2017-04-02 Security expert testifies that smeters are entrances for cyberattacks.

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1)    From a member who is spreading the word. Do include expert sources, such as Dr. Davis’s YouTube, to lend your concern credibility.  The experience is typical, sadly, that many do not/will not change their habits until the danger of RF hits home.  We do not have statistics that provide the type of tumours making it easy for the Cancer Society and the telecom industry to claim incidence rates of brain cancer, for example, are not increasing. We need to put pressure on Health Canada to implement the recommendations made by HESA in 2010 and 2015 [http://c4st.org/hesa-2015-recommendations/] to have a Cancer Registry – why are they ignoring this?

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I received an e mail from a relative the other day saying that I was right about RF (this after alerting him about 5 years ago to the dangers as his daughter had two children diagnosed with autism and one who developed a brain tumour in the first year of life (for now, successfully operated on but constantly monitored in case it recurs as all the tumour was not accessible, and only one surgeon in southern California with the expertise to operate).  He announced that he and his wife were giving up their cell phones.  And it was accompanied by a 7 minute YouTube by Dr. Devra Davis from another friend.  It makes me realize that I have to armour my warnings with such ‘expert’ material though I think I must have sent something from your supply initially.

Anyway, as you say, the message is spreading and this is a beginning.”


2)    Cynthia Ayers, a security expert who has worked for many years for the US government in various capacities, testified before the Michigan legislative committee re. smart meters. Here is a summary of her testimony plus her written testimony in its entirety. This is the sort of information that demands that these meters be recalled. Health, safety and SECURITY are being put in jeopardy for no reason except corporate profit.

Smart meters can provide digital backdoors to facilities (e.g. the home, office, building, etc.) via the items within (e.g. televisions, refrigerators, thermostats, etc.).  They can also allow access to multiple components of external electric infrastructure.  Therefore, the use of smart meters must be carefully evaluated in the context of threats to personal safety as well as the safety of the grid. …

“Worst case does happen. … Consider the possibility that in one decisive action, critical vulnerabilities existing within our electric infrastructure could be exploited so successfully that the first and last battle in the next war occur simultaneously. …

Due to the manner in which cyber attacks are propagated, cybersecurity is everyone’s business.  It is ultimately up to individuals and the companies who employ them, to do what is necessary to meet this looming crisis.  Leaders, in both the public and private spheres, must provide an environment conducive to national security.  The destruction of our critical infrastructure is not simply a ‘worst case scenario’ that will never happen.  It is a ‘weapon of choice’ that will ensure victory to the attacker.”


Testimony in full

3)    Communities, local government, and individuals are becoming concerned about the push for micro/small cells to be allowed on the public right of way, on any structure or pole, without hindrance or regulation. You MUST get involved with this now before these things are everywhere, in front of every home. We have no idea what type of transmitter will be inside or how much radiation will be emitted. There is no info. being given and no limits set.  This is from a small community in Minnesota.

Telecommunications bill causes concern for local officials


4)    Alert to the members in Metchosin. Telus’s fiber optic cable is coming which means their small cells are, too.


5)    I read this yesterday but thought it must be an April Fool’s joke because it is so outrageous. But one of our group checked and found that a patent is pending.  Isn’t it bad enough that pilots and attendants on planes are exposed to such high levels all the time they work, that they are becoming ill and having to go on disability, that people who are sensitive cannot fly?

“According to its mission statement, the company is working to create a high-speed airborne broadband wireless network by linking commercial aircraft in flight. Airborne Wireless said it plans to use each aircraft in the network as a flying repeater or router, with signals being passed from aircraft to aircraft to create a mesh network in the sky.”

Airborne Wireless Wants to Create a Flying Wireless Broadband Network


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“To ensure compliance with radiofrequency exposure guidelines the Notebook PC must be used with a minimum of 20.8  centimeters antenna separation from the body.”   
~ Samsung 3G Laptop Manual

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