2017-01-11 Industry admits smeters have exploded and are threats to our privacy and security

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1)    I happened upon this 35 minute presentation by Dr. Martin Blank that I probably sent around before, but it is well worth sharing again.


2)    An industry journal acknowledges that smeters in Sacramento last year exploded due to a power surge, and warns about the vulnerability of hacking. Industry confirms theft of power is possible (others have reported it’s easier to steal electricity with smeters than it was with analogs).  BC Hydro is misleading the government, BCUC and the public about this.

“The story says that experts in the audience accused Rubin of scaremongering. However, it points to links that suggests that smart meters indeed did explode in Sacramento in 2015. The cause was a power surge that resulted from a truck ramming a utility pole. Though cracking was not involved, the story suggests that smart meters have the potential of exploding.

The use of smart meters brings other threats. Though less dramatic, the linking of homes, apartments, businesses and other facilities via smart meters creates the possibility of theft of data…

Some of the threats to meters include the potential to reverse engineer communications that occur between the meter and the utility, modifying the meter software or communication so that it reports incorrect energy usage, or the threat of having a meter remotely disconnected by someone other than the utility”


3)    A member sent in this article with the following statement: “This article is related to asbestos but demonstrates the lengths industry will go to infiltrate organizations who oppose their products. I expect we can get similar tactics towards the groups opposed to WiFi!”



An Ottawa woman fighting to get asbestos banned around the world says she feels betrayed to learn a man who represented himself as a sympathetic filmmaker is accused of being a corporate spy who was paid to gather evidence on the anti-asbestos movement.


4)     Another member sent this info in about a non-smeter, non-microwave radiation issue but it, too, pertains to a battle similar to the one with which we are involved.

Today, the new 9-part doc series “Vaccines Revealed” launched, appears to have been immediately hacked, and their site went down. Watch episode 1 on their backup site tonight & tomorrow, free with an email address:

http://vaccinesrevealed.com/  There are new episodes available daily Jan 10-18.

The corruption being uncovered here is SO, SO SIMILAR to what’s happening in the ‘smart’ meter and the EMF issues.


Not Green

From: Sherry Ridout
Sent: January 11, 2017
To: elizabeth.may@parl.gc.ca; Andrew.weaver.mla@leg.bc.ca
Cc: Murray.Rankin@parl.gc.ca

Subject: Environment & Smart Meters

Dear Elizabeth & Andrew,

As a Green Party member I thought I would share with you my correspondence with the Sierra Club after receiving a donation request just before Christmas. I am still awaiting a  response from the program director.

I have come to understand over the last number of years that the thinking that Smart Meters are environmentally friendly is in truth a fallacy.  This seems to be supported by a recent joint study by Northwestern’s Kellogg School and University of Chicago’s Booth School that found that smart meters most likely will not lower customer bills or greenhouse gases.  I have enclosed the link to the study below along with my letter to the Sierra Club.

I have expressed concerns in the past about the health issues regarding electro-magnetic radiation on living organisms but it appears it will be awhile before those concerns can be addressed with the “scientific proof” required to precipitate changes to our current guidelines.

Perhaps this more obvious and physical concern will encourage research into this aspect of Smart Meter long term effects and promote relooking at your stance on this program.

Thanks for your time and all you are doing in support of the environment and the people who rely on it being healthy.

Sherry Ridout

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From: Membership Info [mailto:membership@sierraclub.ca]
Sent: December-12-16
To: Sherry Ridout
Cc: Gretchen Fitzgerald

Subject: Re: They’re going quickly – Dizolve Laundry Eco-strips with your gift to Sierra

Hi Sherry —  I am not aware of our stance on the meters or the issues surrounding them. By way of this email I am forwarding your message to our Program Director so she may evaluate your input.

We appreciate your interest in the environment and your willingness to share new info with us.

Best wishes,
Team Sierra Club Canada Foundation

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One Earth • One Chance

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On Dec 11, 2016, Sherry Ridout  wrote:

Dear Sierra Club Foundation,

I have supported the Sierra Club in the past but now understand that you support the smart meter program based on the misconception that they are good for the environment. Smart meters are not green, they are made of plastic and have lithium batteries. Every 5-7 years these end up in the landfill and new plastic meters and batteries replace them. Analogs are made of glass and metal and last 30+ years.

