2017-04-07 An excellent report criticizing the last Health Canada review of Un-Safety Code 6

[Bob McDonald, CBC Quirks and Quarks – Cell Phones & Environmental Pollution by Particulate Matter pm.25 – Children – Doctor Martin Pall‘s Criticism of Health Canada Safety Code 6 Review – Glioblastoma Brain Cancer Tumours – Olle JohanssonOona McOuat‘s Microcell Presentation to Local Trust – RFID Microchip Implants – Royal Society – Telus | Salt Spring Island, BC – Canada – Sweden]

1)    Brain cancer is now the leading cause of cancer deaths in children.  A new foundation has been established to find new and better treatments. I don’t see any emphasis on finding the cause. What caused the mutation that caused this child’s death?

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“New foundation offers hope for the deadliest cancer in children.”

“Glioblastoma multiforme is the most common and deadliest of the glial tumors because the cells reproduce so rapidly. The tumor grows by turning normal brain cells into stem cells, which continuously replicate and regrow. So even if a tumor is surgically removed, it is difficult to extract every cancerous cell; any left behind will result in the growth of a new tumor. The five-year survival rate for children with glioblastoma is 25 percent.”



2)    In 2013, Health Canada asked for a review of Safety Code 6 and appointed a panel and provided the studies the panel should review. The results and the methodology were ones many of us argued about resulting in an apparent arbitrary, unexplained reduction in the exposure levels – the first in decades. The entire experience was biased with many on the panel having affiliation with industry. Dr. Martin Pall has written the best criticism of this review I’ve seen. Starting on page 6 of this 18 page report makes for very interesting reading.


Health Canada and the Royal Society are shameful – we should demand another review – a real one with independent scientists looking at all the evidence, not just the evidence Health Canada cherry-picks. [http://oldsite.c4st.org/safety-code-6-review]

3)    In Sweden, where many of the newest technological trends have started, people are being encouraged to implant microchips, replacing the need to remember codes or to carry keys. Sounds weird, but a member has received confirmation from Dr. Olle Johansson.  For many years, pets have been microchipped and many have developed cancer at the site of the  implant [http://emrabc.ca/?page_id=5228].


[& http://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/geoint-casting-a-neural-net-on-humanity-rfid-not-required/]

4)    One of our members gave a wonderful presentation to the Salt Spring Island Local Trust about the small cells being installed across the province by Telus. Here is the article from the local newspaper and her response.


5)    From a member:  Truly, cell phones (and other wireless devices) are harmful in so many ways. If someone doesn’t worry about the microwave radiation, what about children being enslaved? Or about the environment.

“On Monday this week, CBC’s Bob McDonald (of Quirks and Quarks) was discussing with a scientist the pollution created by the cellphone industry. It is killing not only those people living in the country / countries producing cellphones, but also the people in neighbouring countries as “particulate matter .25” is picked up by air currents and dropped on other nations.

It is called pm.25 because of its microscopic size which the human body cannot filter out. It struck me that pm.25 behaves in a similar way to asbestos, entering the lungs, causing severe damage there, thus killing the person, but unlike asbestos, doing it rather quickly. And, since pm.25 is lethal to humans, it will also be lethal to animals, both domestic and wild.

Perhaps arguments against cellphones (and other WiFi gadgets that no one really ‘needs’), could use a three-pronged approach: 

1) mining for rare earth minerals for cellphones is killing not only the earth and the animals in those ecosystems, but also the miners / minors who are enslaved to work in those mines; 

2) the countries producing cellphones are polluting the air and killing not only their own citizens, but also the citizens of other countries where the pollution happens to drop; and 

3) users of these technologies are definitely jeopardizing not only their own health, but also the health of others around them not using the technology, and they are threatening our environment by the increased reliance on micro towers and now electrosmog.

This three-pronged approach might help put out the warning in an all-encompassing manner, because it seems that users of these technologies do not care about the potential harms to their own health: they have traded that in for instant gratification and convenience and, to a great degree, social isolation. However, the BIG picture is truly daunting. “


6)    More cases of brain cancer. I have received some responses to my request for info about friends or relatives who have had or are suffering from brain cancer. Please let me know if you learn of any —  dsnoble@shaw.ca

A cousin of the victim told me about this doctor who died from glioblastoma


One member mentioned a family member in Toronto has just been diagnosed with glioblastoma. A very sad thing for a family to go through.

Another  member told me about a friend who was diagnosed in December.

And this made the news today.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Carry iPhone at least 5 millimeters away from your body to ensure exposure levels remain at or below the as-tested levels.”  iPhone manual

If you must use a cell phone, turn it off when not making a call. When talking, use speaker and put the phone down, don’t hold it.  If you need a head set, get a surgical airtube type, inexpensive, has been found at London Drugs.

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