2017-03-29 4 cell towers for the Gulf Islands

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1)    Gulf Islands to get 4 new radio towers to boost internet service.  Were local Councils/Island Trusts consulted and informed? Were nearby residents able to participate in siting decision? Do the various areas have Antenna Siting Consultation policies in place that were followed?   Already someone has written a Letter to the Editor, see below.


“Gulf Islands get internet boost”

“Beacon Wireless will construct four radio tower sites to connect unserved areas of Gulf Island communities and improve connection speeds for areas with existing coverage…

Parts of Gabriola Island, James Island, Moresby Island, Pender Island, Penelakut Island, Sidney Island, Thetis Island, and Valdes Island will benefit from the investment, as will the smaller islands Coal Island, De Courcy Island, Gooch Island, Hudson Island, Piers Island, Ruxton Island, the Secretary Islands, and Wallace Island.”


2)    A report about the rate structure used by BC Hydro and FortisBC. With increased emphasis on “demand side management”, I wonder if BC Hydro is preparing the way for TOU (time-of-use) billing.


BCUC Issues Report to BC Government on Residential Inclining Block Rates

“More could be done to promote the existing DSM programs and to encourage more customers to participate. There is also potential for the two utilities to add new DSM programs, including those which could target high-use and low-income customers.”


3)    A member sent in a message from the Sierra Club hitting BC Hydro for the expensive, unnecessary projects they are forcing through – regardless of costs – for the sake of corporations. She made an excellent observation that people often will be more concerned about projects that waste their money than anything else.  Maybe we need to be talking more about the fact that the smeter program is never ending, with smeters being replaced every 5-7 years, with costs for security unknown and requiring constant upgrading. And none of these costs have been included in any business case that I’ve seen. We will pay for it because there are no benefits to cover these unending expenses.



And here’s a satirical take on Site C “it ain’t heaven, but it used to be!”


4)    In Albert Lea, Minnesota people are being told the same old “it’s safe” stories re. smeters. Hope this person gets some support.


5)    An opinion piece in a Missouri paper about the dangers of smeters with lots of RF-related links. Word is spreading.

“Who’s pulling the strings”


6)    Naperville continues to fight for their constitutional rights re. smeters



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From: X
To: Jane.Philpott@parl.gc.ca
Cc: “pm” <pm@pm.gc.ca>, “marketplace” <marketplace@cbc.ca>
Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Subject: Marketplace – CBC

Dear Honorable Philpott,

I am puzzled as to why the following statement that appeared on CBC Marketplace’s program on cellphones has not been challenged by your Ministry:


This is an outrageous statement and is blatantly false. There are hundreds of scientific studies proving that exposure to cellphones on a long-term basis is hazardous to one’s health.

And anyone who knows anything about small children knows that their brains and bodies are still forming and are extremely vulnerable. If cellphone signals can pass through cement walls of buildings, don’t you think they could also penetrate young bodies? And what about the rest of us? Don’t you think we are affected by cellphone signals passing through our bodies as well?

The scientific research is out there on the dangers of ALL wireless technologies, not just cellphones. iPads, tablets, wireless printers and Smart Meters (that cannot be turned off) just to name a few. We need to be reducing our addiction to these harmful technologies, not encouraging them.

As the Minister of Health for Canada, is it not your responsibility to be informed about such topics of great importance? I ask that you contact CBC Marketplace and request that they retract this most misleading and legally-challenging statement.

As the Minister of Health for Canada you might also want to look into the future about 5-10 years from now. When I do that, I see hospitals bulging with people with brains tumors and other debilitating conditions caused by exposure to WiFi and other wireless technologies. What will this do to the health care budget? Isn’t it time to deal with it now rather than later?

WiFi is the new smoking. It took 40 years to overcome the immense pressure by tobacco lobbyists and their lawyers to prove that smoking causes cancer. Thousands of people died because they believed what the government was telling them i.e. smoking is safe. We now know a different truth.

This same scenario is being played out again, only the lobbyists and lawyers that are involved are promoting the wireless industry. They sit on relevant Boards and governmental groups and exert their powerful influence. This powerful influence is now causing people harm and even death. Something needs to be done–sooner rather than later. You are in a position to help.

I hope you will.



From: Norm
Sent: March 29, 2017
To: letters@timescolonist.com

Subject: Gulf Islands get Internet boost

Dear Editor

When will the infatuation with all things wireless stop.  As one of the thousands that suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), I know too well the downside of the steadily increasing levels of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR).  Fortunately for me I suffer less than many but a chronic case of the hives and more, caused by radiation, gives one little comfort pleasure in life.  The levels are reaching a level that I feel I will soon have to flee Victoria in search of calmer surroundings. As a Victorian with a long family history in the area (since the 1880’s), being chased away from my home by all things wireless is not acceptable.

Why is the Provincial Medical Health Officer doing nothing about the known harmful levels of radiation?  There are in the order of 25,000 peer reviewed studies from independent scientists that note reasons for concern regarding EMR.  The levels of radiation are approaching and even exceeding the levels that were blamed for many health issues and even deaths of 3 US ambassadors in the former Soviet Union. Concerns which cumulated in what is known as the Lilienfeld study.  In 2013 and 2015, the BC Center for Disease control issued a report re EMR in which a number of concerns were noted.  The provincial government and BCCDC followup – SHUT THE SECTION DOWN.

Questions to the Provincial Health Officer re who is responsible for radiation issues, now that the BCCDC is not, go unanswered. The Minister of Health’s office is a bit better – they tell me that is a good question, unfortunately, they do not think it deserves an answer.

The issues re EMR are becoming bigger every day and no one in the provincial government is tasked with keeping an eye on the issue. For the last year and a half, VIHA has told me they are looking at the matter but when I asked what they are doing and the papers they have looked at, they replied by asking what papers they should look at. Apart from a bit of talk, they have done nothing in a year and a half. Recently, CBC’s Marketplace had an interesting show re the hazards of using a cell phone.

The radiation file is bigger than just EMR, it also includes the other class of radiation – nuclear such as the type arriving on our shores from Fukushima and no one in the provincial government is tasked with keeping up to date on the issue. If this insanity of infatuation with all things wireless continues, we will need places to escape the radiation just to live.  The Gulf Islands is a good location for these places of escape, they don’t need more radiation.

Norm Ryder  (name given with permission)


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop smart Meters

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