2017-03-01 Many US states with opt out bills before their legislatures

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1)    “Wireless pollution is wildly out of control, and set to rise. We need all our wisdom to avoid the hidden risks to Nature’s beauty and to ourselves, writes Lynne Wycherley”


2) There is a flurry of bills being presented to state legislatures in the US to allow people to opt out of smeters, many asking for this right with no fee, and to keep the analog. Here is the list available so far:

State Smart Meter Legislation 16/17 session:



Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLld0AYl3YU&feature=youtu.be




3)    A bill has been introduced in Maryland for guidelines for safe use of devices in schools.

HB 866: Maryland State Bill To Develop Medical Safety Guidelines For Digital Device Use In Schools

House Bill 866 would require the Maryland department of health to develop and implement health and safety guidelines and procedures for the use of digital devices in public school classrooms. Given the documented myriad of health risks for children, it is critical that schools have age-appropriate guidelines for the use of digital devices in schools.”


4)    An interview of Devra Davis about the health risks of cell phones and the science behind it.  I have not had the time to listen to it, but Dr. Davis always gives an interesting interview.

Cell phones:  A health risk?

Dr. Davis discusses the research, the science research, the resistance to such research.

https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/96919/cell-phones-a-health-risk  55 minutes


From: Olga Sheean [mailto:olga@olgasheean.com]
Sent: March 1, 2017
To: Ilona.Kickbusch@graduateinstitute.ch
Cc: sgcentral@un.org
Subject: URGENT – WHO DG candidate debate
Importance: High

Dear Ms Kickbusch:

As one of the people who will be introducing the forthcoming WHO debate on DG candidates, on 6 March, you should be aware (if you’re not already) of the very serious situation at WHO.

For details, please see the report I recently sent to WHO and the new SG of the UN, António Guterres  (https://olgasheean.com/who-harm/).

The document exposes WHO’s industry bias, intentional ignorance, willful promotion of harm, criminal negligence and failure to protect the public from the scientifically proven dangers of RF/microwave radiation. It has also failed to address the rapidly growing epidemic of microwave sickness/electro-sensitivity – the same kind of sensitivity affecting former DG Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, which prompted her to resign in 2003, when I was working for UNAIDS/WHO.

I developed a brain tumour as a result of exposure to microwave radiation from WiFi, cell phones etc and am now extremely electro-sensitive, with a very restricted lifestyle and no access to healthcare services due to the fact that all healthcare clinics and hospitals have WiFi and cordless/cell phones in their offices.

As a direct result of WHO’s failure to alert the public to the dangers, to create public awareness campaigns, to acknowledge/address the rapidly growing epidemic, and to develop strategies for governments to minimize the public’s exposure, most people (perhaps you, too) remain largely unaware of the dangers – and there is ZERO protection or accommodation for those being severely harmed. Nor has any regard been shown for the damage being caused to children forcibly exposed to WiFi in schools, to plant and animal life, to pollinating bees (critical for our food supply), to the environment and to the climate (despite the fact that the wireless industry is responsible for dumping megatonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere).

Most reprehensible of all is the fact that WHO’s EMF Project, which is tasked with assessing the science on electromagnetic radiation and developing appropriate guidelines and warnings for the protection of global health, is headed by an electrical engineer with NO health qualifications, who has carried out research for the mobile phone industry.

This issue must be at the top of your agenda during the forthcoming debate. Failure to make this a top priority for any future DG to resolve will compound an already egregiously and untenably corrupt situation and result in even more harm being caused to the global population.

Already, it is estimated that some 300 million people around the world are being affected by electromagnetic radiation, with a rapidly growing incidence of neurological disorders, depression, insomnia, anxiety, suicides, autism, cancers and many other conditions. Many more are affected without realizing that their symptoms are being caused by this highly penetrative manmade radiation, which affects the blood within minutes of exposure.

The situation is unsustainable and WHO is doing nothing. Worse than that, it has knowingly promoted harm by siding with the telecoms industry and even receiving laundered funds from it.

I trust you will take the time to read the referenced document, which has been produced in collaboration with some of the world’s top EMR scientists, epidemiologists, researchers and biologists, and to ensure that this issue is given top priority during the debate next week.

I would also ask you to kindly acknowledge receipt of this message. No one at WHO has replied to, or even acknowledged, my submissions to them, nor has anyone responded – ever – to the repeated appeals by hundreds of scientists, other journalists and concerned advocacy/EMR groups.

Finally, please note that I initiated a ‘vote of no confidence in WHO and its EMF Project’ (see link below) in December 2016, and we currently have close to 3,000 names on the list, with more being added daily.

I rest my case and I look forward to hearing from you.

Olga Sheean
Tel: +1 604 737 9087


Changing minds, changing lives

Make your voice count. Please sign and share the ‘vote of no confidence’ in WHO and its industry-led EMF Project: http://olgasheean.com/who-emf/



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“A government has no conscience. Sometimes it has a policy, but nothing more.”
~ Albert Camus


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