2017-05-18 Water smeters emitting strong signals.

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1)    Water meters in Maple Ridge are emitting very high spikes every few seconds. This from someone very familiar with more sophisticated meters who was using a comparatively inexpensive Cornet ED88T.

– Water Meter on Maple Ridge 224th

I went to the CIBC to deposit a cheque and put the Meter in record mode in my pocket while I walked.
As I crossed the street and approached my car I got a 4000+ µW/m² hit.  What?
So I spent 10 minutes wandering about and finally found the antenna on the ground for a wireless water meter.
This meter sent a 7,000++ µW/m² spike every 10+ seconds with meter about 1m above antenna.  I reset the MAX on the meter after every hit and the spikes were all similar.
Background base was about 50 µW/m².

It seems that every business along the street (and maybe all streets) with a wireless water-meter presents the same spikes every 10+ seconds.
So, for an EHS person walking around the downtown Maple Ridge will be getting RF from all the known villains as well as the wireless water meters.


(click on photos to enlarge)

Great little meter
– smaller than a smart phone
– easy to use for RFR readings (and mag and v/m if desired)
– uses a 9v battery
– lots of options to play with (sound, back-light, max reset, average)
– the ratio of average to max will allow you to calculate “duty cycle”  –  eg – spike may be high but average may be low
– see  http://slt.co/Products/RFDetectors/CornetED88T.aspx  for about $250

I am not familiar with the other affordable RF meters so I cannot compare.

2)     We’re told that our data is secure when using wireless devices, but this 11 year old proved that isn’t true.

This 11 year old stuns experts by turning “smart toys” into weapons.

“”“From airplanes to automobiles, from smart phones to smart homes, anything or any toy can be part of the” Internet of Things (IOT),” he said, a small figure pacing the huge stage at the World Forum in The Hague. “From terminators to teddy bears, anything or any toy can be weaponised.””


3)    A short YouTube on the Berkeley Right to Know Law re. informed consent re. cell phones.  It’s time we began pushing for a BC “right to know” law.  Anyone know of a new MLA who might take this on with us?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzZXVGp-g3Y (03:53 minutes)

4)    BCUC is announcing a new “look” to reflect its “independence”.  What a hoot — BCUC independent.  I guess I should ask if it’s independent, will it review the fire information with an open mind?

“The BC Utilities Commission has implemented a new visual identity to better reflect its position as an independent agency of the Government of British Columbia.”


5)    Please see below a stream of emails from a member who is extremely sensitive. Many people have been asking BC Ferries to provide some Wi-Fi free space on the ferries for those who want to avoid exposure, whether you’re sensitive or not. Why can’t there be some safe, comfortable space provided that is free from Wi-Fi?  We need to begin a campaign to allow safe passage without having to freeze outside or be stuck inside a car.


Read from bottom up.

From: Benita Schluschen  (name given with permission)
To: customerservice@bcferries.com
Sent: May 14, 2017 3:01 PM
Subject: Re: wi-fi free zone

Hello BC Ferries, customer service,

Your information is alarmingly disappointing!

I am stunned by BC Ferries complete lack of empathy and compassion, for people with electro-hypersensitivity (EHS)!
EHS is a man-made health issue, that arose from the uncontrolled explosion of wireless technology of recent years.
It is a natural biological response to an unnatural environment, as pulsed microwave radiation does not exist in nature, anywhere.

RF microwave radiation, including WiFi, was classified a 2B Carcinogen by the WHO in 2011!  Today, hundreds of international EMF scientists, including members of the former WHO panel, are demanding a 1A Cancer classification, in light of recent, irrefutable scientific evidence that RF microwave radiation is bio-toxic.

Is BC Ferries also not aware, that people with pacemakers, have to stay away from wireless radiation sources, as it can impede the function of the device? Malfunctions can lead to extreme consequences! (read the manuals)

What part of ‘CANCER classification’ does BC Ferries not understand?

Germany, UK, Russia, Switzerland, Finland, Ireland, Belgium, Greece, Israel, Turkey, Austria, Singapore, France, Denmark, India and Australia, advise to reduce radiation exposure, especially for children.

Ottawa:  Report of the Standing Committee on Health, June 2015:
“The (HESA) Committee agrees that the potential risks of exposure to RF fields are a serious public health issue that need to be brought to the attention of Canadians so that they have the knowledge to use wireless devices responsibly and are able to make decisions about the use of wireless devices in a manner that protects their health and the health of their families.”

Radio-frequency Radiation Poses a Health Risk – Physicians Demand Overdue Precaution.

“Despite all warnings, more and more new wireless technologies are introduced into our daily lives: cell phone networks, TETRA, LTE, cordless phones, Wi-Fi, baby monitors, wireless meters, digital radio and TV, and many others.
All of these wireless technologies interfere with the biophysical organization of life
 with increasing layers and densities of electromagnetic fields.”

