2017-01-14 On Facebook, others in Ontario report fires

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1)    Facebook discussion about the recent smeter fire in Ontario includes some about others who have had similar experiences, fires and failed meters that didn’t get coverage in the media. It is vital that someone in Ontario (and there are several who are getting my updates) begin to track fires much as I am doing in BC. Imagine how many are happening and no one knows that these are fire hazards, regardless of the brand. The utilities all try to brush concerns off saying that the meter isn’t the same as the one recalled in Saskatchewan. It doesn’t matter – these cheap, plastic combustible things are dangerous, especially if they have remote disconnect switches, which many do. BC Hydro’s and FortisBC’s do have this feature.

If anyone wants to begin to search and track fires anywhere, let me know and I will be happy to help get you started.


2)    A statement by Susan Foster about the possible (likely) conflict of interest of a Judge who is part of the panel that will decide the fate of the Berkeley “Right to Know” court case. The telecom industry does not want its customers to know that exposure to microwave radiation emitted by cell phones could cause harm, even though cautions are in manuals for those who are able to find them.  Please share this via facebook, twitter, etc. People deserve to know how hard the telecom is fighting this simple law, the right for customers to know.

A battle over free speech in Berkeley, California has pitted the city of Berkeley against the mighty telecommunications trade group, CTIA – The Wireless Association. Berkeley stands on the First Amendment argument they have a right to inform consumers of certain precautions the FCC already requires in the back of cell phone user’s manuals.

A verdict is expected shortly from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and proponents of Berkeley’s Right to Know consumer notices are growing increasingly concerned about Judge Michelle T. Friedland’s circuitous connection to the CTIA. Supporters of the Right to Know ordinance worry the judge’s husband, Dan Kelly, has links to four members of the CTIA that could jeopardize Berkeley’s fight for the right to speak freely.” Con’t …

Below is my article, published in Dariusz Leszczynski’s Between a Rock and a Hard Place, on 1/14/2017.
Susan Foster

City of Berkeley


3)    EH Trust is led by Devra Davis and this site always has lots of good info. A member sent in a good quote from this website which is one worth repeating to politicians, the industry, to Kendall, to your doctor.

It is a fact that not a single medical organization states that cell phone/wireless radiation is safe. There is no proof of safety. Thousands of medical doctors support reducing exposure to cell phone wireless radiation.”


4)    The IoT is taking over everything from our homes, via smeters, to our cars.


5)    Are mobile phones the new cigarettes? Will we discover that the telecommunication industry, like the tobacco industry, has dismissed evidence that their product can kill us?”




Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.


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