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Some of you told me you couldn’t get the letter from the Doctor about EHS at the link I provided. It  seems to have closed down. The letter can now be read at:


and it is really worth reading.


1) Confronted with unwanted and dangerous $$meters and microcells [small cells] on or near homes, many people have asked me about various things to do to shield their homes. I do not pretend to know much about this and I would suggest that before you do anything, you speak with someone far more knowledgeable than I. Let me know if you would like to be put in touch with some of them.  Recently, someone asked me about shielding sold by a company called Geovital. Having never heard of this company before, I made inquiries and no one would recommend them.

Here is a YouTube about one type of shielding. It is not a matter of just painting. There is more involved, so please get info from really good sources before doing this.


2) Utilities in the USA are positioning themselves to use $$meters for a lot more than just gathering data for billing purposes:

The opportunities for the smart utility of the future are only beginning to come to fruition. The rapid growth in smart technologies will enable utilities to rethink the customer relationship and their overall business model. As utilities update their capabilities to provide consumers with new and previously unavailable services that include dynamic pricing and real-time access to connected devices, they will also make it easier to remotely monitor, analyze and control usage, as well as enable new integrated energy services. By leveraging these smart technologies, utilities can start to position themselves more broadly as a “service provider” rather than a “utility provider,” leading to supplementary revenue opportunities.

In the near future, utilities could position smart meters as a hub for interoperating with all sorts of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors at a customer location. As smart utility technology becomes ubiquitous and even more sophisticated, smart meters could hypothetically provide concierge services; for instance, managing the access necessary for trades’ people to do work at customer homes.


3) The industry is really pushing the microcells on hydro poles outside homes because there is no regulation. Look at what has held them back  “CUMBERSOME PROCESSES RE. HEALTH AND SAFETY”.

However, to achieve this potential, significant new approaches are needed in the regulatory and administrative processes which govern mobile deployments. Getting huge numbers of small cells into the right sites timely and affordably is essential, but to date, such programs have often been held back by cumbersome and outmoded processes at several levels:

  • Approvals and certification for small cell equipment
  • Approvals for site usage and deployment
  • Infrastructure and spectrum sharing rules
  • Health and safety rules

(click on photo above to view larger)

The small cell industry has made a great deal of progress in easing deployment and the SCF Release Program provides operators with a template to roll out dense networks in a scalable, repeatable way. However, the goals above will only be met in full with a combined effort by regulators, administrations, municipal authorities, site owners, operators and vendors.


4) As a follow up to the report by the American Brain Tumor Association, good info has been compiled by C4ST showing large increases in various cancers in Canadians aged 15-29.

Testicular and breast cancer

While brain tumours predominate among adolescents, testicular cancer is diagnosed more frequently in young adult males. In Canadian males 15-29 years, testicular cancer increased 2.7% per year between 1996 and 2005. Phones carried in pockets may contribute, as sperm are damaged by radiofrequency radiation exposure from phones in pockets and laptops. Young women habitually carrying phones in bras are developing characteristic breast cancers.

Overall cancers in the young

Cancer is increasing overall in Canadian adolescents and young adults (15-29 years) according to the Public Health Agency of Canada. From 1996 to 2005 cancer incidence rates increased:

  • 8% per year in males; testicular cancer increased 2.7% per year
  • 4% per year in females; thyroid cancer increased 6.5% per year


5) In Denmark, brain cancers are increasing steadily. This was released to the press. It’s time to demand that the Precautionary Principle be implemented and labels be put on wireless devices so people can see the warnings that are in the manuals.

Brain tumors are increasing in Denmark. 

News release from Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation, January 20, 2017

Never before have so many new patients been diagnosed with a brain tumor in Denmark as in year 2015. The number of people diagnosed with tumors of the central nervous system (CNS, including brain tumors) in Denmark has more than doubled since 1990 according to new statistics and the largest increase has been in the last 10 years until 2015. Among young people aged 0-39 years, tumors in the CNS are the type of cancer that has increased the most. 

According to the latest statistics from the Danish Cancer Registry that include new cancer cases diagnosed in 2015, an increasing number of people in Denmark are diagnosed with tumors of the central nervous system, CNS, including the brain, in recent years. The number of patients diagnosed per year with CNS tumors increased from the 827 in 1990 to 1807 in 2015.

