2017-05-02 After years of smeters, PG&E sees no energy reduction

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1)    After many years of having smeters, PG&E in California reports that there has been no reduction in energy consumption.  What a waste of money! Putting lives at risk for no reason except to line the corporate pocket. Perhaps someone in Elizabeth May’s constituency would like to send this to her. She is fully aware of the many problems associated with smeters but believes that the reduction in energy consumption is important enough to support the “smart” program.  This result is consistent with those experienced in other places. I have yet to see any report that says that energy consumption has dropped due to smeters.

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“Based on our analysis for 2016, at the program level singly-enrolled CWP participants are not saving energy as a result of interacting with their consumption data.”


2)    An activist in the USA responded to the article about the street artists drawing murals about the plight of the bees with this email about his personal experience:

Around 2010 my Mom became sick and my wife and I dropped things to take care of her and my 22 beehives (at different locations) were one of the things we dropped.  I live on 2 1/2 acres and I still tried to keep 3 beehives.  The Smart Meters came about 5 years ago.  I have a cell tower .6 miles South and a hospital 900 ft. South with a communication antenna on top with Smart Meters and apartments all (12 meters per apt) new to the South.  I have lived here 24 years, beekeeping was good – lots of  raw honey.  The last 5 years, people started talking about their fruit trees would not bear fruit any longer (no bees).  The RF on my property is pushing 2,000 uW/m2.  I do have a hive 15 miles east on a friend’s 40 acres and it is fine.  His property has butterflies, lots of insects, and lots of flowering plants.  It is like day & night to see no life around me and almost like a paradise on the 40 acres.  His RF reading by the bees is .8 uW/m2.

I am sending a YouTube of the hospital. 


3)    A member suggested that I include results of meetings with candidates, responses, etc. during this election period. I will include below Letters so you can read or not. If you have had experiences or info that you want to share, send to me with “election info” on the subject line.

4)    From a member:


One web, one world. I was at a conference for BC post secondary institutions last week. One of the presentations I went to was about OneWeb.

This is a start up company with Richard Branson as one of the main shareholders. They are currently mass producing 650+ Low Earth Orbit satellites that will be launched next year. They will cover the LTE, 3G and Wi-Fi  bands; covering the entire globe. A rather large Mesh network.

The idea is at that elevation and powered, they will only last two years max. Birds in high orbit currently were expensive to produce and launch. This new type will force the launching of replacement birds and by then, there will be software/hardware evolution.

Stay tuned. This will be your last summer of camping where you can hide from the internet!, literally.

5)    A few slides from Bell explaining their microcells/small cell transmitters. Notice that the reference to Health Canada and putting these things on light standards. The current Industry Canada policy says that transmitters can be put on existing structures without consultation or notification to anyone in the municipality. This is a terrible policy where cell transmitters can be put on apartment buildings and if the owner approves, no one needs to know. But this now applies to poles outside our homes, often mere feet from bedroom windows  —  even if you are NOT a customer of Telus, you will be irradiated without choice.

https://www.forterie.ca/WebSite/minutes.nsf/0/023DA100D49493108525807600521852/$File/Nov%2021c-Bell%20Mobility%20Small%20Cell%20Deck%20Presentation.pdf    (11 slides) 


Please keep the pressure on Minister Philpott to respond.

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From: Marcus
To: Joel.Lightbound@parl.gc.ca ; Jane.Philpott@canada.ca
Cc: Colin.Carrie@parl.gc.ca ; Rachael.Harder@parl.gc.ca ; Mike.Lake@parl.gc.ca
Sent: May 01, 2017

Subject: CBC interview denied

Re: No reply to emails – CBC report by Wendy Mesley, on cell phone radiation [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm69ik_Qdb8]

Dear Hon. Health Minister Philpott,

There seems to be a communication problem within your office, as I have not received a reply to my email, dated March 26, 2017. (see below)

By now, you must have received ample information on EMF/RF radiation, and the negative biological consequences to life.  If not, I would be happy to provide you with many contacts to independent scientists, and EMF researchers, to whom you can speak directly.

The internationally respected scientist Dr. Martin Pall, wrote this excellent compilation on EMF research.



“2. The FCC has been shown, in a detailed Harvard’s University report, to be a Captured Agency”, captured by the industry that it is supposed to be regulating. This provides an additional reason to be very highly skeptical about all FCC safety guidelines.”

The words “Captured Agency” can easily be be applied to Health Canada and other government organizations, as they receive billions of dollars from the telecom industry from spectrum/airwave auctions, and numerous other revenue sources.  They have no interest to stop this gravy train – profit trumps health!

