2017-04-23 Kamloops to get Canada’s first “solar road”

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1)    More cities and communities in California opposing the regulation re microcells.

[Burbank, California, USA]


[American Planning Association (APA California), the League of California Cities (LCC), the Urban Counties of California (UCC), the Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC), and Protect our Local Streets Coalition (POLS), California, USA] – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/NoticeOfOppositionToSB649-WirelessTelecomFacilities-APA-CA-LCC-UCC-RCRC-POLS-Mar.28-2017.pdf

2)    It seems we will never run out of new projects to protest over which raise concerns. Now, the first SOLAR ROAD in Canada is coming to Kamloops. What about spending the money to fix what I’ve been told are pretty bad roads in the area?  Building biologists and others with expert information should get to the University and Profs to explain the ramifications of this. These techies obviously don’t realize the harm in this junk and they need to be educated.

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“The first solar road in Canada will be built this summer at the Thompson Rivers University campus in Kamloops.

The Solar Compass Project is due to be installed in June, a year later than expected as newer technology was made available after plans were made.”


3)    Someone in California put together a website hoping it would provide helpful references.  Whenever someone says there is no evidence that RF radiation is harmful, you might send the “irradiated” link.


You can access the document for free by going here: https://wirelessaction.wordpress.com/irradiated/ and clicking the “Irradiated” link.

My goal was to create an easily accessible and printable, navigable document with lots of evidence in one place. There are news articles and actual research sprinkled throughout the document. There is a general section about RF, as well as specific sections about smart meters, cell phones, Wi-Fi, technology in schools, landlines, and electrohypersensitive individuals.

There are also additional resources in the Appendix section at the bottom.

I’ve also combined all the documents in the LAUSD testimony and attached them below on that same page as well.

Enjoy! Hope this aids some of you in your fight against RF injustice!

4)    Ted Archibald, a long-time and key member of the Coalition, gave a presentation to the City of Mission Council regarding cell towers.  The telecom company says more traffic is requiring more cell towers. What about all the microcells – can’t they handle the traffic? Does each company have to have transmitters in every neighbourhood?

These Councillors and Mayor need to be educated on the dangers of allowing these things in residential areas or near schools.  The owner of the property needs to know that he will be held liable when he is sued for causing someone cancer, like the case in Italy and the other in India. It will happen and there will be no insurance to cover the risk.

http://www.missioncityrecord.com/e-editions/?iid=i20170421020936610  (pg. A7)

(video) April 18, 2017 – Regular Council and Public Hearings
– 13. Presentations & Agenda p.23-27:


5)    Groups in Pennsylvania are preparing to fight the prepaid option for electricity. Please see their “points” in Letters.  We should be paying attention because this could be something being planned by BC Hydro and/or FortisBC.  This program is all for their benefit, and prepaid programs certainly would be that.


Philadelphia, PA  19104

What is PECO’s Prepaid Meter Pilot Program?

  • PECO has proposed to offer electric service through prepaid meters, similar to prepaid cell phones. Prepaid meter programs are also known as advance payments programs.
  • It is a “pilot” program only available to 2,000 customers.
  • Under the program, customers would load payment to their PECO account before usage.
  • When the payment runs out, customers must load more money onto their account or service will be shut off.
  • This program would not be available to low-income customers (customers with income below 150% FPL).

Why is the Prepaid Meter Pilot bad for customers?

  • Customers with prepaid service will lose access to important protections, including:
    o Medical certifications
    o 10-day paper termination notice
    o Winter moratorium on shut off
    o Affordable payment agreements
  • The pilot program will only be available to customers who volunteer, but it will likely lead to a larger scale PECO program and similar programs across the state.
  • Prepaid meter programs are known to attract vulnerable and payment-troubled customers.
  • These customers will be harmed most by losing customer protections.

Testifying at the Hearing:

Anyone can testify at the hearing. PECO and other parties will have the opportunity to ask you questions after you testify.  You can use these sample talking points to prepare your statement.

Sample Talking Points:

  • PECO’s prepaid meter program is bad for customers because it forces customers to give up important protections.
  • I may not choose to participate myself, but am concerned for my community members who have trouble paying their bills in full every month and could be attracted to this plan.
  • Electric service is already unaffordable for struggling families. Vulnerable PECO customers need affordable bills and payment assistance, not dangerous prepaid meter service.
  • This program will put vulnerable customers at risk because it will allow for more winter shut offs, provide limited payment arrangements, and make it harder to access medical certifications.

Come speak out – don’t let PECO take away important consumer rights!


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!
Get up, stand up: don’t give up the fight!”     
~ Bob Marley

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