The increase appears to have accelerated in the last ten years according to the data from the Danish Cancer Registry, analyzed by the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation. The data  includes both malignant and benign brain tumors. During the same period, the use of mobile phones has increased tremendously.

In addition, the number of young patients diagnosed with a CNS tumor is on the rise. Among young people under 40 years of age in Denmark, also this age group is seeing a rise in the number of diagnosed cases. CNS tumors are also increasing among the young and are now almost as common as malignant melanoma among those aged 0-39 years. CNS tumors have increased more than any other tumor type over the past ten years in this age group. In 2006, 186 young persons aged 0-39 years were reported with a CNS tumor, but in 2015 the number had increased to 271.

Ever since 2010 all studies investigating risks for brain tumors from mobile phone use over 30 minutes to one hour a day over several years have found increased risks for CNS tumors (glioma, acoustic neuroma and also meningioma).[1]  Today 75% of Swedish 16 year old girls use their “smart phone” over 3 hours a day and they have been wrongly informed that there are no health risks observed, often with reference to incorrect claims about brain tumor incidence trends.

– It is unethical to wait for even more people to be diagnosed with brain tumor before the industry, government and authorities warn mobile phone users of the serious health risks with today’s intense and prolonged use, says Mona Nilsson, President of the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation.

Read the full report from Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation:

Link to Danish Cancer Registry database:

Kind regards
Mona Nilsson
Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation

6) Below are some emails back and forth with the BCUC. Not a surprising response from the BCUC saying that there is nothing they can do, their hands are tied. I think it is important to keep sending emails like this. Under the BC Utilities Commission Act, the Commission is responsible for making sure the utilities provide safe, reliable service. These letters are providing irrefutable evidence that these meters are dangerous in many ways. These people are not doing their jobs and should/will be held liable.  They cannot say they didn’t know – only that they decided to ignore.


Subject: RE: Complaint
Date: 13 Jan 2017
From: Complaints BCUC:EX <Complaints@bcuc.com>
To: Kathy and Ron  (with permission)


Good morning,

Thank you for your email dated December 17, 2016, to the BC Utilities Commission regarding your concerns about BC Hydro’s smart metering program. While BC Hydro is responsible for implementing its smart metering program, the Commission is prohibited from directly or indirectly preventing BC Hydro from installing, operating or providing services in respect of legacy meters, smart meters and radio-off meters due to the Clean Energy Act and its Smart Meters and Smart Grid Regulation.

Commission staff have however reviewed your complaint and provide you with the following information.

According to the Clean Energy Act and its Smart Meters and Smart Grid Regulation, BC Hydro “must install and put into operation […] a smart meter for each eligible premises”. Sections  4.2.1-4.2.4 of the BC Hydro Electric Tariff (the “Tariff”), the document that sets out the terms and conditions of service between BC Hydro and its customers, provides the terms under which customers may retain use of analog (Legacy) meters. Subsection 4.2.3(b) states that BC Hydro only has to replace a Legacy Meter with another Legacy Meter if they still have suitable replacement Legacy meters in its meter inventory. We have been informed by BC Hydro that they no longer have any more analog meters in their meter inventory. Furthermore this subsection states that “BC Hydro is under no obligation to repair, rebuild or modify, or re-verify and re-seal, any Legacy Meters that have been removed from service for any reason, nor to purchase or otherwise acquire from any source any Legacy Meters in replenishment of its Legacy Meter inventory”.

As you appear to be well aware, the Commission received Direction No. 4 from the provincial government which required the above provisions of the Tariff to be implemented. As the Commission’s authority as a regulatory body is established under the Utilities Commission Act, under section 3 of this Act the Commission is also required by law to follow directions from the provincial government.

Given that BC Hydro’s smart metering program and its planned replacement of analog meters were implemented under government direction, you may wish to contact the provincial government with your concerns.

