2017-04-16 What will a 5G Future look like?

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1)     An excellent summary about the current state of 5G technology – the telecoms are still working on the technology but have yet to consider the very real potential for serious health effects. This report includes many studies [references included] that have been done on milliwave frequencies.  I hope you will share this with your politicians – these microcells outside our homes are intended to hold 5G transmitters that will shoot into our homes, yards, schools and workplaces.

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A 5G Wireless Future: Will it give us a Smart Nation or contribute to an Unhealthy One.


2)    I wrote to Dr. Pall to thank him for the excellent report criticizing Health Canada’s recent review of Safety Code 6, identifying the many shortfalls. In return, he sent me this statement which summarizes things that we should be seeking:

“I spoke at the FCC last September.  In my presentation I showed compelling evidence that there are many non-thermal effects caused by microwave frequency exposures and that the safety guidelines are allowing us to be exposed to levels that are approximately 7.2 million times too high.  I have already expressed three specific scientific concerns regarding the 5G rollout.  It follows from this that there are only two things that the FCC can do that are supported by the science:

  1. Change the safety guidelines by lowering them by a factor of 7.2 million and only then can further installation of 5G networks go ahead if they meet this much more stringent standard.
  1. Stop all further rollout of 5G and other antennae and start biological testing to empirically determine what levels produce no detectably biological effects. I have published in three publications how such biological testing can be done with a minimum of cost and maximum of speed.  Current “safety guidelines” are based entirely on a theory (only non-thermal effects) that was known to be false over 40 years ago.  When good, solid empirical evidence is obtained that clearly supports new safety guidelines for specific types of exposures, then new rollouts that meet those guidelines can be allowed to proceed.

Failure to follow either of these two alternatives will show that the FCC is complicit in the assault on almost every human being in the United States of America.

Martin L. Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University”

3)    Non-smeter or RF, but a member felt this is important information regarding our loss of privacy and civil rights.  Stingray surveillance.

Ours is one of the countries using this invasive technology which can intercept your cell phone calls, text messages and emails sent and received.

So…..citizens beware.  The USA also uses it.

The following is a site where you can sign up making an objection to this privacy invasion in Canada:

This site explains the stingray technology and how it works:

Here is a site where the investigative journalists know stingray is used in the U.S.A.:


[Google more articles by: BC Civil Liberties Assoc., CBC News, Global Research, Motherboard, Ploughshares, The Star]

4)    The US Consumer Affairs will accept complaints about things like cell phones, Wi-Fi, smeters, etc. (Consumer Affairs in Canada will not take complaints about smeters because “they are not consumer products”!!).

If you have been made ill, become sensitive, suffered a fire or damages, I hope you will consider submitting a complaint to:


An example:

Under Type of Product, type “Wireless:” before whatever you put, so it will be easy to search later.


Wireless: Wearable Technology

Wireless: Smart Meter

Wireless: Wi-Fi

Wireless: Car

Under Product category, file multiple reports for each product category that applies.


* “Products at Public Facilities” (will refer to smart meters in public places)

* “Electronics” (this should refer to all products)

* “Clothing and Accessories” (for wireless wearables)

* “Kitchen” (for that Wireless charging mat for kitchen appliances)

And while you are at it, please consider complaining to the Canadian Consumer Affairs. The complaint information is at:


If Telus won’t remove that microcell from in front of your home, even though you are not a Telus customer and have a Doctor’s letter, complain!!

5)    In Sedona, Arizona, the Council rejected the $5 monthly meter reading/opt out fee for those who chose to keep their analog meters. The Council did not believe a fee should be onerous – a Council that does not believe people should be extorted to have a safe meter. Sedona will be presenting its position to the Arizona Public Utility Commission.

Sedona Rejects $5 opt out fee

“Some within the community believe that no monthly meter reading fee is appropriate, whereas others understand that the compromise position was a reasonable attempt to mitigate the overall impact of the rate case,” the letter states. “Regardless, the city believes that the monthly meter reading fees should be as low as is practical to ensure that opting out is not overly burdensome to customers choosing to do so.”



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“If we remain silent, we kill freedom, justice and the possibility that a society armed with information may have power to change the situation that has brought us to this point.”
~ Anabel Hernández

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