Your office received plenty of information, on the biological effects of RF microwave radiation from WiFi.  It appears that BC Ferries management has chosen to remain ignorant of the science and fly by the seat of their pants, exposing passengers and staff, to non-stop RF microwave radiation, without consent.

Are BC Ferries decision makers so addicted to wireless technology, that prevents them to take responsible and preventive actions, to protect vulnerable passengers, including children?
If this is the case, why not return to Asbestos, Formaldehyde, PCB’s and DDT?  Why not bring back smoking to the seating area, restaurant, as well as the children’s play area?

All these toxic substances were considered modern and safe, until fairly recently, and our government including Health Canada did NOTHING to protect the population from harm!  Instead, they chose to subsidize these bio-toxic industries!

Does BC Ferries consider it acceptable, that people who suffer from WiFi radiation have to pay full fare, just like those who can travel in warmth and comfort, enjoying visiting the restaurant, while people like me and many others, have to freeze outside on the ship’s deck, or the unpleasant cargo hold of the car deck?

BC Ferries does not seem aware, that many new vehicles have WiFi and GPS on board, which makes the car deck, almost equally unacceptable for persons with EHS.

Two years ago I took the advice of the the Ship’s Steward to stay on the car deck, which resulted in me being swept by the ship’s radar on the open car deck, every few seconds.  It was horrible!!!  I am not a piece of cargo!
Where is your humanity?

BC Ferries made special provisions for the physically handicapped, so why not for people like me and many others, who are sensitive to WiFi, or those who do not want their children exposed to unwanted radiation?
I, as well as many others, are asking for a safe area, away from the wireless obsessed crowds, where we can travel in reasonable comfort, without being subjected constantly to WiFi microwave radiation.

If BC Ferries does indeed consider me nothing more than cargo, then at least have the decency and not charge me the passenger fare.
I would appreciate a reply to my concerns.

Your very disappointed customer,
Benita Schluschen

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From: customerservice@bcferries.com
To: Benita
Sent: May 13, 2017 5:21 PM
Subject: RE: wi-fi free zone

Hi Benita

Thank you for getting back to us.

The areas with the lowest wifi signal would likely be the vehicle or outside deck areas. I would advise you to ask the chief steward once on board as they would have the best knowledge of where would be best for you.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Kind regards,

Jenn P
Customer Sales & Service Representative
Customer Service Centre
British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.
T: Canada & USA 1-888-223-3779 / Outside Canada & USA 250-386-3431
bcferries.com | Facebook | Twitter

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From: Benita
Sent: May 13, 2017 5:07 PM
Subject: Re: wi-fi free zone


I will be traveling to Tsawwassen this coming Tuesday, May 16.
Hopefully, I will be able to be on the 12:45 ferry.  (Queen of Port Alberni?)

Can you please let me know where there is a safe place, where there is NO WiFi on this vessel?
I am very sensitive to microwave radiation emitted by WiFi.
Since I have to pay full fare, I do not wish to be relegated to a cargo area.

Kind regards,
Benita Schluschen

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From: customerservice@bcferries.com
To: Benita
Sent: April 18, 2017 4:37 PM
Subject: RE: wi-fi free zone

Hi Benita,

Thank you for your email inquiry.

We would be happy to assist you with your concern regarding our Wi-Fi signals.  Please let us know what date, route, and sailing time you will be travelling so that we can determine which vessel will be operating.  Many of our vessels have a different layout, and thus different Wi-Fi router locations.

We await your reply.

Kind regards,

Customer Sales & Service Representative
Customer Service Centre
British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.
Suite 500 – 1321 Blanshard Street, Victoria, BC, V8W 0B7
T: 1-888-223-3779 F: 250-978-1240
bcferries.com | Facebook | Twitter

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From: Benita
Sent: April 18, 2017 3:09 PM
Subject: wi-fi free zone


I am planning a trip from Vancouver Island to the Mainland including a return trip.
I noticed on your website, ‘wireless friendly’.  Unfortunately, I am one of a growing number of people suffering from electro-hypersensitivity (EHS). I have to find a place away from wi-fi (radiation free/white zone) so that I can visit my family on the Mainland.

I know you have received ample scientific information/biological effects regarding this subject in the last couple of years.

Since I am paying full fare, I do expect an allowance to be made for me, as anyone else with disabilities.
Can you please advise where on the vessel is a ‘white zone’ free from wi-fi radiation for me?

Kind regards,
Benita Schluschen



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”
~ Aldous Huxley

Sent from my safe, secure, non-wifi-enabled laptop connected to a secure modem that has all wifi capability turned off.

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