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1)   A few weeks ago, I sent information about a study requesting beekeepers to record information. Here is more information about this study and why it’s being done. The correlation between the colony collapse problem being noted and the proliferation of wireless devices with the resultant increase of EMR throughout our environment could very much be more than a coincidence. Please share with any beekeepers you know.


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Is electromagnetism one of the causes of the CCD? A work plan for testing this hypothesis

Bees may be particularly affected by manmade electromagnetism [21,22,23]. They have magnetite in their brain, a compound which reacts to magnetism. While flying, they can cross electromagnetic fields of high intensity generated by relay antenna and power lines. When crossing such electromagnetic fields, bees may no longer remember their way, may no longer fly in the correct direction, and may become unable to go back to their hive. Alone, a bee cannot live; it dies in about two days, far from its hive. Note that birds are also affected by EMF [26]. Since moreover most of them eat insects, at least during a part of the year, the actual decrease of their numbers finds here a plausible explanation.”


2)   In India there have been efforts to reduce the number of cell towers, with Dr. Girish Kumar being on the forefront trying to educate politicians and the public. A legal fight by someone who blames a cell tower for his cancer has been won. The court ordered the cell tower removed within days. India’s allowable levels of RF are mere fractions of Canada’s via Safety Code 6.

“Radiation from the BSNL tower, less than 50 metres from the house where he worked, afflicted him with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma caused by continuous and prolonged exposure to radiation, Tiwari complained.

In a recent order, a bench of Justices Ranjan Gogoi and Navin Sinha said, “We direct that the particular mobile tower shall be deactivated by BSNL within seven days from today.” The tower will be the first to be closed on an individual’s petition alleging harmful radiation.”



 Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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