Please see below for a recent joint study by Northwestern’s Kellogg School and University of Chicago’s Booth School that found that smart meters most likely will not lower customer bills or greenhouse gases:

Exelon CEO John Rowe was quoted as saying, “It costs too much, and we’re not sure what good it will do. We have looked at most of the elements of smart grid for 20 years and we have never been able to come up with estimates that make it pay.” Until President Obama provided the incentive with his stimulus funds, the smart meter was not economically feasible. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan added, “The utilities have shown no evidence of billions of dollars in benefits to consumers from these new meters, but they have shown they know how to profit.” We consumers are paying for the new infrastructure through higher rates. ComEd requested a rate increase to fund improvements to update its technology (i.e. Smart Grid) and an additional increased charge for delivery… 

The study even inferred that smart meters could contribute to increased greenhouse gases

Reinventing energy is not about a smart grid. It is really a two-pronged approach to changing how we create energy and how we use energy. Suppliers need to be encouraged to modernize electricity sources rather than invest in smart grids.


Thanks for continuing to look at this issue and perhaps changing your stance on smart meters.

Sherry Ridout



From: X
Date: Jan 5, 2017
Subject: Re: In response to your correspondence / 16-008533 – 796 DE
To: Minister_Ministre <Minister_Ministre@hc-sc.gc.ca>

I am saddened and disgusted with your lack of concern and lack of respect in sending out the same regurgitated letter to the many personal, thoughtful and concerned letters from people in BC. To rely on Safety Code 6 is totally irresponsible.

Scientists and safety advocates at the hearings before Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health say that Health Canada’s Rationale and Safety Code 6 are outdated, incomplete and invalid; a “disaster to public health”. As a result, at the conclusion of the hearings on Apr. 30, the Standing Committee on Health asked Health Canada to “provide detailed information in the form of a full scientific monograph” on its assessment of 140 studies identified as alarming by Canadians for Safe Technology, an Oakville, Ontario–based advocacy group.

Despite paying the Royal Society of Canada $100 000 to convene a panel to assess the safety of radiowave-emitting devices (a panel that was subsequently marred by conflict-of-interest allegations and the resignation of its chairman) “Health Canada has not invested the necessary time, nor had the balanced opinion of experts necessary to undertake a proper review.”

After health regulators failed to forestall public health disasters with tobacco, asbestos, bisphenol A, thalidomide, DDT and urea formaldehyde insulation, the Precautionary approach should be recommended with cellphones and Wi-Fi “until the science proves beyond reasonable doubt that there is no potential for harm. For the last three years science has published a new study every month that shows irreparable harm at levels below Safety Code 6.”

China and Russia have guidelines 100 times safer than Health Canada’s Safety Code 6.  Swedish researcher Dr. Lennart Hardell, in his most recent study, concluded “that glioma and also acoustic neuroma are caused by RF-EMF emissions from wireless phones, and thus regarded as carcinogenic …indicating that current guidelines for exposure should be urgently revised” (Pathophysiology 2015;22:1–13).

Hardell’s new research “reinforces the evidence that radio frequency fields are not just a possible human carcinogen, but a probable human carcinogen.”

“At least a couple of hundred papers published between 2009 and 2014 show the biological effects of radiofrequency radiation, such as changes in cellular and reproductive functions. Many of these studies show effects at exposure levels much lower than the [Safety Code 6] limits.” http://www.cmaj.ca/content/187/9/639.full

What a devastating tragedy it will be in a few decades, with the proliferation of smart meters, smart devices and other wireless, bathing the public in EMF –with no control group, because it’s impossible to get relief.  How do we ever stand a chance, when Health Canada chooses to cherry pick the studies and use an outdated safety code?    I found the same thing with Radon in Clearwater and area; it’s the hot spot in BC for radon, but Health Canada kept the ‘safety level’ at 800 Bqls for years after USA dropped theirs from 200 to 150. Cda ‘didn’t want to alarm the residents or have them making unnecessary expenses’ so waited until enough people had died of Cancer or Leukemia before eventually concluding that, yes, radon was dangerous, and the level was lowered to 200. In the last couple of years, they have even informed the public that homes should be tested.  Big brother has spoken. “Trust us; we’ll tell you when you should be concerned.”




Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Your silence gives consent”    
~ Plato


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