2017-05-09 May 12 free online seminar re. EHS / MCS

[2B Carcinogen – BCCDC – BC Hydro and FortisBC Mandatory Smart Meters – Brain Cancer Tumour Risk and Cell Phones – Catherine Frompovich – Doctor John Molot – EHAQ Environmental Health Association of Quebec EHS / MCS Online Seminar – Health Canada – Joel M. MoskowitzKaren Forbes Letter – Lawsuits against Utilities – Michel Gaudet – Paul HérouxPerry KendallStéphane Bélainsky | BC – Quebec – Canada – USA]

1)    Several studies that support the association between cell phones and brain cancer have been published recently. It’s time for us to push our provincial and federal governments to not only improve the information on the various health websites (Perry Kendall, Cancer Society, BC Centre for Disease Control, Health Canada) so that what is provided is accurate with appropriate warnings. It’s also time for labels to be put on phones with the warnings instead of being hidden deep within manuals.

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Long-term cell phone use increases brain tumor risk

“In the U.S. the lifetime risk of developing glioma, the most common brain cancer, is between 1 in 200 and 1 in 250. If glioma risk doubled after 20 years of cell phone use (as the research cited below suggests), the lifetime risk would be between 1 in 100 and 1 in 125.”


2)    On Friday, May 12 there will be a free online seminar about environmental sensitivities including EHS. Info about how register is below in Letters.  This seminar is available for free for 1 day only.

3)    Many people across North America are discussing lawsuits against utility companies that are forcing people to have smeters on their homes – exposing them and their families to a 2B carcinogen against their choice, as endangering their safety and security.  BC Hydro and FortisBC cannot say they didn’t know. They only can say that they didn’t care.

Are Microwave Industries and Utilities Operating the Way Talcum Power makers Obfuscated??

“Personally, if I were a utility company forcing microwave-operated AMI Smart Meters on to customers, I’d be very worried about all the future lawsuits coming the company’s way.

Furthermore, states public utility commissions ought to be recapitulating and correcting mandatory smart meter laws.  Why?  For not protecting the public’s health and wellbeing, plus the harassment utilities and PUCs impose upon consumers.”



From: Karen Forbes
Sent: May 9, 2017

Subject: Free MCS / EHS online seminar May 12/2017


Environmental Sensitivities Awareness Day

What you can do!

This event will be available in French and in English. The presentations are pre-recorded and will be available on our website as of midnight  May 12 onwards. You can choose the language of your choice, i.e., French or English to view the entire seminar. You can watch the seminar at your convenience.

Registration is required.


What you need to know

For over 30 years patients have been seeking help from primary care physicians for new and emerging medical conditions. In the early years, sceptics challenged the physiological validity of the symptoms but over time, a large body of scientific evidence has grown that supports that these conditions are biological. Education and awareness of the research has not been sufficiently disseminated to medical professionals and politicians. For Environmental Sensitivities Awareness day, we have gathered a group of experts to help make us more aware of the medical, social and legal issues of Environmental Sensitivities

Who needs to know

It is for patients and their family and friends, people in their support system, lawyers, healthcare providers, politicians and employees of social agencies.


John Molot (MD)
The Canaries Are Real; Understanding Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Paul Héroux (Ph.D)
Are Electromagnetically and Chemically-Hypersensitive people Metabolically different from Everyone Else?

Stéphane Bélainsky
Electromagnetic fields in our homes: mitigating our environment

Michel Gaudet
Environmental Sensitivities – Legal aspects


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There is no charge for registration to view the seminar on May 12, 2017. The seminar will be available to view after May 12, but will require a donation of your choice in order to access the presentation. Please note, tax receipts will be available for donations of $20 or over.

Thank you for your support!

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Sharon Noble
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