2017-05-17 Smeter used for reporting glucose readings

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1)    Dr. Magda Havas has shown that RF cordless phones causes arrhythmia in healthy hearts http://www.magdahavas.com/dect-phones-affect-the-heart/ .  Now someone in the USA has shown that the smeter emissions, even at very low power, can disrupt the rhythm of a normal heart. The power of the smeter in the YouTube is ¼ watt. The power of the ITRON smeter is 1 watt which means that the effect will be stronger. This “test” needs to be improved so that it can be used in court or before a body like the BCUC, but once a good test has been done, it could be major.


2)    An article for laymen about epigenetics.  This is a follow-up to the new articles section in the BioInitiative Report re. Children that was in last night’s update.


3)    Connecting with doctors for glucose monitoring via smeters ! Just the beginning of using the smeter for things not related to billing, and a good way to share data with all sorts of corporations, from insurance to drug companies. And, more important, studies have shown that exposure to RF can increase glucose levels. Dr. Magda Havas calls it type 3 diabetes [http://www.magdahavas.com/?s=type+3+diabetes].

Smart Meter’s connected glucose tracking system picks up U.S., EU nods

“The web-connected glucose meters available today have shown limited results because they’re so complicated to use,” said Smart Meter CEO Cliff McIntosh in the statement. “We’re excited about our regulatory approvals because the iGlucose System’s ease of use makes it possible for family, friends and healthcare professionals to be truly engaged and support the person with diabetes in their daily diabetes management.””


4)    Tesla introduces new energy storage systems that might make it easier/cheaper for people to go off grid.

Tesla launches first aggregated ‘virtual power plant’ in US

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“Tesla has announced the first programme to aggregate the capabilities of hundreds of its residential and commercial stationary storage systems in a partnership with Vermont utility Green Mountain Power.

The pair will bundle together up to 2,000 of Tesla’s residential Powerwall and commercial and industrial (C&I) Powerpack systems to create a “single resource of shared energy”, Tesla said, calling it the “next step in tapping the potential” of energy storage systems in the field.”



From: Marcus Schluschen (name given with permission)
To: cmacintosh@sd61.bc.ca ; cschlappner@sd61.bc.ca
Cc: eloring@sd61.bc.ca ; ann4trustee@shaw.ca ; dMcNally@sd61.bc.ca ; eleonard@sd61.bc.ca ; dnohr@sd61.bc.ca ; tferris@sd61.bc.ca ; porcherton@sd61.bc.ca ; jwatters@sd61.bc.ca ; pduncan@sd61.bc.ca ; sgreen@sd61.bc.ca ; cpinkerton@sd61.bc.ca ; plangstraat@sd61.bc.ca ; jwbell@timescolonist.com
Sent: May 15, 2017

Subject: cell phones – detrimental impact for students – Times Colonist

Re: Cell phones in the classroom

As concerned grandparents, we’d like to applaud principal Macintosh’s position against cellphone use in classrooms.
The opinions of parents promoting cellphones in children’s classrooms is highly disturbing.  It exhibits a stunning lack of knowledge of the latest medical research on the subject of cell phone radiation and health.
They would be wise to educate themselves and not take advice from our government institutions, who have failed Canadians miserably time and time again.  Not long ago DDT, Asbestos, Formaldehyde, PCB’s and a host of other bio-toxins were modern, perfectly safe and received generous subsidies.

