2017-05-15 Industry group calling for health-based precautions

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1)    A fun smeter cartoon that tells it as it is.


 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N29AtA3VodU&feature=youtu.be  (04:22 minutes)

2)    The IEEE is an industry group made up of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Until recently, they have supported the industry’s stance that there is no evidence of harm from RF radiation. But over the last few months, they have presented several reports at their conferences. Here is their latest, expressing the need to increase awareness and to develop/implement health-based precautionary guidelines.

Radio frequency radiation exposure, health hazards and risk assessment strategies



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3)    I don’t know if the poll is still open, but I hope you’ll try. If it isn’t, perhaps a short email to CHEK News might get some attention.



4)    In Scotland, after another report showing slowed development as a result of exposure to RF, serious questions are being asked about the safety of exposing children to Wi-Fi and wireless gadgets in school.  This is the type of information that should be shared with teachers, principals, school boards and parents.  Why are schools in BC and Canada not responding?

Questions over whether wi-fi is safe for our kids

In several countries across Europe, authorities are already putting curbs on wi-fi in primary and nursery classes.

Now campaigners believe a moratorium on the gadgetry should be in place in Scottish schools too until further safety studies have taken place.

Neuroscientist Dr Sarah Starkey, of the information group wifiinschools.org.uk, claims the latest study should give education authorities cause to pause. She said: “This is one study in rats, but added to the others that have described changes in animals or associations in humans, it supports concerns that wi-fi can adversely affect development.

“From conception to their early twenties, the bodies and brains of children are developing which, according to some studies, makes them vulnerable to the effects of radiofrequency signals even within current safety limits.”



From: Jerry Flynn  (name given with permission)
Sent: May 14, 2017
To: dsenick@timescolonist.com
Cc: cmacintosh@sd61.bc.ca; cschlappner@sd61.bc.ca; eloring@sd61.bc.ca; ann4trustee@shaw.ca; dMcNally@sd61.bc.ca; eleonard@sd61.bc.ca; dnohr@sd61.bc.ca; tferris@sd61.bc.ca; porcherton@sd61.bc.ca; jwatters@sd61.bc.ca; pduncan@sd61.bc.ca; sgreen@sd61.bc.ca; cpinkerton@sd61.bc.ca; plangstraat@sd61.bc.ca; jwbell@timescolonist.com

Subject: Cell phones prohibited at Victoria’s Central Middle School

Dear Editor-in-Chief,

Any Informed person would heartily applaud the principal at Victoria’s Central Middle School for his unpopular decision to ban cell phones from his school – for the sake of the children! History will speak well of his courage and leadership! Definitely related is my attached letter  https://tinyurl.com/krc7sej , sent today, to key members of Prime Minister Trudeau’s cabinet and their official Opposition Critics concerning autism. Invisible, virtually undetectable microwave radiation is common to all wireless radio devices which includes, of course, cell phones, baby monitors, ‘smart’ meters, etc. The world is slowly awakening to what Health Canada has been allowing industry to do to them for these past 40+ years. My military BIO is in the attachment.

J.G. (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (Retired)




Rose Stanton, Manager of Investigations
The Office of the Ombudsperson

Ms. Stanton,

Your March 24, 2017 response to my February 17, 2017 letter was not surprising and given the exemplary expedient efficiency with which you closed my file, what has obviously eluded you, in your Office — and the entire (pre-election) Liberal government — is, that the optics aren’t good when it comes to our institutions representing, or serving, the public good.

Not surprising then that The New York Times listed BC’s Liberals as the most corrupt government in North America. To those well acquainted with the Smart Meter fiasco (and Site C), and the government’s emasculation of BCUC’s third party independent status, in addition to all the other unpalatable pickles Christy Clark has been ramming down our throats like the firings at the Ministry of Health, with the subsequent suicide of the graduate student working there, I have to acquiesce to The New York Times’ rather damning assertion.

Your letter goes to great lengths outlining no fault(s) with BC Hydro. Maybe the Auditor General will better answer the question as to why all analogs, even brand new ones, were ‘recycled’ [read: destroyed] so that they could not be used.

Furthermore, the gutless BCUC report regarding meter fires ignored the stacks of evidence provided by local Sharon Noble (Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in BC) and all the Electrical Engineers speaking out against Smart Meters. Odd, or perhaps not, that you would quote the very BCUC report Sharon Noble, et al, refutes.

Sharon Noble is also at the forefront of the push against Smart Meters (and smart technology), given their impact on health and environment. Meanwhile, Perry Kendall not only refuses to consider objectively the scientific research accumulating against this technology, but also comes to conclusions completely contrary to the evidence.

Lastly, you state that your office would not encourage Hydro to act illegally. Why then weren’t / aren’t Smart Meters certified as safe — neither before their purchase, nor since? This was public money spent, and it continues to be spent, without public consultation or input, on a product that, simply put, is not certified as safe. Why are these uncertified electrical devices on our homes? (Yours included.)

And please explain, if at all possible, why, if I bought my own analog and paid Measurement Canada to certify its accuracy, that is illegal?

Ms. Stanton, I suspect that you have no real or worthy answers to any of these questions either in your capacity as Ombudsperson, or privately at your own home staring at your Smart Meter. However, consider yourself forewarned that the inherent problems with Smart Meters are not discriminatory: they apply to us all, equally; likewise, so do our astronomically increasing hydro rates (another whopping 28% over the next four years if the Liberals remain in control).

Furthermore, you may or may not be surprised to learn that an ex-Hydro employee is now suing BC Hydro for his recent firing; he is claiming that BC Hydro’s bullying tactics toward its employees include threats of dismissal for discussing even amongst themselves the consequences of Smart Meters.

How nicely my letter comes full circle: The New York Times lists BC’s Liberals as the most corrupt government in North America — on many fronts — and now it seems that the intimidation of our public employees, in our public corporations, is par for the course. So what is the point of having an Ombudsperson’s Office, if it too appears to serve only the party line?

You may have guessed, Ms. Stanton, that these questions are only rhetorical given that you’ve already closed my file. However, I hope you will investigate for yourself how the potential harms of Smart Meters (and smart, electronic technology in general) apply to, and affect, you in your daily life.

Jana Kalina (name given with permission)




Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters


“If we remain silent, we kill freedom, justice and the possibility that a society armed with information may have power to change the situation that has brought us to this point.” – Anabel Hernández

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