2017-03-10 A PowerPoint that explains why smeters increase bills.

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1)    A really good piece with excellent advice that can help us all spread the word. As I read this, I realized I often am guilty of doing the wrong things for all the best reasons.

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“I’m shouting, but no-one is listening.” How to talk to people about wireless radiation so they can hear…and care.”



2)    People in BC, with all the hydro power it needs and more, are having to live in a state of energy poverty. Why? How can this be allowed while the government declares phoney surpluses and is putting us further in debt with unneeded, unwanted projects like Site C and the smeters. We deserve/need competition and to get rid of all the politicians who have condoned this state of affairs, regardless of party affiliation.


3)    In the UK, there are problems with 1/3 of the smeters. There are systemic differences that may cause some problems but others are ones that are experienced here in BC. One is that the ITRON’s signals cannot go through thick walls, for example, when a building has a meter room in the basement of the building. Many of these meters are being manually read – and probably always will be.

“Call that smart?  New energy meters won’t work in 1 of 3 homes”


4)    William Bathgate, an Electrical Engineer in the USA, has examined the ITRON meter and found it to be dangerously designed. He also has reviewed the features that could/likely do cause them to produce bills that are inaccurate, to the benefit of the utility.  Here is a 41-slide PowerPoint presentation that he has generously shared.



(William’s testimony begins @ 1:19:25)

5)    Sent in by a member:  An interview with Virginia Farver, whose son died of brain cancer. She is devoting her life to educating people about the dangers of RF radiation.

(video removed – see https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/z/2017-03-12-one-man-sued-bc-hydro-and-won/)


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

A:  Free radicals damage DNA
B: Non-ionizing radiation creates free radicals.
C: Therefore, non-ionizing radiation can damage DNA

Please use hard wired devices, and, if you have to carry a cell phone, turn it off or to airplane mode when not actually making a call.

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