessary means of transportation, such as BC Ferries, would be Wi-Fi-ed.

Taking away the individual’s right to be able to ride with BC Ferries without being assaulted with unnecessary and harmful electromagnetic fields is criminal.  Telling full-fare passengers to stay in their cars to avoid this toxin is totally unacceptable and poor customer relations.

Implementing Wi-Fi on BC Ferries is very short-sighted and ignorant of this serious health hazard, not only for humans, but for all living organisms, including those which are often enjoyed from the ferry and close enough to receive Wi-Fi emissions from the ferry.

Smoking has finally been restricted on the ferry.  If not eliminated entirely, the least that could be done is to minimize the Wi-Fi and have it only in small, contained areas that passengers can easily avoid.

I would suggest BC Ferries take a serious look at airlines who have implemented Wi-Fi, but are now removing it, and to start respecting all passengers.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“A government has no conscience. Sometimes it has a policy, but nothing more.”   
~ Albert Camus

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