2017-05-03 Perry Kendall, our health officer, says microwave radiation is safe.

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1)    Bell is spreading microcells/small cells throughout south Ontario. Please tell friends in Ontario that this is happening.

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2)    From the Tyee, projections by Liberals of 28% increase in BC Hydro rates over the next 4 years. This will push more people to go off grid, putting BC Hydro into a death spiral that will force rates to increase even more.

Big Rate Increases Coming for BC Hydro, ICBC, Liberals’ Projections Reveal

“The Liberals’ analysis says a four-year freeze on BC Hydro rates will result in $1.21 billion in foregone revenue. Based on BC Hydro’s 2016 filing with the BC Utilities Commission, a one per cent rate increase generates $43 million in revenue.

That means — based on the BC Liberals’ numbers — that they are projecting a 28 per cent increase in BC Hydro rates over the next four years — seven per cent a year.”


3)    Another California community opposing microcells/small cells – the latest is San Rafael.


4)    Below is a letter from Perry Kendall once again misleading people about there being no evidence of harm from Wi-Fi. He parses his words but what he is implying and what he wants us to believe is that EMR is safe!!  He is guilty of allowing our homes to be exposed to EMR from smeters and microcells, and the schools with Wi-Fi.


Below this series of emails is my response to X about Kendall’s email, which is dishonest and disingenuous.
Sharon Noble

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From: X
Sent: May 2, 2017 4:38 PM
To: Kendall, Perry HLTH:EX <Perry.Kendall@gov.bc.ca>
Subject: Re: wi-fi experiment & request

Thank you for your reply, Dr. Kendall.

I don’t understand that if I don’t feel well, that my head feels “swollen” and I get somewhat confused when in areas where there is wi-fi, fluorescent lighting, and being close to some electrical appliances, how it is safe for me? If I am like the “canary in the mine”, it just might take longer for others to be affected, if indeed, they make the connection. There must be others, who are affected, but have not learned about the effects emf can have.

There was a time when dentists told me that the mercury in the silver amalgam fillings was completely harmless, yet nowadays, most dentists will not use those amalgams. I became ill after having an old cracked amalgam removed, and ill again, when a dentist removed some of the old amalgams, without following proper protocols. I understand that dentists were taught that the amalgams were safe, so we all thought they were. Now, we know differently. I think we need to take the precautionary principle, when making decisions regarding widespread use of wi-fi and exposure to emf, especially in public places, and even in schools and hospitals.

I don’t understand why, when there is so much controversy, and with my own personal experiences, with dental amalgams and now with emf, that the precautionary principle is not used. Perhaps, it is because decisions were made without sufficient long-term studies and in this rapidly developing technological world, that has created a huge economy, the development and use of appliances that emit emf has exceeded the ability to rein in the proliferation. Truly, this is disturbing!

It could well be very disturbing if Health Canada et al do not pay better attention to future technological advances that will also pose problems. I worry for my children and grandchildren.


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From: “Kendall, Perry HLTH:EX” <Perry.Kendall@gov.bc.ca>
To: X
Cc: “Kendall, Perry HLTH:EX” <Perry.Kendall@gov.bc.ca>
Sent: 2 May, 2017 13:19:01

Subject: RE: wifi experiment & request

Dear X

There is a wealth of studies examining the effect of emf on living organisms and their constituent parts.

Health Canada has reviewed them, as have a number of international scientifically expert bodies. I have read many of these synthesis reports myself, and indeed commissioned one to be done by the BC Centre for Disease Control and epidemiology. Their results are up on the BCCDC website.

The conclusions of them all are that at present levels of exposure, there is no evidence of harm to the populations exposed.

Best wishes
Perry Kendall
P.R. W. Kendall

Provincial Health Officer
Ministry of Health
Physical Address: 4th Floor, 1515 Blanshard Street

Mailing Address: PO Box 9648, STN PROV GOVT
Victoria BC V8W 9P4
Phone: 250 952-1330   Fax: 250 952-1570

Email: perry.kendall@gov.bc.ca

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From: X
Sent:May 1, 2017 12:00 PM
To: Kendall, Perry HLTH:EX
Subject: Fwd: wi-fi experiment & request

Dr. Kendall,

The experiment in the link below reminds me of the microwave experiment, whereby some plants were watered with plain tap water and others were watered with water that had been exposed to microwaves in an oven. The plants that received irradiated water died. The link below is an experiment with the wi-fi effect on plants.

Would you ask Health Canada to review Canada Safety Code 6 and do some similar studies to see, if indeed, such studies indicate need to be more cautious and to eliminate widespread exposure to emfs, including wi-fi?




From: Sharon Noble
To:  X
Sent: 2 May, 2017 22:04:22
Subject: FW: wi-fi experiment & request

He [Perry Kendall] is ignoring all the evidence that runs contrary to his desire to believe that RF is not harmful. That is not how a public health doctor is supposed to do his job. There is evidence from world renowned scientists, which Health Canada does not have and neither does the Center for Disease Control, that shows harm of a serious nature. Why is he refusing to acknowledge and employ the precautionary principle?

The report he commissioned the BCCDC to do was to review the 150 studies we gave him and they (we were told by his direction) ignored many of the studies, but they did acknowledge that RF effects fertility.


Section 10, pages around 270 on acknowledge RF affects sperm. Remind him of the conclusion – that there is evidence of harm to sperm. What has he done about this? Nothing. He still puts on his website and tells the BCCDC to put  on their website that there is no evidence of harm.

Now you have to notice that they are looking at older studies. Nothing is within the last 5-6 years and since that time there has been much more study re. mechanisms, but even when this was done – when a group of us stood outside Kendall’s office and forced his secretary to take 150 studies and then we badgered him to read them, and it took 6 months of badgering – the science was ignored.

He should be ashamed and shamed.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“When there is a doubt, when it comes to our children, there is no doubt.”     
~ Haifa’s mayor, Yona Yahav

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