2017-01-13 Another smeter fire in Ontario

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1)    One of our members, Norm, who lives in North Saanich, really part of Victoria, spoke with his MLA about what BC Hydro has been doing, threatening people, bullying them, and even lying to them. His MLA said that people must contact their MLAs and get them involved. I realize that many of you already have written your MLA and received no response. But it is election time. Norm’s MLA gave him some ideas about what to say and how to get some attention, which Norm is willing to share. If you would like some ideas, especially about contacting the MLA for Saanich North and the Islands, contact Norm via this website.

You can find emails addresses for your MLA, etc. at:

Please use this time to push the politicians. They will do anything to get our votes, even answer the phone or speak with us – and maybe some will be desperate enough to say something in the media or talk with their party leaders about our concerns. John Horgan once told me it’s only when an MLA gets lots of phone calls, emails, but especially office visits about a particular issue that they will even be interested.  It’s time to pile on.

2)    While scientific evidence is becoming stronger that EMF causes harm to all living things, industry is becoming more powerful and most governmental agencies are allowing, even supporting this. Krakow, Poland is taking action to protect its citizens and we must challenge other communities to do the same. Those of us who know about the science and danger must speak out – if we don’t, who will?

Krakow EMF Conference 2016    Krakow logo

But escalating trends were in train. In July, the USA’s Federal Communications Commission approved unbridled commercial development of 5G, (July), despite serious question-marks about the new electromagnetic radiation being lined up for use, and the spiralling public exposure it would bring.

A parallel trend for hidden transmitters saw more antennae disguised as birdboxes – and now as cables (January 2017) – the polar opposite of ‘right to know’.

Whilst BT ran adverts for “the most powerful WiFi in the world” (UK), newly published papers continued to show DNA or organ damage to WiFi-exposed animals – raising questions about our habitual close exposure to routers / boosters.

And while the ITU (International Telecoms Union) told the United Nations that 95% of the world’s population had mobile phone-mast coverage (July), with added 4G/LTE supplying 53%, a landmark study in Germany (September) revealed progressive harm to trees from the growing microwave radiation. Strongly irradiated trees, even two miles from antennae, died back, often to the point that they were felled.

Similarly troubling, a Greek study of pollinating insects found that many species decreased in step with phone-mast radiation (Lázaro et al). Underground-nesting species fared much better – an imbalance, the authors noted, that could have wide eco-impacts, or affect crops.


3)    A smeter incident in Ontario with an Elster meter having caught fire. Misinformation in the report implying that all the fires reported so far across Canada involve the same meter – Sensus. They even show a fire in Mission, BC caused by an ITRON meter.  And Hydro One is leaving the homeowner with a bill for $5000 in damages.


4)    There used to be a section of the BC Centre for Disease Control that dealt with issues concerning radiation. This has now been done away with, and no agency is dealing with radiation. Where are we supposed to go to ask questions, raise concerns, send new scientific evidence to?  Below is information from a member. Please consider calling your local health office, Perry Kendall, the Health Minister, etc.  Is this Kendall’s way of trying to make the problem go away??

Must be a slow day I decided to try and find out who has replaced the BCCDC Radiation section. Now that radiation is no longer in their “work stream”.

So far the Minister of Health cannot answer that question, Kendall’s office can’t answer and VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority) can only scratch their heads. when asked.

If many people start phoning the various health officials around the province and ask the simple question who is responsible for advice about Radiation, now that the BCCDC no longer has a section to provide that information, it may start them thinking they need to designate some organisation to be responsible for advice and information.

For those outside of the Victoria phone area and want to use the government dime to call they should call (just ask for the government agency they wish to speak to – they will look up the contact info for you or give them the phone #)

Contact us Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 5pm Pacific Time.

Victoria                 250-387-6121

Vancouver             604-660-2421

Elsewhere in B.C. 1-800-663-7867

Outside B.C.          604-660-2421

Telephone Device for the Deaf (TDD)

Vancouver             604-775-0303

Elsewhere in B.C. 1-800-661-8773

Phone numbers and email addresses for Terry Lake, Minister of Health and his deputy ministers can be found at:



From:  X
To: Minister_Ministre@hc-sc.gc.ca
Sent: January 11, 2017

Subject: Re: In response to your correspondence / 16-008533 – 796 DE

Industry friendly Health Canada,

Your response to my letter to Ms. Philpot is an appalling admission of telecom industry protection, and an irresponsible subversion of science.

Can you enlighten me please, whose health, Health Canada is supposedly there to protect?
Your irresponsible letter illustrates that children’s health has become irrelevant.

Your opinion, that a small child who is exposed to RF radiation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from multiple sources of RF radiation, as perfectly acceptable, is an appalling perversion of science!

What world do you live in?  You have no legal, nor moral, right to cause harm to anyone!
Willful negligence is a criminal offence.  Children are not lab rats, nor is anyone else who receives your deliberate misinformation.
The deliberate misinformation of the public usurps jurisdiction (ownership) over the individual’s body.

Since you are advocating for non-stop radiation exposure of children and the general public, please be so kind and forward the relevant RF radiation research experiments on children to me, you are so freely referring to.  I will share it with others who suffer from man-made, debilitating, electro hyper-sensitivity (EHS), which includes my wife.
EHS is a correct biological response to an unnatural environment of man-made, pulsed RF radiation.