Canon Ho, B.Com., J.D.
Customer Relations Analyst
British Columbia Utilities Commission
6th Floor, 900 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2N3
Phone: 604.660.4700 | Fax: 604.660.1102 | Toll Free: 1.800.663.1385
Email: Complaints@bcuc.com | Web: www.bcuc.com

= = =

From: Kathy and Ron
Sent: December 17, 2016
To: Wruck, Patrick BCUC:EX <patrick.wruck@bcuc.com>; Sharon Noble; Dix.MLA, Adrian LASS:EX <adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca>; Oppositionleader@leg.bc.ca

Subject: Complaint

Dear Mr Wruck

When it comes to BC Hydro, I am so fed up with the way we the people of BC, who own that company, are being treated. You must know by now that BC Hydro is lying through it’s rotten teeth about the smart meter program. They say the grid won’t work properly unless we all have smart meters and that is a bald faced lie. All over the USA state governments are stepping in and allowing people to keep their analogue meters at a low monthly fee. These people can keep their meters forever and will not be hassled to upgrade at a later date. Hydro tells you they can no longer get analogue meters and that is also a bald faced lie. Analogue meters can be purchased from numerous companies in the USA the same as they always have been. If necessary a customer can go on line and purchase an analogue meter for their own home or business.


A consumer can purchase new Westinghouse or General Electric analogue meters here that are brand new. Obviously they are still made.

Rebuilt Analogue meters can be purchased from


“Over the last few years many cities in California refused to allow smeters and implemented a moratorium. They demanded that the Calif. public utilities commission recognize their right to protect their health and safety. The PUC agreed to allow people to keep their analogues permanently for a minor monthly fee.”

If the electricity companies in the USA can purchase analogue meters then so can Canadian companies buy them.

This link is to an official letter regarding what is going on in California.


As for the safety of the smart meter, here is a statement by an Electrical Engineer from the US

“ ” William Bathgate, an electrical engineer in the US, said in a recent email that he would never have an ITRON smeter on his home. He has given testimony before the Michigan Utility Commission warning about the many design flaws he has found in ITRON smeters. He finds the switch mode power supply ( the device that converts a small amount of the electricity coming from the pole from AC to DC to run the meter) a major fire hazard. Other engineers have found the remote disconnect switch poorly designed and this has been found to have caused many fires. Could this be why Hydro refuses to have an electrical engineer inspect this device and to certify it if he believes it to be safe? Bathgate, and other electrical engineers, have said this meter could not be certified safe, no engineer would risk losing his credentials by saying it’s safe.

I am very familiar with the design elements of a switched mode power supply because I had to include “Common Mode” filters into the products I was responsible for while at Emerson Electric to minimize the Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) coming from the switching integrated circuit back onto the feeding input AC circuit and the output AC circuit. A clean 50 or 60 Hz is needed and the AC input and AC output had to be void of any oscillation introduced by the switching circuit. I would not have been able to sell the same ITRON switched mode circuit design with the products I managed. I would have been fired for allowing such a condition.

If DTE (or any Utility) was to demand of ITRON, their supplier, to provide a “Common Mode” filtering circuit and tested this design for elimination of EMI and of stray capacitance present in the current design, I believe the troubles with people becoming ill from the Opt-Out AMI meter could be significantly mitigated. This should not be ignored or taken lightly. There could be a solution to help the people affected by the high frequency oscillations created by the switched mode power supply.

In short lacking a redesign of the AMI meter switched mode power supply the solution for people affected by the AMI meter program is very simple and costs nothing, allow those affected residents and business to retain an Analog meter which is readily available and meets all ANSI and other applicable standards.”

https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/ecodwell-nov2016.pdf go to Page 3.

You, as the BCUC, were formed and are paid to do a job which is to make sure utility companies in this province work as fair, law abiding companies that have health and safety as a priority. If I was your boss I would fire the lot of you and hire people who are willing to tell Christy Clarke where she can stuff Directive 4 and start doing the proper job of the BCUC. Remember, you are a body separate from government so get with it and get to work. How many more fires do we have to have? How many more cases of electro hypersensitivity do there have to be? How many more families are having to move to areas where there are no smart meters or stay where they are and pay out thousands of dollars to go off grid by purchasing solar panels and batteries?

All of this has to stop. BC Hydro is only a hydro electric company and not a God. We live in a democratic society and this company is acting like a Communist company that tries to rule everyone to what they want. Democracy is not like that and the sooner you realize this and get to work, the happier those of us who pay your salaries will be.

Ron and Kathy



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”
~  Winston Churchill


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