Health Canada’s exclusive mandate is to promote the physical well being of Canadians.

This health mandate does not include being enthusiastic promoters for vested business groups, such as: Blackberry, Bell, Sprint, Rogers, Telus, Shaw, etc.!

As a mother and caring physician, you must be outraged that this is allowed in Canada.

The German Radiation Protection Agency lists warnings on their website to minimize radiation exposure – especially for children.

Advice is given to reduce ‘Strahlungsbelastung’ from wireless devices.

The word: Strahlungsbelastung translates to: Radiation Load/Burden !

Germany is influenced by industry, but at least they possess the humanity and wisdom to issue warnings regarding the use of wireless, irradiating technology, especially for children.

Health Canada, on the other hand, does not seem to be inhibited by such moral confinements.

Their unscientific, dangerously misleading statement:  Even if a small child were exposed to a cell phone . . . 24 hours a day, 365 days a year . . . there would be no adverse health effect.” 

Where is the science?  Where is the ‘Precautionary Principle’?  Where is Health Canada’s humanity?

I would greatly appreciate a reply to my email.  But please, spare me the agony of Health Canada’s unscientific, scripted replies.

Kind regards,
Marcus Schluschen  (name used with permission)


From: Kathy
Sent: April 27, 2017
To: Ag Har Observ <news@ahobserver.com>; Sharon Noble; editor@comoxvalleyrecord.com; editor@theprogress.com; editorial@chilliwacktimes.com; news@hopestandard.com

Subject: Letter to the editor

Well it is that wonderful time that comes around every 4 years. Voting for a new government. We basically have 2 choices here as the Green Party and the Conservatives don’t have a chance in Hades of winning. Ms Clarke is trying to make out that the NDP screwed the province in its time in power in the 1990’s and will do the same now but to what I have read and researched the NDP have had to change their ways and become more business oriented than the rabble rousing union types of the past. If John Horgan can get the disaster called BC Hydro back on track and working for the people instead of a corrupt government I would like to give him the chance to do that. He needs to cancel Site C, get rid of the dangerous smart meter program before any more damage is done and before customers’ personal information is sold to third party companies.

It has been proven that mining companies have sent huge amounts of money to Ms Clarke and what do you know. The Mount Polley Incident, no one has been fined and no one has been charged for the devastation that happened.
In fact right before the writ was issued for the May 9 election Ms Clarke and her band of thieves gave Mount Polley Mining Corporation (owned by Imperial Metals) the go ahead to re-pollute Lake Quesnel with 24 million cubic metres of so called  “treated” mining waste. Interesting enough Murray Edwards, the billionaire owner of Imperial Metals, provided hospitality on his yacht for Rona Ambrose’s January 3-14 Caribbean holiday off St. Barthes. Ms Ambrose is the interim leader of the national Conservative Party. Looks like some skull skulduggery going on here.

The New York Times was so appalled by the naked power of money in “Clarkland”, it depicted BC, a place not normally on its radar, as rollickingly corrupt.  Can we say Somalia on Canada’s west coast. ( Somalia has been ranked as being the world’s most corrupt country for 10 years running, as per the Corruption Perceptions Index.) It is pretty bad when the New York Times notices what is happening here in the Jewel of Canada.

The B.C. Supreme Court is investigating Ms Clarke’s somewhat dodgy ethics of accepting money from companies with vested interests in provincial government assessments. Justin Trudeau has already approved the Trans-Mountain pipeline but Advocacy groups believe Ms  Clark’s go ahead for Trans-Mountain was influenced by hefty political donations to the party by companies like U.S.-based Kinder Morgan.
Who is, in fact, running and shaping our province? I have heard they are Multinationals and Developers known as Clark’s posse.”

Kathy Read (name used with permission)


Election info.

Re. NDP MLA for Saanich South.

I  just had a conversation with Samuel who is representing Lana Popham’s position on BC Hydro and the Smeter situation.

He spoke at length with a very informed opinion that Hydro needs to be reviewed on many levels, and that the Smeter issue should be addressed with regards to opt-out fees, privacy issues and health concerns, not to mention the lack of cost savings.

Of all the campaigning parties, this is the most favorable informed response I have heard yet.

I know our group’s agenda does not necessarily apply to political bias, but is there enough here to try to invite votes for the NDP by informing others of Lana’s position?



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Please use wired devices for the sake of your health and that of your family.

Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation