2017-05-14 Fire chief says brain cancer is “presumptive occupational disease for firefighters”

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1)    In today’s Victoria Times Colonist, there is an article about an ex-fire chief who died at age 59 from brain cancer. In that article there is a statement which is truly bewildering:


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“Former Victoria fire chief Doug Angrove has died in Kelowna after being diagnosed with brain cancer. Angrove’s name will be added to a memorial at city hall that honours firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty. Victoria Fire Chief Paul Bruce, who served as a deputy under Angrove, said the type of cancer that struck Angrove is listed as a presumptive occupational disease for firefighters.”

Is this because of the wireless devices they have to wear? Or the cell transmitters in or on their fire stations?


2)    Another important article in the Times Colonist. This one about a school that is banning cellphones from being used while at school. A parent has asked for people to write to the school officials, thanking them for making this decision, which is a first in Victoria and could be an excellent precedent for other schools to follow.

Please write and support Principal Tropher Macintosh’s decision to ban the use of cell phones in our classrooms!

Central Middle School, Victoria BC

Mr. Macintosh <cmacintosh@sd61.bc.ca>
Ms. Schlappner <cschlappner@sd61.bc.ca>

cc: eloring@sd61.bc.ca, ann4trustee@shaw.ca, dMcNally@sd61.bc.ca, eleonard@sd61.bc.ca, dnohr@sd61.bc.ca, tferris@sd61.bc.ca, porcherton@sd61.bc.ca, jwatters@sd61.bc.ca, pduncan@sd61.bc.ca, sgreen@sd61.bc.ca, cpinkerton@sd61.bc.ca, plangstraat@sd61.bc.cajwbell@timescolonist.com

In a letter to parents, principal Topher Macintosh said despite efforts to control their use, “the detrimental impact of cellphones on our school is clear and overwhelming.”

“Many students have tremendous difficulty managing their use of cellphones, and because of this, teachers are finding phones a serious impediment to instruction and learning.”



3)    Here is an excellent article about 5G, how it works, and what the health effects are thought to be. There has been very little research into the health effects yet, just as occurred 60+ years ago with wireless technology, this one is being pushed without any concerns about anything except profit. 5G is not being used yet except in a few pilot cases in the USA, but plans are to have the micro/small cells in front of every home capable of having 5G transmitters.


5G Radiation Dangers – 11 Reasons To Be Concerned




4)    Here is a great information sheet to give to Municipal Councillors, neighbours, and anyone who needs to know about microcells / small cells that Telus is installing in front of homes throughout BC.

A Cheat Sheet for opposing 4G/5G Wireless “small cells”



5)    In New York, one community is angry about having “cell repeaters” in front of their homes. Fighting on the basis of health, aesthetics and property values.

LI Residents Protest Over Cellphone Repeaters – As CBS reports, these “repeaters” are part of 5g, but it’s not clear how they differ from “small cells”.

Community member, Dr. David Burg said, “You couldn’t give me $10 million dollars for this…OK…There are potential health risks to these, they are aesthetically not pleasing, there’s also the devaluation of our home properties.”

CBS reporter: “Town supervisor Paladino vows to do everything in his power to get these taken down, and prevent new ones from going up in front of homes.”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3VqliGwJsI   (2:25 minutes)

6)    Information from a long-time utility employee in the USA is that the utilities are mandated to use software that is known to be easily hacked. From everything I’ve read, the software used by utility companies in smeters installed in BC and Canada is the same as that used in the US. The following was provided after the article was written, with some confirming details.

“This news report, today published on the independent news website Activist Post, is from highly respected researcher/legal activist Catherine Frompovich, who has been constantly reporting on, among many other issues, “smart” utility meters/the “smart” grid.  The “Pacific Northwest whistleblower” she mentions in the article is a lineworker from Puget Sound Energy, who stated that both PSE and Seattle City Light are — by federal mandate determining federal funding for “smart” utility meters/the “smart’ grid — using compromised software vulnerable to the CIA/Mossad-created Stuxnet virus that can bring down the entire national/international grid.  This of course includes “smart” meters/AMI-AMR.  – REC”

According to that ten-year utility company employee, the U.S. government is forcing electric utilities to use a software program called SAP.  Looking online, I find information for the SAP electric software program from Germany.  The information I’m receiving, however, is that program is ‘flawed’, easily hackable and can be used to take down the entire USA grid system.”



Sharon Noble
Director, coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Please use safe tech.

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