Do you need to be reminded, that industry friendly Health Canada, supported industry interests for decades, instead of practicing scientific vigilance?
DDT, asbestos, formaldehyde, PCB’s, thalidomide, tobacco, etc. led to great suffering and the premature death of millions of Canadians, while Health Canada was negligent in their duties to protect. (And AIDS, which Health Canada described in a CBC interview as a “minor event” — addition to letter at request of author).

Has the ‘Precautionary Principle’ of science become obsolete for Health Canada, or has the addiction to wireless technology sucked out all ability of reason?
Yes, wireless technology has become a nation wide addiction and a psychological problem for many.   Psychiatrist – Dr. Christine Aschermann

Industry friendly Health Canada has even resorted to litigation, to silence science and protect corporate interests.

Why do you consider the opinions of electrical engineer, Emilie Van Deventer of the WHO, with no biological training whatsoever, as more credible, than her predecessor Dr. Gro Harleem Brundtland, MD, with a masters degree in medical science?

Is Health Canada under a gag order, because the telecom industry has become such a profitable source of income for our government?

Health Canada has received countless letters and mountains of science that prove biological harm from non-ionizing radiation, far below Health Canada’s outdated Safety Code 6.

Why will you not conduct a very simple blood test, after radiation exposure from a wireless device?
Are you afraid to see that blood cells become hypoxic, and clump together, therefore depriving the body of oxygen?

We have lost all faith in Canada’s medical system!



District of Saanich Council  D of Saanich coat-of-arms

From: Sherry Ridout   (name given with author’s permission)
Sent: January 11, 2017
To: mayorandcouncil@saanich.ca

Subject: Microcells – and the role of municipal government

Dear Mayor & Councillors,

Last June I hired a building biologist to make a presentation to the Healthy Saanich Advisory Committee regarding the mini cell towers being installed in Cadboro Bay. This was supposedly a pilot project but I understand these mini cell towers are now being installed across the province. (I am pasting the report & recommendations below for your convenience.) I wonder did your staff ever get a report from Telus regarding the RF exposure levels of these transmitters? (See #3 in the recommendations). These mini cell transmitters  circumvent the need for higher cell towers; the ones your Antenna Siting Policy was drafted to ensure for safe placement protocols.

The UBCM fought hard to ensure that municipalities had some control of such infrastructure in their communities and about 3 years ago, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities fought the CTIA to close the loophole that said meters put on towers under 15 meters didn’t have to go through the normal approval and notification process. In hindsight, it seems this was a waste of  time. Telecommunication companies have outwitted the process by installing the  transmitters on existing structures and Industry Canada’s policies say that no municipal approval or notification is required if the transmitter is put on any existing structure, e.g. hydro pole, tower, apartment building, etc. These microcells are being put on BC Hydro poles often just a few feet from bedroom windows.

Being as the 15 meter & higher towers are no longer necessary to transmit existing and upcoming 5G transmissions the municipalities have lost any control whatsoever for the vast majority of new transmitters which will increase in number dramatically with 5G.

With that in mind I respectfully suggest that Saanich municipality bring the issue of microcells before the UBCM this year. Ask that they raise this issue with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and put pressure on Industry Canada and the CTIA to change the policy so that municipalities and residents must be notified and consulted with regard to the safe siting and transmission levels of these cell devices.  Please see some of the recommendation below that could be included in the presentation to Industry Canada and the CITA.

Citizens deserve to have control over the siting of transmitters right outside their homes – and the municipalities have been charged with the responsibility of ensuring our health and safety.  Control over our Electro Magnetic environment is an issue for the 21st century that needs to be intelligently addressed.

Thank you for considering my request to take this issue to the UBCM and beyond.

Sherry Ridout

= = =

From: Katharina Gustavs
Sent: June-10-15
To: Colin Plant

Subject: Presentation on cell antenna policies and microcell antennas

Dear Colin Plant,

Thank you and your committee members for your warm welcome and for taking the issue of cell antenna siting so seriously.

Since I have received many requests regarding my presentation, I updated some of my notes.

Here is the link to the most up-to-date version:

For your information, I attach the current precautionary cell antenna policy of the Municipality of Metchosin.  (can be seen at:) https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/2010_Metchosin_Antenna_Policy.pdf)

There are various actions that can be taken:

1. Bring the Saanich Administrative Policy for Antenna Applications in line with the latest Amendments of Industry Canada.
– Specify a consultation process for any type of cell antenna, regardless of mounting height

2. While updating the Saanich Administrative Policy for Antenna Applications, include the following items to promote a smarter and more sustainable development of wireless service networks in the future, including:
– Include the precautionary principle
– Mandate to minimize ambient RF radiation exposure levels, at least in sensitive areas such as residential areas
– Specify a larger notification radius than the minimum radius stated in the Industry Canada regulations (three times the height of the transmitter): up to 500 m
– Require applicants to provide information regarding the increase in ambient RF exposure levels (6-min average and peak levels) and to demonstrate strategies on how the RF radiation exposure to the public is minimized while providing the required service

3. Approach Telus and request additional information regarding:
– RF exposure level data for the microcell network installation (6-min average and peak levels)
– Which area is covered by these microcell antennas? Just the neighborhood where they are installed or do they also serve the UVic community?
– Which strategies were employed to keep the ambient RF radiation levels in this residential area as low as possible? Which strategies could still be implemented?

As this project moves forward, I would appreciate to be kept informed about its progress.

Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

All the best,

Katharina Gustavs


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!
Get up, stand up: don’t give up the fight!”    
~ Bob Marley


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