2017-03-11 Russian group attacks WHO’s objectivity

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1)    The Santa Clara County Med. Assoc. has been active in warning/documenting the concerns associated with wireless radiation, especially regarding children.

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The links to Dr. Russell’s articles that appeared in their Bulletin are on the Santa Clara County Medical Association/Monterey County Medical Society website.

These are the ones on wireless tech, including the latest one on 5G:


Saving your landline may save your life!

Shallow minds: How the internet and Wi-Fi in schools can affect learning

Why Fi? Is wireless communication hazardous to your health?

Wi-Fi in Schools: Are we playing it safe with our kids?

2)   A look at the world where Wi-Fi is not needed as it is today because of wider use of cell technology and, of course, 5G. This sounds good but what it means is that the electrosmog will be thicker and everywhere. No areas where there isn’t a signal, no looking for Wi-Fi hot spots because every spot is a hot spot.

“A world without Wi-Fi looks possible as unlimited plans catch on”

With every major U.S. wireless carrier now offering unlimited data plans, consumers don’t need to log on to a Wi-Fi network to avoid costly overage charges anymore. That’s a critical change that threatens to render Wi-Fi obsolete. And with new competitive technologies crowding in, the future looks even dimmer.”


3)   People with severe EHS are having to find safe places where they can recover, which is possible when no sources of RF and EMF are present. With the proliferation of wireless devices and transmitters, this is becoming harder and harder.  Many end up having to leave homes, jobs and families behind. As the amount of electrosmog increases, more people will become sensitive, putting strain on more and more families.

“What is an EMR refugee?”



4)   Many groups and scientists around the world are confronting the issue that the WHO working group, the very group that has the responsibility and authority to review current science and decide if the current guidelines are sufficient, works more for the industry than it does for us. This working group, which is headed by Emilie Van Deventer who has no relevant experience or education in biological effects of RF and who has long been affiliated by and a supporter of wireless, is filled with people with conflicts of interest.  This has been going on for many years and has resulted in the dangerous levels of RF being allowed by agencies like Health Canada and health authorities like Perry Kendall.  This letter of appeal from Russia follows the document and petition by Olga Sheean.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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