Let the experts speak for themselves:

“The (HESA) Committee agrees that the potential risks of exposure to RF fields are a serious public health issue that need to be brought to the attention of Canadians so that they have the knowledge to use wireless devices responsibly and are able to make decisions about the use of wireless devices in a manner that protects their health and the health of their families.” Report of the Standing Committee on Health, Ottawa – June 2015:

“In the last five years with the advent of wireless devices, there has been a massive increase in radiofrequency (RF) exposure from wireless devices as well as reports of hypersensitivity and diseases related to electromagnetic field and RF exposure.  Multiple studies correlate RF exposure with diseases such as cancer, neurological disease, reproductive disorders, immune dysfunction, and electromagnetic hypersensitivity.”
– American Academy of Environmental Medicine  https://www.aaemonline.org/emf_rf_position.php

“Children and adolescents are most vulnerable. After leukemia, brain tumors are the second most common cancer in children. In Europe the cancer rate among adolescents has increased 1.5 percent each year. In England frontal and temporal lobe tumors in children rose significantly from 1999 to 2009. And children increasingly display addictive behavior in the use of their cell phones and other online devices. Numerous appeals and resolutions, therefore, call for the special protection of children and adolescents, as, for instance, the European Environment Agency did in the fall of 2011.”
– International Doctors Appeal 2012  http://freiburger-appell-2012.info/media/International_Doctors_Appeal_2012_Nov.pdf

Medical Doctors And Public Health Organizations Consensus Statements And Recommendations On Cell Phones/Wireless – (warnings, especially for children)

American Academy of Pediatrics
American Academy of Environmental Medicine
California Medical Association
American Cancer Society
Vienna Medical Association
Connecticut Department of Public Health
Massachusetts Department of Health
French National Agency of Health Security Of Food, Environment and Labour
Council of Europe
WHO/International Agency Research on Cancer
Swiss Physicians Association of Doctors for Environmental Protection
International Society of Doctors for the Environment
Irish Doctors Environmental Association
Bioinitiative Working Group
Austrian Medical Association
Pittsburgh Cancer Institute
Cancer Association of South Africa
Environment and Human Health Inc.
The Canadian Medical Association
Canadian Doctors
etc. etc.

“Adverse health effects, such as learning disabilities, altered immune responses, headaches, etc. from wireless radio frequency fields do exist and are well documented in the scientific literature.”
– American Academy of Environmental Medicine

The German Radiation Protection Agency lists warnings on their website, to minimize radiation exposure – especially for childrenTheir advice is to reduce ‘Strahlungsbelastung’ from wireless devices.
The word: ‘Strahlungsbelastung’ translates to: ‘Radiation Load/Burden’ !
Germany is heavily influenced by industry, but at least they have the humanity and wisdom, to issue warnings regarding the use of wireless, irradiating technology, especially for children.
Health Canada on the other hand, does not seem to be inhibited by such moral confinements.

The health concerns for children and cell phone use, voiced by international medical associations and organizations, is not a rousing endorsement of wireless technology!

We hope that wisdom and the ‘Precautionary Principle of Science’ will prevail in the classroom, so that future generations may not have to look back and shake their heads in disbelief, that their parents and teachers failed them miserably to protect their health.  Our schools would be well served having more caring teachers and principals like Mr. Mcintosh.

Kind regards,
Marcus Schluschen  (name given with permission)


From: LRF
To: “Mr. Macintosh” <cmacintosh@sd61.bc.ca>, “Ms. Schlappner” <cschlappner@sd61.bc.ca>
Cc: eloring@sd61.bc.ca, ann4trustee@shaw.ca, dMcNally@sd61.bc.ca, eleonard@sd61.bc.ca, dnohr@sd61.bc.ca, tferris@sd61.bc.ca, porcherton@sd61.bc.ca, jwatters@sd61.bc.ca, pduncan@sd61.bc.ca, sgreen@sd61.bc.ca, cpinkerton@sd61.bc.ca, plangstraat@sd61.bc.ca, jwbell@timescolonist.com
Sent: May 15, 2017

Subject: School Cell Phone Ban

Dear Mr. Macintosh,

Thank-you for taking action to protect the learning environment of students.  As grandparents, we have many concerns about the needless proliferation of wireless technologies in schools.

Best wishes,










(4 videos) – http://stopsmartmeters.org.uk/are-microwaves-from-mobiles-wi-fi-harming-our-children/


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to stop Smart Meters

“It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong”
~ Voltaire

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