2017-05-19 Time to revert to analog which is harder to hack.

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1)    A horrible personal story from someone in Italy who is forced to exist in a prison” to escape the agony of RF exposure.


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“Imprisoned – Paola’s EHS story”


2)    Below is another letter from Benita, who has been begging BC Ferries to provide a Wi-Fi free space on their ferries. As I was reading it, it occurred to me that failure to accommodate people who are sensitive could seriously affect tourism. With more and more people becoming sensitive, traveling within BC could become a real problem. There are “boutique” hotels that are Wi-Fi-free, do not allow cell phones, etc. for such tourists, many of whom are Europeans who do not wish to be exposed. Perhaps appealing to the head of BC Ferries on a purely financial basis would be more successful than asking for reasonable humanity.

3)    After the most recent major hack, some are considering ditching digital/wireless internet connections (like the smeter) and reverting to safe, secure analog technology.

In our age of hacks and leaks, it’s time to turn back to analog



From: X
Sent: May 19, 2017
To: david.morton@bcuc.com

Subject: Your May 17, 2017 email re: BCUC implements new visual identity



Dear Mr. Morton,

I must strongly disagree with your statement that “The BC Utilities Commission has implemented a new visual identity to better reflect its position as an independent agency of the Government of British Columbia”.

If you truly were an INDEPENDENT agency, you would have investigated both the BC Hydro Smart Meter Program and the Site C project in detail prior to their frenzied implementation. Instead, despite the many public concerns regarding costs/benefits and scientifically proven damaging effects on safety and health, the BCUC did nothing other than ignore such concerns with the excuse that BC Liberal legislation prevented your proper investigation of such matters.  How will you feel when your “Smart meter” malfunctions and burns down your house unexpectedly?  How will you you feel being constantly exposed to pulsed DNA damaging microwave radiation?  Ignoring these risks and allowing BC Hydro to plunder the public purse using intimidation and misinformation to get their way is obviously NOT the action of an independent agency no matter how you spin the present situation.

If your other statement that one of the BCUC’s key objectives is to ensure that “customers receive safe, reliable and non-discriminatory energy services at fair rates from the utilities we regulate” was true, why am I and many others being discriminated against by having to pay an extra $64.80 every two months for a meter reading service (BC Hydro) even though non analog meter reading is provided at no extra charge?

When one thinks about it, prior to the Smart Meter program, manual meter reading costs for every meter in this province were always included as part of the normal electricity Tariff approved by the BCUC.

Your “new visual identity” may be seen by many as nothing but piles of brown excrement dumped on this province.  A more appropriate logo might have been a blindfolded mannequin unable to truly investigate the actions of the utilities you supposedly regulate for the public good.

Sincerely yours,


From:  Benita Schluschen  (name given with permission)
To: Customer Relations
May 19, 2017

Subject: WiFi, e-smog pollution on ferries

Hello Customer Service,

The reason for my travel was to attend my mom’s 86th birthday celebration.  Unfortunately, travelling by ferry on a long weekend would make matters worse for me due to the crowd’s addiction to use wireless devices, which in itself increases the radiation levels on ferries to unacceptable levels.  Therefore, I had to visit my mom before her birthday, and cannot be there for the birthday celebration with my family as planned.

I just completed the trip from Duke Point to Tsawwassen and back, on the Queen of Alberni.
Just because there is no WiFi on board of the Queen of Port Alberni, does not mean there is no RF microwave radiation.  It might be a little less than other WiFi irradiated vessels but the presence of other passengers’ wireless devices assures that no place is free of this objectionable microwave radiation.

I was shocked when I overheard the conversation of the second Ship’s Steward and a passenger.  The passenger was informed, that “BC Ferries is working on WiFi for the Queen Of Port Alberni!”

At the beginning of my journey, I tried the outside deck.  Even there, my e-smog meter indicated the presence of RF radiation.  I lingered there for awhile, as I knew it would be worse inside.
After a little while, the wind and cold drove me inside, where I tried find a warm place away from people.  This did not last very long either, as I could feel strong microwave radiation in the area.  Measurements of my RF e-smog meter confirmed my rising discomfort.
What about winter?  BC Ferries cannot be serious, suggesting to passengers to remain on the outside deck during winter season?  Where is your compassion?  Not even the crew would linger there for any length of time!

Since I found no better place anywhere inside, I had to retreat to my car.  Unfortunately, even inside the car I could feel the continuous microwave radiation pulses from GPS, as well as on board WiFi signals, from cars and trucks.  The latest vehicles are brimming with wireless technology, emitting RF microwave radiation 24/7, even with nobody inside!

Is BC Ferries, not aware how wireless technology works?  It emits non-stop radiation, even when not in use!
Has BC Ferries ever conducted or commissioned, RF microwave radiation measurements on any of their vessels during peak travel season, inside or outside, and on the car deck?
Are they unaware that RF microwave radiation bounces around metal vessels like a ping-pong ball?

If people like me, who suffer from electro-hyper sensitivity, cannot find a reasonably low radiation safe zone for the duration of the trip, where are we supposed to go?  We have to pay full fare, without any reduction in the price of the ticket fare, even though none of us can enjoy the comfort of the vessels!
Where are foot passengers with EHS supposed to hide in order to avoid BC Ferries WiFi electro-smog pollution?  Are they expected to freeze on the outside deck or remain standing during the entire trip on the open car deck in the winter?
Is this what BC Ferries calls ‘customer service’?

Asbestos and smoking was banished from passenger zones on BC Ferries.  Physically handicapped passengers receive special accommodations so that they may travel in comfort and enjoy a pleasurable trip.
So, why can no such accommodation be made for people like me with man-made electro-hyper sensitivities?  All we are asking for is a space without electrosmog radiation.

According to European medical science, it is estimated that 3 to 5% of the population in industrialized countries suffer from electro-hyper sensitivity (EHS).
35% suffer the biological effects of EHS to some degree but have not made the connection, as the vast majority of doctors are not trained in the diagnosis of EHS which is caused by environmental electrosmog pollution.

European Academy of Environmental Medicine
” . . . as a result, physicians are increasingly confronted with health problems from unidentified causes.
Studies, empirical observations, and patient reports clearly indicated interactions between EMF exposure and health problems.
The reduction of EMF exposure should be also extended to public spaces such as schools, hospitals, public transport, and libraries to enable persons with EHS an unhindered use (accessibility measure).” 

Please pass this information on to BC Ferries management.
I hope the advice of European Academy of Environmental Medicine is taken seriously, so they understand that accommodations for electro-hyper sensitive travelers, like myself and many others, should be made.  It would be utterly irresponsible to do nothing and still charge full fare to those who are left out in the cold, like myself!

Perhaps management will finally understand that exposing sensitive passengers, as well as ferry staff, to WiFi technology without informed consent is not a ‘smart’ decision after all.

A response from management would be appreciated.

Kind regards,
Benita Schluschen



 Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“When there is a doubt, when it comes to our children, there is no doubt.”     
~ Haifa’s mayor, Yona Yahav


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