2017-01-19 More on data sharing and an excellent letter from a doctor re. EHS

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1)    The author of the information in last night’s update provides some additional clarification:

One important point I want to clarify. The utilities (including BC Hydro) are NOT selling our data, with or without our permission: they’ve sewed up this potential privacy issue airtight, and I’m sure they’ll strike back hard if anyone accuses them of selling it to third parties. They’re very clever in making sure that our data is only shared – with no charge – with third party vendors when we voluntarily give them our permission to do so by clicking on the Green Button Connect my Data. (The fine print is explicit about this.) If a vendor meets a predetermined energy-reduction target by getting a certain number of people to reduce their usage in a certain amount of time (how many people and how determined I don’t know), they MAY be rewarded monetarily by the utility. I’m not certain if such rewards are standard, and have no idea of the amount. But these energy-efficiency vendors undoubtedly make much more money selling us devices and products custom-tailored to our usage, anyway.

So what we’re agreeing to by clicking the Green Button Connect My Data is not the sale of our specific data, but the free sharing of our specific data by the utility with third-party vendors who want to extract money from us by selling us “green” and “energy-efficient” products and strategies according to our own specific situations. This in a nutshell is “customer-funded energy efficiency.” Here is the exact wording from the BC Hydro site:

What about data access, privacy, and security issues?

Green Button is consistent with current privacy and security practices, since customers have to first authenticate themselves on a utility portal with a login and password before they see and download their own information. If they want, customers can share their own data that they have downloaded, by independent choice and action, with those they trust. As some utilities deploy Green Button Connect My Data (the full ESPI standard) in the future, thereby enabling automated transfers of Green Button data from a utility to a third party service, such transfers will happen only if a customer has granted explicit permission.

Even though this permission to share our own data is indeed explicit, I can find nothing in the Green Button information that prohibits third-party vendors from selling the data we voluntarily allow our utilities to share with them. Perhaps this is another revenue stream – I don’t know. But I do know we don’t need third-party vendors accessing our personal information in order to make money for themselves and for the utility. We’re perfectly capable of devising energy-saving strategies for ourselves, and/or looking up and buying “green” products we’re interested in.

I hope this clarifies how it works. It’s hard to change our mindsets when we’ve been so sure for so long that the goal of obtaining such detailed information from every customer was to sell it. No, it’s to get us to pay for lowering our own energy consumption, thus creating major savings for our utilities. Customer-funded energy efficiency.

2)    A member sent me in a sample of polling by BC Hydro that looks as if it is asking for permission to obtain personal data. One site that may have this polling is: https://www.yourpowerpoll.ca/Portal/default.aspx  Here is the sample polling sent to me:

3)    In New York, pilot projects re. $$smeters are admitting that data will be available to 3rd parties who can use it to market products and services. Supposedly “voluntary” but in many places people are fooled (tricked) into agreeing to allow data to be shared widely. In some cases, the truth is hidden by gimmicks and “prizes”.

“There are valid questions about privacy and security.  Especially considering the data, at least in the NYSEG pilot program, will be available to 3rd party companies who want to market certain products and services to homeowners.  The PSC says “smart” meters allow utilities to introduce money-saving products, services, and incentives to help customers actively manage their energy usage and take control of their monthly bills – all voluntary and all designed to give customers more opportunities to save on their bills.  If people are not interested in participating, they can opt-out.”  


4)    Una St. Clair, founder of Citizens for Safe Technology, has begun a new life in Sorrento, BC.  She is devoted to helping people with EHS or MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), and raising wonderful organic foods. For those fortunate enough to live nearby, she has sent a schedule of events in February.  See “Letters”.  She is encouraging others to start their own support groups. I’m sure she would be willing to provide advice regarding this.

We had our first monthly EHS/MCS support meeting today – 11 people showed up, and it was very helpful to all.

I am attaching our February schedule in case you want to circulate some or all of it, so people can see that they can start their own support groups or attend some of these safe events. The building is protected by RF barrier as well, and there is literally no dirty electricity – reading was .020 which is tiny. I do shut off lights and other items when people are there for things like EHS support group.”

5)    A UK doctor has written an excellent paper aimed at fellow MDs telling them that EHS is real, and that just because it is new to them doesn’t mean they should fail to learn about it and to help their patients.



HighCroft Farm, 1939 Well Banks Road, Sorrento, B.C.

Workshop February 2017 Schedule

Farm Gate Sales at The Workshop, Friday & Saturday, 1 to 4 (winter hours)

Eggs, chicken, meat, and more, plus fresh produce in season

Farm YOGA Every Friday, 11 a.m. to noon. “Practical down to Earth yoga bringing balance, strength, and flexibility back into focus through gentle and invigorating movement.”  Tanesa Kiso, (250) 675-2276, tanesak@gmail.com

Love those Lambies! Farm Tour – Saturday, February 11, 1 to 2 p.m. Please register in advance as limited participants in order to keep animals stress-free. Contact us by email or phone to book your space. Donation of $5 requested towards animal education program. Meet at the Workshop at 12:45 p.m.

Support Group for Environmental Sensitivities – Wednesday, February 14, 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.  Topic- “Best Living Strategies”.

It’s a one and half hour meeting, once per month. It is a closed meeting, for people suffering from EHS/MCS or other environmental sensitivity. We stress confidentiality, empathy and safety, not fixing or giving advice. We stay relevant to the topic, so discussions about other issues is not welcomed (religion, politics, climate change, chemtrails, vaccines, GMO, whatever). People can connect with a “buddy” for support throughout the month, and are encouraged to do that. Today, our focus was on “Awakening Possibilities”, starting out with each person first sharing their sensitivity symptoms, then moving into how we could see the good, or the blessing, in living with these challenges – what is my silver lining?

Next month, February 14, our focus is on “Best Living Strategies”, and we will be sharing individually how we find ways to live healthily as possible.

Family Farm Community – Saturday, February 18, 10 a.m. to noon. Wisdom sharing & support for local farmers and wannabe farmers! Herb tea provided, bring muffins, fruit, etc. to share. Topic to be announced.

Movie Night – Saturday, February 25, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. – “Where to Invade Next!” Michael Moore’s 2015 documentary. Suggested $5 donation to farm education program includes GMO free popcorn and herb tea. Group discussion after movie. Hosted by Bill & Maureen.

All events will be maintained as EHS/MCS safe to the best of our ability in order to provide a safe and inclusive space for those with environmental sensitivities. Please note all wireless devices are best completely switched off when participating at HighCroft Farm events (both indoor and outdoor) and perfume/aftershave best left in the bottle!

Thanks for your co-operation.

All Welcome! Contact Una @ 250-675-5595 with any questions, and yes, bring friends!

Una St.Clair
HighCroft Farm, 1939 Well Banks Road, Sorrento, B.C. 250-675-5595




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