2017-03-04 Meters in Europe are inaccurate – measuring up to 6 times real consumption.

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Notice:  A member said that Telus is installing fiber optic cable in Central Abbotsford. Try to stop any microcell that will follow – they will deny it now, but that is Telus’s plan.

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1)    In Europe, a study found that some smeters measure inaccurately – up to nearly 6 times the actual consumption. I don’t know which brands of meters were tested, but I think this calls for a similar investigation in North America. I believe that the meters are different in design and the power is different.

“Electronic energy meters’ false readings almost six times higher than actual energy consumption”


2)    More on the California report released yesterday which was covered by the mainstream media – including an interview with Dr. Moskowitz who said that agency said the report was not released because it might cause “panic”.

VIDEO: California Department of Public Health releases draft of document warning against cellphone radiation

http://kron4.com/2017/03/03/video-california-department-of-public-health-releases-draft-of-document-warning-against-cellphone-radiation/    2 minutes

3)    A video from an EHS sufferer and a doctor in the UK.  This was on the BBC. Hopefully, we can get similar news articles here in Canada.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B73RhiP3yDc  First 5 minutes

4)    Ontario government arbitrarily cutting hydro rates 25% as a result of the public outcry.


5)    A member recommends listening to this report from the conference on mobile technology held in Barcelona, Spain. I listened to only part, in which the interviewee speaks to what he heard at the conference about the intent of the mobile phone industry to basically take control over much, if not all, of the means of communication in the very near future – and more.  Start at about 3:00 minutes.


6)    Security – as the IoT increases connectivity with everyday devices, our security becomes more vulnerable to attack, even from our fridge.

Smart refrigerators could soon be fodder for hungry hackers

“Botnets occur when multiple devices are infected with malicious code and formed into a network, said Robert Clyde, the board director of Rolling Meadows-based global information systems association ISACA.

Once hacked, the devices send information back to the hacker controlling the network, Clyde said. The more devices a botnet has control of, the more powerful it can be.

“As long as the bad guys own your device, they may be searching your device or searching the network it’s connected to to see what else they can infect,” Clyde said. “They may be searching for info like credit cards that can be sold on the dark web.””



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“When there is a doubt, when it comes to our children, there is no doubt.”     
~ Haifa’s mayor, Yona Yahav

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