2017-03-03 California Public Health report released after 7 years

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1)    California report released as per legal ruling. Please share this with media in your area. This wall is crumbling and each of us must help bring it down. It is amazing that California Public Health is saying the same thing that Perry Kendall, “our” Public Health Officer, is saying. Until the danger is proven, they won’t do anything to warn the public. It’s as if they have never heard of the Precautionary Principle to which Canada signed on in 1998:


Participants noted that current policies such as risk assessment and cost-benefit analysis give the benefit of the doubt to new products and technologies, which may later prove harmful. And when damage occurs, victims and their advocates have the difficult task of proving that a product or activity was responsible. The precautionary principle shifts the burden of proof, insisting that those responsible for an activity must vouch for its harmlessness and be held responsible if damage occurs.” 

A simple definition which we must begin to push because our health is being threatened while the industry fights to keep the truth from us and the agencies, like Health Canada and the WHO, are “persuaded” to do nothing.

“Subsequently known as the Wingspread Statement, the precautionary principle was defined as follows: “When an activity raises threats of harm to human health or the environment, precautionary measures should be taken even if some cause and effect relationships are not fully established scientifically.

“Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Today’s San Francisco Chronicle’s from page headline is “Warnings on Cell Phone Use”.  This Chronicle on-line article has a different headline “State kept secret guidelines on safe cell phone use”  An image of the front page is at


One of the paragraphs in this article notes “Environmental health experts like Dr. Devra Davis, a Wyoming epidemiologist and toxicologist, have argued for years that there needs to be more public awareness about the potential dangers of cell phone radiation.”

The suppressed report from the California Department of Public Health, is called “Cell Phones and Health” as is attached here. (click on “cell phones and health”)  Note the diagonal large print Draft and Not for Public Release

We all owe Dr. Joel Moskowitz, who went to court to have this document released, a special thanks.

Please forward this on to anyone you know who may be interested or who have health concerns about the use of the myriad wireless transmitting devices (WTDs) such a cell phones.  If anyone reading this would like to know, please contract me by email or phone (1-510-841-4362).

To my knowledge this is first front page newspaper report on the health dangers of WTDs.

Best regards to all,

L. Lloyd Morgan
Senior Research Fellow
Environmental Health Trust,



[- http://www.saferemr.com/2017/03/cell-phone-safety-guidance-from.html]

2)     The link to the press release about this important recommendation by the Maryland State Advisory Council has changed. If you are sharing or including in your Facebook, would you please add this?


3)    If people won’t give up their cell phones for their health, perhaps they will for these children’s health – the ones working for cobalt miners.

Special report : Inside the Congo cobalt mines that exploit children

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcJ8me22NVs    6 minute video

4)    In Michigan, utilities asked for rate increases to the opt-out fee, currently $9.72, due to fewer opt outs than anticipated. The PUC denied the increase. BC Hydro’s remains the highest in North America, with no explanation for this amount.

Consumers also requested an increase on smart meter opt-out rates – since there are fewer opt-out requests than expected. This was denied by the MPSC, among other requests.”


5)    In case you’re interested in reading how corporations control and twist the information about science that affects toxins to which we are being exposed and dangerous devices which are being sold…not mentioned is microwave radiation, but the very same applies to the telecoms and the many companies that exist to mislead the public and agencies. Some examples are Exponent and Gradient who exist to defend products that are dangerous, such as asbestos, agent orange and smeters.

Propaganda wars: ‘pro-science’ GMO, chemicals boosters funded by climate change deniers”


6)    A member recommended this series of programs about cancer and surviving it.  I have not watched any yet.

The “SQUARE ONE”  cancer survival  program  by Chris Wark  –  a very dedicated cancer survivor

This weekend, March 4th & 5th, 2017, we are putting ALL 10 Modules back online for you to watch again for free!

The Replay Weekend starts at 12:01am EST (midnight) on Saturday morning and runs until midnight on Sunday.

In other words  –  Here are the links to watch (and share):



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A cautionary email from a member. We have to pay to make our homes safer due to increased levels of RF and then the city increases assessment and taxes.  Ironic and unsafe. I think it worth investigating if money spent to protect your home and your health couldn’t be tax deductible.

= = =

“perhaps fellow update members, ought to know —

— during an open forum / council session at Saanich this week, a man spoke to mayor / council regarding his taxes. Apparently, he has gone whole hog on greening his house, including geo-thermal: 200 hundred meters into bedrock. Apparently, works like a charm.

Now this man didn’t strike me as one rolling in dough, but as someone with skills and know how to do a lot of the work himself.

However, in return for his efforts / costs in making his house environmentally sustainable, he’s received a massive increase in the value of his house / property and a massive jump in his taxes.

He was there to inform council that this is no way to inspire people into green energy, the alternatives are proving too expensive. Now that his house has been re-accessed, his upgrades will never pay for themselves and his retirement will be precarious because he will not be able to sell it to recover his investment.”


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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