2017-03-28 Videos about going off the grid.

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1)    Here is a link to several short videos made by a couple who have gone off the grid.


It will be posted along with others on our website at:  https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/more/how-to-go-off-the-grid/

2)    IoT management of the “smart” grid is a disturbing thought. This means all control and maintenance will be via a hackable internet. This seems to make a vulnerable system even more vulnerable.

Oracle Cloud Plugs Into Smart Grid 

IoT device management would include maintenance, configuration changes, firmware upgrades and security monitoring. Compatibility and security have emerged as major headaches, with IoT devices proving vulnerable to hacks by botnets and other malware…

Much of the impetus for a cloud-based grid management service stems from the huge amounts data generated by two-way smart meters and other sensors being installed by utilities. Cloud vendors such as Oracle argue that a key challenge in synching grid operations with IT infrastructure is the ability to handle real-time rather than just transactional data.”


3)    In Pennsylvania, it appears that the PUC is trying to force people to take a smeter if they want service, just as the government did here. If this technology is so great, why are the laws making it mandatory, counter to civil rights?


4)    It is vital to get info about the effects of RF into the discussion. One of our members made a comment about this article which is about sperm problems. It had not mentioned the connection between infertility and RF, so Sherry did. In response, a mother spoke about her son having a brain tumor which is likely associated with cell phones. More good info into this comment section.  Please, if you have the opportunity, help educate others about the dangers associated with wireless devices.



A letter from X to Wendy Mesley at CBC after the show that aired on Friday March 24, 2017

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A good report but could have included a lot more material concerning cellphone towers, microcells, smartmeters, GPS and frequency in the vehicle, dirty electricity…how since the beginning of having power/electricity caused many diseases that never were around prior to when ‘power’ became available.  How people develop cancer living near power lines…labeling does help to inform cellphone users if and when they find the information on their phone or in the small print of their cellphone manuals, however, there is so much evidence & science illustrating how damaging wifi and other frequencies are for all living things not just humans.

I personally have had EMF sensitivities for over 15 years now.  Trying to escape the wifi and other frequencies is a ‘tall order”.  I would have never thought that I had this problem.  I procrastinated for years not wanting to believe that it was the source of my migraines, numbness in arms, burning and radiating my face (total redness), lack of sleep, nausea, trembling, depression, brain pain, eye socket pain….and more symptoms!  A horrible way to live.  I can’t use a cellphone, dect phone, have trouble cooking at my stove….now I wear protective clothing. This is a condition that will grow in numbers as each day passes.

The technology is clearly not safe!!  Safety Code 6 is far too lenient and based on thermal ionization & should include non thermal.  I know so many other people who are also struggling with their kids not being able to tolerate the wifi in their schools so now they are home schooled.   And now they want to roll out 5g!!  How do we escape the proliferation of all of these frequencies.  We are born with our own frequency.  That is how our heart beats and so forth…an electrical pulse.  Do we honestly believe that our bodies aren’t affected??  We need unbiased non telecom industry funded studies!  And there are a few but their results are being muzzled.  Just ask Dr. Olle Johansson from Sweden and other incredibly intelligent scientists!!  Thank you for including Frank Clegg and Devra Davis!!

In my experience & from many others with electromagnetic frequency sensitivities, once you become ill, it’s  a very long process to try to restore your health.  I have not gotten better but I am able to cope with all of things that I have had to do to make my home tolerable and protect myself when I go outside of my home.  This report is a start but quite honestly to me it was so minimal, more like a fluff piece that could have included far more material!!  I absolutely do appreciate the report however, you should follow up by expanding the scope of material on this very important and timely subject matter.  I just hope that the Telecom Industry does not influence your reporting, as they often have with others!!!  This type of technology, as convenient and amazing that it seems to be, is not worth the danger that it presents towards all living things!  We need clean & unharmful technology!  This is no different when doctors were saying that cigarettes were good for digestion and for the lungs…it took 40 to 50 years before the truth was revealed even after millions of people died of lung disease!  How long will it take this time before the truth is realized and shared with the public!!  Same thing with lead, asbestos, Bisphenol A, etc.

Thank you Wendy for your efforts!!

Stay strong,


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“If we remain silent, we kill freedom, justice and the possibility that a society armed with information may have power to change the situation that has brought us to this point.”
~ Anabel Hernández

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