2017-04-19 5G and Robots

[5G – AI Artificial Intelligence – Christy Clark and John Horgan Interview – EHS Documentary by Joseph Fischground and Safi Nazzal – Robotics – Theresa May – Wireless | BC – UK – Green Banks, West Virginia, USA]

1)    Two young fellows visit West Virginia to visit sensitive people who have found relief in the shadow of the observatory. They are making a documentary about the people they met.  Please note a mis-statement about the information in an iphone’s manual saying it should be 4 feet from the body. The distance might vary with the phone, but most recommend keeping a distance of 1 inch.

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Students venture to Allegheny Mountains for a documentary about electromagnetic sensitivity.

““Especially today, with the proliferation of wireless technology, a lot of people are affected by it,” Fischground said. “They get a wide range of symptoms from head tingling, nausea, fatigue, trouble sleeping and skin rashes. Unfortunately, most doctors do not recognize EHS as a diagnosis. In fact, all of our subjects have been told they were crazy by doctors.”


2)    There is much talk about robots taking over many more jobs in the near future. This financial article re. the UK talks about the speed with which this is happening, thanks to 5G and “stupid” stuff.

“Robotics, artificial intelligence, and 5G are at the heart of Theresa May’s new industrial strategy

The government is putting cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), 5G wireless internet, “smart” energy technology, and robotics at the heart of its new post-Brexit industrial strategy.”


3)    A member said that Clark and Horgan will be on Breakfast TV on tomorrow (Thursday, April 20/17). 



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do.”   
~ B.F. Skinner

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